Buy Jump Ropes Double Unders Jump Rope, Black, 10-Feet

  • A favorite at CrossFit, Garage Gym, Rogue Fitness and other major fitness centers and fitness retailers
  • Unbelievably fast; Original Design with 2 year guaranty on plastic handles
  • Unique with its ability to easily change lengths; high-quality USA made cable
  • Most used rope for Double Unders and Speed Jumping; Assembled in USA
  • USA made cable comes at 10′; Tall enough for jumpers 6′ 6″(Using Proper form)

Product Description

USA Made Ultra Speed Ropes! Very Fast and Smooth

We invented the design of the Ultra Speed Cable jump rope in 1998. There are many copies of our design on the market, but we have the best design.

We use USA made tough nylon coated cable. Cable from the other companies is stiff and kinks easily. Ours has great flexibility and is very kink resistant.

Huge variety of colors for handles and cables to choose from. This gives you the jump rope in your gym that you can personalize and recognize.

Originally used by competitive rope jumpers until Crossfitters discovered their value for doing the difficult Double Unders. Since that time, this rope has been a favorite in many CrossFit Gyms around the world. Has been used to set multiple National and World records. 5-7 jumps a second!

“These are hands-down the fastest and most durable ropes I’ve found. I’ve tried many different jump ropes and no matter what the price, they always seemed to break. The Ultra Speed Cable ropes hold up better than anything else and they are really affordable too I highly recommend these ropes. Tommy Hackenbruck, 2nd Fittest Man on the Planet. CrossFit Affiliate Owner Avid Cross Fitter and fitness enthusiast. on the 2004 Utah Fiesta Bowl.


Reviews of Buy Jump Ropes Double Unders Jump Rope

Review1: Super fast rope

These types of cable ropes are deceptively simple but give you the greatest workout. I bought it specifically to use for double-unders it fits the bill.

Adjustable length
Lightweight – more so than most ropes
Fast – this thing whips around as fast as your wrists can move it

Note that you must tighten the end nut very tight when you adjust the length of the rope. If you don’t, you may accidentally land on the rope while jumping and have the end nut fly off into the grass. Nothing ruins a workout like spending 10 minutes searching for a tiny piece of metal in the park.

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Review 2: Def an athletic rope

The color in person is more blood orange, no big deal tho. The rope is super thin. I opened it and mistook it for wires at first. Pretty stiff rope but I prefer that. It feels like wire just like it looks. Adjusting requires a screwdriver. Nothing extreme. Easy. Handles are cheap little plastic nubs. But I paid for it knowing this. Light weight and fits what I paid for.

It works. Once again, It is cheap. It is thin but strong. Getting whipped with it will probably sting especially if doing speed jumping. I just do plain Jane jumps focusing on agility so this is all I need. I’m short. 5’0″ and had to adjust about 7 inches off. Sooooooo if you are over 5″8″ or so this might be to short for you. If I did jump rope more often I would have invested more money for a rubber or a fabric rope. But I don’t plan on using this to to much. Seems like it will last while I need it. With that being said, if u want something good, go to target or to any outdoor or athletic store, get a rope for 25 bucks and know exactly what ur getting instead of gambling and not getting what u want.

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Review 3: Great rope for beginners!

This was the first speed rope that I have ever purchased. After getting into CrossFit and starting to do a lot of jump rope work, I realized that I would need my own rope that I could adjust to my own size. I also knew that I wasn’t very efficient at Double-Unders, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on an expensive rope.

I came across this gem while searching for a cheap, simple rope. I won’t lie, the two largest reasons I bought this product were the price and the colors (I love orange). I didn’t know that there were different levels/qualities of speed ropes when I purchased this rope.

I have since upgraded my speed rope (Buy Jump Ropes Surge Jump Rope, by the same company) and have learned many things since. First, this rope is a great rope starting rope. For the price, you just can’t beat it. The handles don’t spin very easily, but that is not an issue for lower level athletes, or those just learning how to perform double-unders, as you won’t want to be going very fast anyway. The most prominent issue is that, during longer workouts, your shoulders get very tired providing the necessary torque to spin the handles.

The rope comes at 10-feet, which will more than likely require you to snip some off (very easily adjustable). A word of caution: play around with different lengths before you cut off the ends! It’s a lot easier to cut off more rope than it is to put rope back on. The handles are similar to most other models, but you can put tape around it if needed to get extra grip.

Final analysis – great rope for beginning athletes, and even some mid-level rope work. These would be perfect to stock a gym with for people that don’t own personal speed ropes. Once you get to the point where you can do 30+ double-unders (if that’s the main reason you are using a speed rope) consistently, entertain the idea of getting a higher level rope. Things to look for: better bearings, light-weight handles, and a thin and responsive rope.

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