Body Solid Chin Pull-Up Dip Weight Assisted Machine

Body Solid Chin Pull-Up Dip Weight Assisted Machine


  • Counter-resistance knee-pad platform allows user to control desired weight-assist balance
  • Lat pull-up and chin-up station
  • Easy step-up entry
  • Easy access dip station
  • Oversized diameter grips for ultimate comfort

With its weight-assisted kneepad mechanism, the Fusion Chin-Dip provides the same benefits of chin and dip exercises to everyone, regardless of their current fitness level or weight. Plus, its 210 lb. weight stack enables you to counterbalance your own body weight.

By doing pull-ups chin-ups and dips, you can effectively and efficiently build muscles in your arms, shoulders and back. Add vertical knees raises, and you’ll soon see an increase in definition of your lower abdominal muscles. Best of all, the benefits of these exercises can be enjoyed by fitness enthusiasts of all skill and strength levels.

dip demo with the weight assist gym machine

Reviews of Body Solid Chin Pull-Up Dip Weight Assisted Machine

Review 1: Built For Life

I was looking for a good quality “Leg Raise” station and found a goldmine in the Body Solid Chin Pull-Up Dip Weight Assisted Machine. The metal is think, heavy, and beautifully painted. The welds are strong and the gym is sturdy. This is truely “commercial” quality. As I get older I’ve found most injuries come from those exercises where I can’t adjust weight such as pull-ups or dips.

This machine allows you to counter-balance as much, or as little, of your body weight so you can do both of these exercises safely and securely….as well as leg raises! This is a great supplemental gym if you already have a gym with a bench and leg station. Body Solid quality is the best on the market that I’ve found.

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My only complaint is the directions are a nightmare. They print them as “one set suits all” depending on which gym options you purchase and chain together. You’ll end up with extra parts, directions that show assembly of things you don’t have, etc. Be ready to do a little trial and error until you figure out what you need and don’t need.

Review 2: Body Solid Weight Assist Knee Raise

This product was just what I was looking for. The directions have a lot to be desired, but luckily my husband is pretty handy in these type of projects. Also some hardware is standard and some is metric. I do agree if your height doesn’t fall within a certain range the range of motion on the pull is either too short or too long, but with some weight removed from the stack, all seems ok now.

Review 3: Body Solid Fan

This is my 11th Body Solid machine. This machine has the same tough construction as the others. The assembly instructions were little tricky because the weight stack is used by many other models and the instructions included the other models so you had to figure out what was applicable to this machine. No biggie. The vendor Andy Grenz IFITNESS DIRECT kept me updated on the delivery and was great to work with.

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