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Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine Review

  • Indoor rowing machine with sliding seat for complete total body workouts. Flywheel design minimizes noise while maximizing a smooth feel.
  • 14-Inch (35.6 cm) seat height, nickel-plated chain and PM3 monitor.
  • Separates easily into two pieces for storage with a quick-release frame lock. Caster wheels make it mobile.
  • Adjustable footrests accommodate a wide range of shoe sizes. Ergonomic handle for natural position.
  • Requires footprint of 9 x 4 feet; 500-pound capacity; 5-year frame warranty.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower

The dependable performance of Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower has made it the best-selling indoor rower in the world. Recognized by competitive rowers as the standard for indoor training, the Model D delivers an effective cardiovascular workout that will increase your fitness level and tone your physique. At a fraction of the cost of other home fitness equipment or a yearly gym membership, you can have the luxury of working out in your home whenever you choose…and get a great workout to boot.

Concept2 values practical design: The Model D is efficiently engineered and will last a lifetime. The Model D you buy is the same machine used by Olympic- and elite-level athletes to train for their sport — it’ll take the abuse of heavy training day after day.

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Key Features

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower

Performance monitor

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower

Flywheel and damper

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower

Easily separates into two pieces for storage

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower

Adjustable footrests and ergonomic handle
Performance Monitor

Every Model D includes a Performance Monitor that suits your needs and interests while giving you accurate, comparable data for every row. The adjustable monitor arm lets you position the monitor where you prefer.

Flywheel and Damper

Concept2’s indoor rowers respond to your effort on every stroke, so you are in full control of your exertion and resistance at all times. The spiral damper allows you to easily adjust the airflow to the flywheel, so you can change the feel of the stroke to suit your preference. The flywheel design minimizes noise while maximizing a smooth feel.

Low Profile

With its 14” seat , the Model D keeps a low profile.

Storage and Mobility

The Model D features a quick-release (no tools required) framelock mechanism, so you can easily separate the machine into two pieces for storage. Caster wheels on the front foot allow you to roll the fully-assembled machine into position.

Adjustable Footrests and Ergonomic Handle

Concept2 uses adjustable footrests on indoor rowers for quick and easy sizing. (Footrests accommodate a wide range of shoe sizes.) The comfortable, ergonomic handle features a 10-degree bend that allows you to row with a natural arm and hand position.

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Nickel-Plated Chain

Nickel-plated chain: looks good and works hard. The nickel plating allows for longer periods between oiling, so, even if maintenance isn’t your strong suit, the Model D will still feel silky smooth during your next workout.

Stainless Steel Track

The aluminum monorail is capped with a stainless-steel track to ensure a smooth, gliding seat movement.

Durable Construction That’s Easy to Maintain

Concept2 machines are well known for their durability and construction. Tough and built to last, these machines withstand rigorous use in boat houses, training centers, living rooms, hotels, health clubs and military bases around the world.

Option for Team Training or On-Water Simulation

The Concept2 Slide (sold separately) adds an on-water feel to your Model D and allows you to connect multiple Model Cs, Ds and/or Es for team training.


  • Support Legs: Aluminum front legs, steel rear legs
  • Storage: Can be separated into two parts for easy storage
  • Monitor: PM3 (Note: PM4 can be purchased as an upgrade)
  • Monitor Arm: ABS plastic. Pivots for storage and to adjust monitor and angle.
  • Chain: Partially enclosed, nickel-plated
  • Maximum User Weight: 500 lb
  • Power Generation for PM3: Provides operating power when indoor rower is in use
  • Overall Length: 96 in
  • : 24 in
  • Seat : 14 in
  • Machine Weight: 57 lb
  • Monorail Length: 54 in. Fits inseams up to 36 in. Extra-long monorail available at an additional cost. Contact Concept2 for more information.
Space Requirements
  • Assembled: 8 ft x 2 ft
  • With Clearance for Use: 9 ft x 4 ft
  • Storage: 25 in x 33 in x 54 in

What’s in the Box

  • One LogCard
  • USB cable for connecting the Performance Monitor to your computer and accessing the data off your LogCard
  • Chain oil
  • User manual
  • Tools and illustrated assembly instructions

Review of Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM3

Review 1: The Best Rower for a Reason

I have had this for several years now (maybe 4) and it is still awesome. I bought this one because it was the same Make/Model that I always wound up using in the gym and just as important to me is that it is Made in the USA. And yes, it has been just as reliable as I had expected. While I am not an avid rower I do enjoy the workout this machine can give you and I managed to log a couple 100k meters on it, in its first year with out any problems or failures (None to date actually). I love that it is fairly quiet as it would never wake up my wife in the next room when I would use it at 4 in the morning.
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The only issue that I have with it is these seats are pretty firm and I have tried lots of solutions most of which didn’t work to provide any comfort or prevent the butt from going numb an hour into a row. The best option I did find was just a 1″ or 1.5″ (maybe 12″w x 12″ long) foam pad that was supposed be a kneeling pad or something, which I got locally from a sports store for about 7 bucks.

Review 2: Whole body workout + cardio with no impact on joints

I recently found out I had mild cervical spinal stenosis and have been restricted to many weight exercises, running and cycling. Suffice it to say this rowing machine is a whole body workout with intense cardio. After a half hour averaging 30 strokes per minute I’m exhausted.
The strokes are smooth and the instruction manual teaches you proper technique. It is a bit loud so watching television may be difficult but with wireless headphones I’ve solved that issue. This has kept me in shape until my issue resolves. If you can put in 30 minutes a day on this machine you’re golden.

Review 3:  Love this rower

I have always used these machines in the gym where I used to work out. I always thought it would be really nice to have one at home, but thought they would cost $5k or something ridiculous like that. I have been working on the road for long periods of time in one place, and decided to look into getting one of these for my apartment. I really love these machines, I have used it a lot and have had no problems with it. I continue to be excited to have one for myself.
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