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What is the Paleo Diet?

Is probably your first question. Paleo is short for paleolithic for the paleolithic period or the old stone age a period that started 2.6 million years ago to around 10,000 years ago. So the paleo diet is supposed to be the diet that our ancestors would have eaten and have adapted to throughout the centuries, which are food from hunting and gathering.

The assumption is that the human body has not genetically adapted to eating grain foods and certain processed foods and therefore this is harming us. If you think about it grains were introduced about 12 thousand years ago. Processed food has been around longer, however we have more of it now with various chemicals or preservatives added to food making many modern day processed food unhealthy.

Keep in mind that trans fat (a man made invention and does not exist in nature) was created in the late 19th century. Trans fat is associated with heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

Planning Your Diet with Paleo Plan

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Generally, a diet is hard to follow especially if you do not know much about the diet. Even if you did know about it, it is at times hard to do, because it is difficult to stick to a diet if not planned and monitored. Luckily, there is Paleo Plan that helps with the creation of a paleo meal plan, grocery list, and recipes. Paleo Plan is a great resource for online diet plans with a focus on a Paleo lifestyle. Other than having various information about paleo diet and recipes, they also have a fitness section. For the purpose of this article we are focusing only on their diet or eating plan.

What we like about Paleo Plan

The Paleo Plan has a free recipes section, which means you can create your own diet menu plan, your own paleo shopping list and basically do everything yourself. Of course that would mean, you are knowledgeable about the paleo diet. In case you are not, the other good thing is that Paleo Plan can be your go to resource guide on everything Paleo. They have a blog section with free information. They have a paleo food list and explanations to what or why something is paleo or not. You will be surprised that the paleo snacks does contain muffins and it is grain free. Other good thing about this is that there is no dairy so it is great for those who are lactose intolerant. Having no dairy is also good since you won’t be consuming dairy with chemicals natural or unnatural (unnatural like pesticides or growth hormones) that the human body does not need in your weekly diet plan.

Going with Paleo Plan gives you healthy and nutrition rich meal plans. If you do not have the time to read about paleo and to make sure that your recipes are good for the week, they have their own weekly paleo diet menu starting at $7.42 per month paid annually (quarterly and monthly options are at higher cost). The good thing is that you can try their services for 14 days for free and only afterwards would you need to pay for it if you wish to continue with their weekly diet plans.

What we find good about subscribing to their weekly meal plans is that it cuts time on creating the weekly meal plans and your grocery or shopping lists. It also cuts on the guess work of what can be paleo and what you should have for the week. The grocery list will be printable and accessible on any device with internet. Another great thing about their diet plans is that you can incorporate your leftovers into the next meal day so that nothing goes to waste.

In case an ingredient or meal item does not suit you than you have an option to customize your weekly food plan. For example there maybe certain ingredients that you may not like or ingredients that are not in the supermarket that you will shop in. You can exclude them from the meal and start replacing menu items with food that you can prepare. To better understand and have a better overview on Paleo Plan’s subscription option please watch the video below.

What we don’t like about paleo diet in general

In general, having a diet is hard enough and now with paelo diet menu you will need to really look for those ingredients. For one thing it is not paleo if you buy genetically modified organisms or GMO. Other than that, it is not paleo to have any food laden with pesticides, hormones or chemicals. Also don’t forget you will be giving up on dairy and grain. With so many limitations you might stop beginning paleo diet just because you can not get healthy, organic and naturally food.

You really have to take the effort to read labels and so forth and it is even harder to do if you don’t know what is allowed in a paleo diet. If you don’t have the knowledge it might also be hard for you to keep this up. Going paleo does require knowledge and time to learn and implement what you learn. It is not for a beginner that will not be willing to commit to this as a long term lifestyle change.

What we don’t like about Paleo Plan

The one thing that we don’t like about the Paleo Plan is that it does not cook it for you. If you are new to cooking or are not that good in cooking, this might be an issue for you. You at the beginning your cooking might not get the recipes right. For some people a bad tasting or bad looking meal can be a turn off to a diet plan.

Well for a bit of practice and if you do follow the recipes correctly you will eventually be able to cook good tasting food.

Final note on Paleo Plan weekly meal and paleo dieting

Overall Paleo Plan is a good resource to bookmark. They have free recipes and tons of information on paleo diet. There are articles that even explain why or why not an ingredient is paleo. The best part is that the guys behind the meals have tested them and come from a licensed dietitian.

You can take a notch further by trying out the 14 day trial they are offering for their weekly meal plan. We believe it is well worth it and can save you hours of research. If you try it out today you can start shopping and start cooking for a healthy lifestyle.

If you like what they are offering during the trial, go ahead and subscribe for a year and commit to following their meal plans. Each meal day will have 3 main course and 1 snack. You will then have a paleo diet breakfast, paleo lunch ideas, paleo dinner recipes, and paleo snacks. The best part is that the meals are very versatile and sometimes a surprise for example you can get paleo dessert recipes that you never thought was possible. Paleo soup recipes can also be part of the menu having a diverse, tasty, and healthy diet plans can’t be any easier.

Well, the downsides are you will need to learn to shop for fresh, healthy and organic foods without the unnecessary chemicals (as much as you can or to the best of your knowledge) or that are not GMO products. Which also means that certain ingredients will cost more, but you are insured that you are getting the best possible nutrients into your body. Then you will need to learn how to cook or at least practice to cook the meals on the Paleo Plan recipes to get it right. But once you have learned to prepare your meals it should become easier to follow the paleo diet.

Again we suggest that you at least try the 14 day trial and only if you like it take the year plan for the better price. At the least, bookmark Paleo Plan as a valuable resource on everything Paleo or to diversify your meals with their free recipes paleo diet foods. We will repeat it, bookmark the site, because a lot of information is on it and it is FREE.

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