Girl riding the Precor AMT100i

Precor AMT100i (2009 Model) Adaptive Motion Trainer

  • Unique commercial-quality cardio and muscle toning trainer allows you to adapt to your movement on the fly
  • Contra lateral arm movement for natural motion reflecting the way you naturally move
  • 0 to 27-Inch stride length, 4 programs including fat burner, heart rate control, interval and manual
  • Hand held heart rate monitoring with compatibility for wireless monitors
  • 350-Pound maximum user weight, 7-year warranty on frame, 2 years parts, 1 year labor

As versatile as the human body, the AMT100i from Precor allows you to instantly choose and change your stride motion and speed without pushing control buttons on the display, or waiting for the machine to respond. The commercial-oriented AMT meets your most demanding workout needs and provides a challenging alternative to any exerciser looking for variety and the chance to experience freedom of movement.

The Precor AMT100i with optional viewing screen

The Precor AMT100i with optional viewing screen.

  • Adaptive motion: By allowing you to alter your motion at the slightest whim of your imagination, no two workouts have to feel the same. This keeps your mind engaged and your body torn between wanting to experiment with new movements and needing a second to catch your breath.
  • Stride Dial: Evolve each of your workouts with the knowledge that every time you observe the AMT’s stride dial you’ll be getting a crash course in learning about the muscles of your body and how they respond to different movements
  • Contralateral arm movement for natural motion: Arm and leg movements are coordinated, reflecting the way you naturally move through life.
  • Dual-plane resistance refines workload: A patented system that applies resistance to both horizontal and vertical planes of motion, adding yet another dimension for you to customize your workout.
  • 0- to 27-inch stride length provides unlimited variation: Choose your movement and change it as often as your heart and mind desire. Adaptive motion helps create new possibilities and rewards.
  • Stride Dial tracks muscle engagement: Monitoring your motion in real-time, you get instant feedback on how your muscles respond to different movements.
  • Dual action provides both upper and lower body workout: Arms are engaged with pushing and pulling motion to provide the ultimate in total body engagement.
  • Bio-feedback center with SmartRate provides dedicated feedback on heart rate and calories. SmartRate shows your heart rate in relation to the target zone for weight loss and cardio training.
  • Numeric keypad makes data entry and Cardio Theater control easy
  • Tap Control provides satisfying tactile and audible click so you feel confident and safe operating the product
  • Heart rate monitoring and compatibility with heart rate telemetry reading using an optional chest strap
  • Accessory holders for water bottle, portable music, reading material and more
  • Two-step powder-coating process applies rust-resistant undercoat and cosmetic topcoat to steel frame
  • QuickStart lets you begin workout with the push of a single button
  • Enjoy integrated entertainment: An optional Cardio Theater personal viewing screen can be integrated into the console, providing you with entertainment options while keeping you moving in the correct biomechanic position.
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Close up of the Precor AMT100i with optional viewing screen
  • Maximum stride length: 27 inches
  • Minimum stride length: Climber motion (0 inches)
  • Pedal dimensions: 14.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Height of foot at highest position: 18.5 inches
  • Height of pedal at lowest position (step up): 5.5 inches
  • Maximum pause time: 30 seconds
  • Maximum workout time: 240 minutes
  • Maximum user weight: 350 pounds
  • Resistance levels: 1 to 20
  • Programs: Fat burner, heart rate control, interval, manual
  • Dimensions: 74 x 28 x 69 inches (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 445 pounds
Manufacturer’s Warranty

Frame – seven years, display face assembly – five years, parts – two years, labor – one year

Note on Assembly

Precor highly recommends that you consider a professional assembly and installation of your Precor exercise machine. If you would like to speak to someone about having your machine professionally installed, please contact Precor at or by calling 1-866-593-5568.

About Precor

Precor is passionate about fitness. It all started with a desire to create a better kind of exercise equipment, one that mirrored human movement: fluid, natural, and dynamic. Twenty-six years later the company’s biomechanics and engineering experience have led to countless innovations that have captivated fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Precor has introduced many “firsts” to the fitness industry, including the Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer (EFX®) in 1995 and the revolutionary, award-winning Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT®) in 2007. Today, Precor is a celebrated top-tier brand preferred by fitness enthusiasts of all abilities and their machines are used every day in health clubs, hotels, facilities, and homes worldwide.

Reviews of Precor AMT100i Adaptive Motion Trainer

Review 1: Best training machine I have ever used

For the past 20 years, I have used ellipticals, treadmills, Steppers, etc.

The Precor AMT is by far the most demanding machine I have ever used.

It is nice to change the motion on the fly, breaks up the rhythm.

I love it, I plan to used it every night, after work.

Review 2: Far and away the best cardio machine in existence

Far and away the best cardio machine in existence. Precor AMT100i combines elliptical, stair master, and ski machine all in one. You can move it circularly like an elliptical, up and down only like stairs, or back and forth only like ski machines.

WARNING: If you’ve never used one of these but you have used an elliptical before, you might get discouraged when you try this. Your muscle memory from ellipticals will move your body in a way that works against the motion this machine is designed for. This machine has more of a running pattern like a treadmill, while elliptical motions are more circular and more closely resemble cycle machines than treadmills. If you use ellipticals often, this machine WILL feel weird and difficult at first. Once you break your muscle memory habits, it’ll come more naturally and give you a far superior workout than any elliptical ever could.

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ANOTHER WARNING: If you’re short, watch your elbows. The arms of this thing could have been designed a little better (wider or lower). I whacked my elbows on them dozens of times per session when I first starting using it before I got used to tucking in much more tightly. I’m thin, so if you’re on the heavy side AND short, you might not have room to tuck in so tightly and thus may have difficulty avoiding an elbow punishing.

Review 3: Never Gets Old…

I have been using this Precor AMT100i machine at a nearby gym for the last year or so. I really like this trainer for a variety of reasons. If you have trouble with running workouts (treadmills, etc.), this machine might make working out much more manageable. There is lots of customization within the machine to change your workout as you progress.

The one thing you want to look for in a machine before you invest is, will I plateau with this machine? With this machine, the answer is no. Over the last year this machine has kept changing enough for me to constantly feel challenged with a new workout, whenever I’m ready.

I like this machine over a typical ‘elliptical’, because it offers more in terms of exercises and comfort. The biggest complaint I hear from others about ellipticals is that you have a small stride or it just doesn’t feel right. With this machine I’m able to get a fuller and more natural size stride. In my experience, this machine is much better than some of the top ellipticals out there (and I have tried several at the local gym).

You can adjust the level of resistance to simulate various real world obstacles and really challenge yourself. You can also use this machine like a stair climber and it works great in that respect. The hand grips give you lots of good feedback on how your body is reacting to your exercise; heart rate, pulse, etc.

Overall, I really enjoy using the Precor AMT100i. Great workout, good experience, and constantly keeps offering a different and challenging workout.


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