Powerlift Adidas 2.0 Trainer Shoe

adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift.2 Trainer Shoe

  • Mesh/Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately Low Top” from arch
  • Wide-sized for increased comfort
  • Synthetic leather upper for light weight, support and durability
  • Flexible welded 3-Stripes
  • Weightlifting-engineered, high-density, die-cut midsole wedge for lightweight stability
  • Single instep strap for added rearfoot integrity; Wedge heel height configured specifically for weightlifting; Flat-profile outsole

When you need power in your lift, make sure you’ve got a good foundation. These men’s shoes offer a wide, solid base and a high-density midsole for the demands of competitive weightlifting. Lightweight mesh keeps your feet cool, and a power strap over the laces gives you anchored support.

Reviews of adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift.2 Trainer Shoe

Review 1: Great Alternative Versus More Expensive Olympic Weightlifting Shoes

These are an excellent pair of weightlifting shoes. I will first start out by saying I use these shoes specifically for high bar and front squatting and I train for powerlifting.

I purchased Nike Romaleos 2’s as my first squat shoes and I used them for about three or four months. I will first start by saying those shoes are amazing Olympic weightlifting shoes, in looks, build quality, and function. However, for my biomechanics, the quarter inch heel was a bit too much for my liking. I have very good ankle flexibility and can squat ATG in flat soles with no problem. The main reason I prefer squat shoes is for the stability and a quicker set up after unracking the weight.

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Over my four months of using those shoes, I noticed I was experiencing slight knee pain. I attributed this to the Romaleos having too much of a downward angle as a result of the quarter inch heel height. I have pretty long legs and my knees track forward naturally quite a bit when squatting ATG. With my knees becoming discomforted by the Romaleos, I went back to using my Chuck Taylor’s to squat for about a month.

After a discussion with my friend as to why I stopped using the Nike’s and explaining my theory of the heel being too high for me, he suggested these shoes. These shoes have a .6 inch heel opposed to a .75 inch heel on the Romaleos and other traditional weightlifting shoes. After some consideration and a 15$ off deal on amazon, I went for the Adidas Power lift 2.0s to see if they would feel better than the Romaleos did. Mind you the Romaleos cost 190$, these were 80$ after the coupon and tax.

First impressions wearing these shoes? All I can say is what a difference. The lower heel is so much more comfortable for me and I do not get arch pain in my feet like I did with the Nike’s, which was another irritating issue. They are also extremely light, unlike the Nike Romaleos which felt like a brick. Generally, you want WL shoes to be heavier and those shoes were like having 2×4 strapped to your feet, but in these you feel nimble, yet stable. When you step back with the bar on your back, there is very little adjustment that you need to make to get comfortable.

These shoes fit perfect as well. I measured my foot using a ruler with my heel against the wall and it came out to 10.1 inches. I ordered a size 8.5 in the blue and black with the blaze orange heel and they fit PERFRCT. The chart I used was from zappos.com and it is very accurate. I would use that chart of you are planning on getting these and order the closest to the conversion it gives you.

I have used these shoes for about 15 squat sessions, both front and back squat and I absolutely love wearing these during my lifting sessions. They are so comfortable and they are very stable. They also grip to the floor really well. I have not one bit of the knee or foot discomfort I experienced with the Nike Romaleos.

The quality of these shoes I would say are very good. They are a synthetic material with an upper mesh which makes them extremely light, comfortable, and breathable. I only use these inside the gym on the platform and they have zero marks or any blemishes after quite a few uses.

One of the concerns I had when purchasing these shoes was the fact that the sole is slightly compressible (they are made with EVA rubber with a stability plate molded inside) around the edge of the heel. Honestly, unless you are squatting 450-500+, this should not be an issue. I squat around 380 and I film all of my working sets for critique purposes and I notice very little compression when looking at myself squatting in the Adidas Powerlifts. It is also unnoticeable while actually squatting.

If you are a beginner and are looking to see if Olympic weightlifting shoes are right for you, I would definitely start here. It will allow you to see if you like the feel of the raised heel at an affordable price. These shoes also look pretty cool and they come in a variety of different colors if that matters to you. I recently sold my Romaleos to another close friend and I can see myself using these shoes for a long time. They are an excellent investment to add to your arsenal of gym gear at a fair price.

Review 2: Worth it

I thought it was maybe gimmicky, as a beginner at lifting weights, to get shoes specifically made for the purpose but these really do increase your stability during squats. Pretty dang comfortable as well. They look good (red, black and white) and the upper strap lets you pull it down tight for narrow feet. Impressed.

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Review 3: This shoe is honestly perfect for me for squats

This shoe is honestly perfect for me for squats, deadlift, overhead press, and all oly lifts in general. I read a ton a reviews for months before I bought, so I had an idea of what I was getting. I was glued to the floor in this shoe and as far as weightlifting, oly shoes go, and these are supposed to be this base model…

GREAT job Adidas! I feel they will last me forever (we’ll see,) because I only wear them for 30min. to an hour during my oly sessions. Buying them on Amazon was a plus as well, I got them for a total of about $89 bucks WITH tax, and FREE shipping. If you squat and deadlift you NEED these.

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