Champion Sports Gel Filled Medicine Ball
Champion Sports Gel Filled Medicine Ball

These gel filled medicine ball are soft, pliable, and are textured for easy catching. They are perfect for ‘heavy work’ activities and provide great proprioceptive input. Available in 4 different weights and colors. 

  • Perfect for “Heavy work” activities
  • Provide great proprioceptive input
  • They are soft, pliable, and are textured for easy catching
  • Gel filled medicine balls are great for exercise
  • Available in 4 weights and colors

I have a solid rubber 10lb medicine ball that is great if you put alternating hands on it and do uneven pushups, but ouch, I don’t want to toss that HARD rubber ball in the air in the several ways the great Athlean X website suggests for shoulder, bicep and ab exercises. The hard black rubber medicine ball with a lower case a on it did hurt my hands when I tossed it in the air and caught it.

Wanting to toss a medicine ball, but NOT a hard rubber ball, I looked for the softest, easiest on the hands, best priced medicine ball to toss in the air and catch. This is it.

To the touch, this feels like a 15 lb water ballon. In my opinion, that is GREAT. What could be less stressful to catch on impact than a water ballon? The rubber skin of the ball seems tough enough; if it holds up for a few years, then I will say this is a great design. I got the ball less than a month ago, so all I can say now is so far, so excellent.

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Doing wood chops with this ball is a great whole body exercise. Locking your forearms at your side and tossing the ball by moving only your forearms is a great bicep exercise. Sit with your torso and legs at a 100 degree angle (or a right angle if you have freakishly strong abs) and toss the ball straight up from in front of your collar bone. Throw it up as hard as you can and catch it. I doubt you will come anywhere close to hitting the ceiling (as I EASILY did with the 10lb ball), but you will get a great shoulder and ab workout.

I think exercising with this ball is about as fun as any solo at home exercise out there. My 30 lb Kettlebell is probably better exercise for leg and butt strength and a killer high intensity burst workout, but nowhere near as much fun as catching a ball.

I learned these great med ball exercises from Athlean X, run former NY Met/David Wright rehab personal trainer Jeff Cavilere. I don’t know the guy from Adam but for putting so many great workouts on youtube for free, I am happy to give him a plug. So this ball is great for catching and all the excises on youtube from athlean x are great.

I have a problem with trigger points. They are painful to work out with a tennis ball or foam roller. I asked my physical therapist and she said to try the gel filled medicine ball. I did and wish I had known about them long before now. They are much easier on my muscles than the direct too-firm tennis ball/foam roller technique. It still gets the job done and without the additional trauma to the trigger point area. I highly recommend this item.

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