Champion Sports Leather Medicine Ball
Champion Sports Leather Medicine Ball



  • Our newly designed leather medicine ball boasts a durable construction for maximum grip and control.
  • Made with a thick leather cover, this ball will last a long time and stand up to extreme exercises.
  • A great cross trainer for any sport, the ball combines strength training, cardio, flexibility and dynamic muscle training all in one.

The Champion Sports Leather Medicine Ball is a long lasting medicine ball that will withstand heavy exercise routines. These versatile exercise tools can be used for strength training, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, or muscle training. The Champion Sports Leather Medicine Ball features a thick leather cover for increased grip and control. See results for many years to come with the Champion Sports Leather Medicine Ball!

Firstly, these are not bouncers so we can’t compare them to that style. Second, look at the price. Third, I am by no means a workout warrior, or even adjacent to a workout warrior.

I bought one of each weight so I would have all the variety I would need depending on what I was doing. They seem solid with a little give for gripping. I saw reviews saying they are slick which I suppose is true to an extent, but I think that is only in comparison to these expensive other options. Whether or not is has less give than others, it still requires grip to catch and handle, and weight is weight.

I can see where people say they tend to get a slight flat spot or not quite centered so they roll to a particular side when set down. But this is so minor it doesn’t take away from the usability. It’s not like a tomato with a slice out of it. And you won’t be spinning it at high RPM to test it’s center of gravity. It’s tossing, throwing, grabbing and whatever. It’s so slight and such a non-issue for me at least.

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Bottom line, for the average person these are a great value. After comparing the prices to other options, there is no way I have any regrets about getting these. For medicine ball aficionados I’m sure they are subpar. But for this guy and at these prices they were a steal.

For home use, I prefer this soft, “leather” ball to a hard, rubber ball like the Valeo. (BTW, the Valeo is a high quality ball in it’s own right.) I currently own the 14-15 and 11-12 lb versions.

This ball has a smooth, slightly slippery cover and a soft core so there is some give to it when you grab it or drop it. The core feels like sand. These characteristics make it easier on your hands if you are playing catch with a partner. It is less likely to irritate your skin or jam your fingers. If you accidentally drop it on your foot, you won’t be writhing in pain. If the ball bangs into some furniture, it is less likely to break something. For all these reasons, it is more comfortable and enjoyable to use this ball around the house compared to a hard, rubber one.

The diameter of my 14-15 lb ball is 12″ which is larger than a basketball or the Valeo 10lb. The diameter of my 11-12 lb ball is 9″ which is about as big as a basketball.

My main complaint is that my 14-15 lb ball weighed in at about 13 lbs. I find it a bit ridiculous that the weight was so far off. My 11-12 lb ball weighed in at 11 lbs so that was accurate.

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I can’t comment on the durability yet but will update this in the future.

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