Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Red
Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Red, Medium Tension (7-Pounds per Finger)

  • Plastic
  • Made in USA
  • Strengthen weaker fingers for superior hitting, throwing, and fielding
  • 7 pounds of tension per finger
  • Challenges each finger individually using patented spring-loaded finger piston technology
  • Greatly improves hand, wrist, and forearm strength
  • Includes complete exercise program

The patented Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Red is the only hand exerciser in the world that exercises each finger individually for optimum conditioning of the hand, wrist and forearm.

Get a grip… a better, stronger grip! As used by federal agents, the GripMaster! This enhances hand, wrist and forearm strength, for improved shooting control, accuracy and weapon retention.

It’s unique in that it isolates each individual finger… not just a “squeezer” like some. That’s why it’s used by the FBI, ATF and DEA. It comes in 3 models with gradual resistance… you might want to get 2, starting lighter and building to heavier. Blue is Light, 5 lbs. per finger. Red is Medium, 7 lbs. per finger. Black is Heavy, 9 lbs. per finger. State Resistance Level. For shooting and bowhunting strength, get one or more of these valuable tools now! GripMaster Hand Exerciser

Reviews of Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Red

Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Red Review 1: The first day will test you!

Pretty neat & really effective! Definitely makes a noticeable difference in the tendons being employed when compared to the single grip squeeze units out there. The ring & pinky finger are sure to feel the burn! Remember guys, there’s no muscles in your fingers, they are controlled by tendons in the hand! So the burn will come from inside your palm! The size of your fingers will most assuredly remain unchanged /due to/ this device – but boy oh boy will your grip strength improve!


Size up what resistance you think you’ll want to go with & then pick the size down. It will benefit you much more to be able to accomplish a greater number of repetitions at a lower resistance than it will be to strain your tendons by starting at what could be your max capabilities for some fingers (Sure, your index finger can do the red [7lb.] but can your pinky even get enough of a workout to be beneficial & not simply strain/injure the fragile tendon?)

I say all of this from experience with multiple products of different designs after the same purpose. You’ll be much happier when your hands aren’t in pain from over-exertion – Or aren’t discouraged to use it simply because it feels like going from 0-60 rapidly instead of a gradual climb to a beneficial burn.

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Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Red Review 2: Perfect for wrestling, bjj, & mma

Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Red Review 3: Handy after surgery

Used while rehabbing after shoulder surgery. Kept hand and forearm active while the rest of my arm was immobile.
Ideal while watching TV, too!

Started with Gripmaster Finger Exerciser, Yellow (X-Light).
Then this blue “light tension” Gripmaster at 5 pounds per finger.
Then Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Red, Medium Tension (7-Pounds per Finger).

For a bit of opposing exercise I liked Expand-Your-Hand Bands 10 Pack: Kiss Elbow Pains Goodbye. Seemed sort of hokey at first but the muscle burn came on fast. That’s NOT hokey.

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