j/fit Starter Hand Grips
j/fit Starter Hand Grips (1-Pair)


People with strong grips tend to be strong elsewhere. The gripping muscles pass through the forearms, the wrists and into the hands, fingers and thumbs on both the front and the back of the forearms. A strong grip is essential for strong lifts, better injury resiliency and any sport where catching, throwing, or lifting is involved. To develop a stronger grip, your goal is to squeeze the Starter Hand Grips so that the handles touch together and work up to multiple reps. Starting your grip strength routine with these Starter Hand Grips will insure a safe and effective way to work up to stronger and more efficient grip strength.


  • Hand grip strength is important for any sport in which the hands are used for catching, throwing, or lifting
  • Durable chrome steel spring
  • Soft, firm grip foam handles
  • Use for strength training and rehab
  • Stronger grip gives you better endurance while lifting

If you’re a man who doesn’t have some kind of injury, you’ll probably find these grips to be too weak for you. If you’re a woman who does a lot of weight lifting or other grip-related activities, you may find the same. However, if you haven’t specifically trained your grip, or you have arthritis/injury that has weakened your grip, this is a great place to start. If you know your grip is REALLY weak, though, consider getting a ball-style grip exerciser before moving on to this.

I spent several months getting in shape for a flying trapeze and aerials trip, and this was the first grip strength exerciser I used. After a few weeks of steady use, I moved on to one with more resistance, but I feel like this was a great place to start. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish with your grip exercise, you may also want to consider getting a set of rubber bands designed to help strengthen the “opening” part of your grip strength, too. I’ve been told by a couple trainers that it’s important not to overtrain one to the exclusion of the other.

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These work great for strengthening my hands. I have one by my bed and the other one in by the chair where I sit when I watch TV and I try to get a hand workout multiple times a day maybe five minutes combined for both hands done separately . It’s very easy when I have them right there to use. One hand at a time and switch!!! Also bought a pair for my parents and they like them as well and definitely notice a difference in strength especially when opening jars or anything they need to grip. These were inexpensive and would recommend.

Just right for my arthritic hands. I’ve reached the point that I could no longer use any of my grips without pain in my joints, because of the wide spread. These are not so wide and allow me to still grip so that I can pull them closed. They still have some resistance, but not so much that my wife can’t squeeze them. I hope that there will be some stronger ones without the wide spread, too.

These are definitely a starter kit…although that was perfect for me as I have partially torn extensor tendons in both elbows, so starting slow was required. I also like having two as I keep one at work and one at home so I can maximize usage or make up for not using them at one or the other.

Comfortable as well…foam pads on handle make them easy to hold.

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