MOXY Socks Powerful Power Skull

MOXY Socks Powerful Power Skull Knee-High Fitness Deadlift Socks

  • FOR EXPLOSIVE PERFORMANCE – MOXY Socks Powerful Power Skull Knee-High Deadlift Socks bring you an advanced footwear solution with gym-ready flare. Breathable, tight-knit, offering support and featuring a smooth surface, these socks are truly performance-ready.
  • TIGHT YET BREATHABLE – The Powerful Power Skull Knee-High Deadlift Socks are tightly woven and super stretchy, offering a superior compression that promotes circulation. But with reciprocated heel and toe ventilated mesh tops, they’re also completely breathable.
  • ADVANCED SUPPORT – Ready for explosive performance? These socks feature serious arch support as well as Achilles Tendon cushion, which helps prevent injuries in concern areas, and are knee-high for full coverage.
  • KNEE HIGH FOR DEAD LIFTS – Sick of banging your shins when performing Olympic lifts and power movements such as deadlifts, cleans, and snatches? So are we. That’s why we invented The Bomb, a performance sock with enough length to provide a smooth surface that doesn’t snag like skin.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS – Package includes (1) pair of MOXY Socks Powerful Power Skull Knee-High Deadlift Socks. Unisex one size fits all: Mens sizes 5-15, Womens sizes 6-14.


Do you like POWER. Our powerful Power Skull knee-high deadlift socks will improve your WOD. These socks are perfect for deadlifts, box jumps and box jumps, letting other fitness athletes you mean business. Featuring a huge skull surrounded by barbells and completed with the word POWER on the back. These socks will improve your WOD and feel comfortable too. Black grey and white, One size fits all.

  • Ventilator Mesh Top
  • Premium Arch Support
  • Wicked Design
  • Achilles Support
  • Form Fitted comfort

Reviews of MOXY Socks Powerful Power Skull Knee-High Fitness Deadlift Socks

Review 1: Good thick knee high athletic sock

I am 6’3″ 205 with a size 12 foot. I like knee socks to work out and run in, but finding good ones that go to the knee is tough. The Eastbay Evapor line is about the best I have found but the styles are dull single color only. I purchased this Moxy sock along with one from Gumball Poodle at the same time. The price was also about the same.

The Moxy sock is far superior. If you read my review for the “ninja” Gumball Poodle sock, you will notice my chief complaint was that it was about 2″ short. The Moxy sock has that extra length, which for me brings the sock up to the knee. The Moxy sock is also a thicker material and seems more robust in general. The Moxy socks would offer some protection for the lower legs when lifting. They also aren’t bad to play sports in or run in as long as the temps are to hot.

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Review 2: Probably the most comfortable pair of socks I own!

These socks are probably the most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn, whether in the gym or not. I have hairy legs and usually long socks itch and chafe but I wore these for a long powerlifting meet and my legs felt great. They definitely help protect my shins from scraping on the bar during deadlifting and they keep my legs warm as well.

The bars on the top of the foot are to line up the barbell which is useful. My only (small) complaint is that these socks are just a little too long for the length of my shins and come up over my knee, which is surprising because I have long legs at 6’2″. But I can easily enough just fold the top down and then it’s no issue.

Review 3: I love wearing these socks

I love wearing these socks. I love deadlifting in them and they do a great job of protecting my shins, but shoot, they are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn. I’ll wear them anywhere doing anything just because I don’t care what you think. 😀

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