Cross Training 101: Build the Ultimate Athletic Physique
Cross Training 101: Build the Ultimate Athletic Physique

Here is A Preview Of What  Cross Training 101: Build the Ultimate Athletic Physique Contains: An explanation on what the hybrid style of training known as Cross Training actually is, along with the top reasons why you should be participate in this style of training Workout & Exercise Acronyms Explained A look into the common exercises How to read and understand a WOD (workout) Nutrition for athletes explained – improve your health and gain explosive energy!

A no BS guide on the ONLY supplements you should be taking to aid your performance & recovery Here is A Preview Of The 243 WODs (Workouts) Included: 23 Bodyweight workouts, no equipment needed! 112 Hybrid Workouts 21 Running based WODs to build explosive speed! 11 Endurance workouts for the seasoned athlete, these will push you to the limit Benchmark workouts designed to track your progress and measure your overall athletic ability And much, much more!

About the Author

Scott James serves as an Elder at The Church at Brook Hills. He and his wife Jaime have four children Will, Kirstine, Benjamin, & Bethan who served as the inspiration and original audience for this Advent devotional. They live in Birmingham, Alabama where Scott works as a pediatric physician. Scott serves in the children s and youth ministries at Brook Hills and is passionate about helping families grow together in Christ.

Reviews of Cross Training 101: Build the Ultimate Athletic Physique

Review 1: Great workout book

“Cross Training 101: Build the Ultimate Athletic Physique” is a great starting point for those wanting to improve their level of fitness. Scott James brings together a lot of work debunking current popular fad diets and nutrition concepts, as well as some of the routine gym workouts that get boring so fast. James’s CrossFit system is based on 10 physical traits, with the end goal being a body that is capable of performing nearly any physically demanding task that it might be faced with.

Scott James provides more than 240 different “workouts of the day,” ensuring you a variety of workout routines that will help you keep fresh and renewed by your workouts, instead of bored and feeling like you’re just going through the motions. This kind of constantly changing workout routine is great for those who want to be in their physical fitness regimen for the long term.

The book is well written and follows a very simple organization theme. Each chapter provides a number of types of exercises and workouts, and the chapters keep exercise types separated so you can pick and choose what kind of workout you want: a running workout, an endurance workout, a hybrid workout, etc. Overall, great book and very helpful in your quest for better physical fitness.

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Review 2: A great book to refer to.

For me this book on crossfit “WOD” was far better than the other one i purchased. It is easy to reference and very accurate.

It also contains some workouts I have never seen before which is fine by me because they are new and challenging.

Review 3: Full of Great Workouts

This is a comprehensive cross fit guide, and it’s got a ton of great information packed into it.
What I like even more than that, however, is all of the workouts that are included in here.

This book is loaded with useful & fun workouts, and they’re absolutely great.
I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of value out of this book.
Overall, I definitely recommend this.

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