P90X Results and Recovery Formula
P90X Results and Recovery Formula: 30-Day Supply, Smooth Orange Tub 52.9oz


  • Dextrose (glucose) – a natural 6-carbon sugar for optimum glycogen replenishment
  • A high Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) blend to provide the critical building blocks for rapid muscle resynthesis.
  • Vitamins, including antioxidants, to help reduce muscle soreness and assist in repair and growth.
  • P90X workout plan is based on a 5-6 day/week workout schedule, resting/stretching on the 7th day.

P90X Results and Recovery Formula® – After-Workout Drink. Recover faster and see better results! A great-tasting shake that’s specially designed to provide the precise nutrients you need to recover quickly after intense workouts, P90X Results and Recovery Formula offers a unique mix of:

• Simple and complex carbohydrates for optimum glycogen replenishment

• A high Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) blend to provide the critical building blocks for rapid muscle resynthesis

• Vitamins, including antioxidants, to help reduce muscle soreness and assist in repair and growth
Studies (1,2) show that with proper nutrition during the first hour following a workout you can increase your body’s ability to recover by more than 100%. The key component to maximizing this “window of opportunity” is a formulation of approximately 4 parts carbohydrates to 1 part protein. P90X Results and Recovery Formula combines the proper nutrients in this state-of-the-art, great-tasting, body-shaping cocktail that’s guaranteed to take your P90X workouts to the next level.

^1 Phillips, SM, JW Hartman and SB Wilkinson. 2005. Dietary protein to support anabolism with resistance exercise in men. J. Am. Coll Nutr. 24:1345.

^2 Haff, GG, MJ Lehmkuhl, LB Meloy and MH Stone. 2003. Carbohydrate supplementation and resistance training. J. Strength Cond Res 17:187.

Warning: Consult with a healthcare professional if pregnant, breast feeding, providing to a child, or if you have any other special needs. Keep out of reach of children.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

I’m about to start the last 30 days of P90X and I have enjoyed the program since day 1. I initially felt like a sucker buying a workout DVD that’s featured on late night infomercials, much less a product that was pushed at the end of said infomercial DVD.

I finally broke down a bought the product several weeks ago, after running out of my basic whey protein supplement. I would have used the product from day 1 of P90X Results and Recovery Formula, but I had 2 reservations (not including the infomercial aspect):

1. Cost. This drink is significantly higher than other supplements. Especially for someone like me that has never been big on supplements.

2. The negative reviews on the flavor, and how the formula had been changed.

I think the concerns about the flavor are exaggerated. But as the post says: you can’t miss what you never had. I’m not a fan of citrus flavors in general, but I actually do enjoy the taste of the drink. If you’re having second thoughts based on the taste reviews, I would encourage you to try it for yourself. Beachbody offers a money back guarantee if you don’t like it.

Does it work? I’ve only been using it for several weeks now. Before I had the drink I was mixing up a “poor man’s recovery drink” with whey protein and apple juice. I will say that I do have more energy during/after the workouts, and feel better after downing some recovery drink. Placebo effect? Maybe. Correlation doesn’t always equal causation. I’m also in the second phase of P90X where the carb allotment in the diet increases… so that will have an impact on energy levels as well.

Many other reviewers have made this point, and I’ll reiterate it here. Don’t price yourself out of P90X. Don’t feel like this drink is a requirement. It’s expensive, and there are better ways to spend if you’re on a budget. If it comes down to buying supplements, or high quality foods, I’ll take the latter every time. No use dumping money on expensive supplements to go off and buy crap food. If you can afford to drop the $$$ every month, and you’re pushing yourself during the workouts, this is the way to go. It makes me feel better, and I’m seeing positive results so far. But remember, all the supplements in the world aren’t going to replace hard work and eating right.

I can now miss what I had. I assumed since I ordered this product in March that it would be the “New and Improved” version, however it was not. The above review was indeed for the old drink. Amazon must have had a back stock of the old formula, as the new version started shipping some time in Jan 2011 from Beachbody. However on my last order (late April 2011), the tub bears the “New and Improved” label.

Bottom line, I still think it tastes fine. The power is much finer and has a bit of an aftertaste. The first thing I noticed is that the old formula dissolved on contact with water, but this one takes quite a bit of mixing. I would recommend a blender or one of the cups with a whisk inside. Sure the old one tasted better, but the new formula does appear to have better ingredients than the original (glucose vs fructose etc). If you’re interested in the exact changes check the Beachbody forums where Beachbody higher-ups explain exactly how and why they changed the formula. After reading the posts I felt confident that it was actually improved and not “cheapened.”

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