Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator

Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator

  • Padded, double lined comfortable neck collar; quality dual interior/exterior front compartment zippers
  • 3 ETL approved energy-efficient low EMF carbon fiber heating panels
  • Safe, easy fingertip hand held controller with 6 automatic timer option
  • 5 levels of pre-set heat temperature options with built-in thermostat – 150 degree maximum temperature
  • Power supply: 120v – 60hz – 900w; UL approved with 6.5-ft Power cord
  • Specs : 28″W x 33.5″D X 38.1″H


You just won’t believe how quick and easy it is! Simply carry your portable sauna to your favorite location, set it down, open it up, plug it in, and turn it on. Within minutes you’ll be ready to enjoy warm, dry FAR infrared heat that will immediately begin to relieve your aches and pains and melt your stress away. When you are finished enjoying your sauna session, fold and go! There has never been an easier way to escape from the demands of everyday life while improving your overall health.

Cabin Construction

Our fully-insulated Portable Sauna cabin delivers superior strength. The moisture-resistant, satin polyester exterior is lock-stitched to the triple-layer cotton insulation creating a quilted look. Zippered hand holes allow you to free your hands. The Harmony Deluxe cabin sports dual exterior pockets while the Rejuvenator sports one pocket, keeping your tablet, phone, reading material and remote handy. A solid Beech hardwood dowel frame supports the cabin. Long hook-n-loop web straps and handles complete this must-have item. You’ll be pleased with how easy it is to keep the cabin clean and maintained.

Health Benefits

You hear about the health benefits of FAR Infrared heat all the time, but until you are sitting in the warmth of this sauna, you just won’t believe it. Our saunas utilize the latest in FAR infrared heat technology offering a relaxing place to unwind at the end of the day. Infrared waves penetrate the body, providing soothing relief of aches, pains and tension. Perspiration helps remove harmful toxins deep in your pores, while increased blood circulation brings fresh nutrients to the surface. Spending just 30 minutes in a Radiant Sauna can also burn up to 600 calories. Wait no longer, rejuvenate today! And stop worrying about low EMF. Your cell phone has a higher EMF rating than our sauna.

Hand-held Control

The hand-held controller puts the power of your Portable Sauna right at your fingertips. With 6 automatic timer options, you can easily decide the length of time that is right for your sauna-cation! And, with 5 levels of preset heat temperature options, you’ll find that comfort zone that will begin to melt your worries away. This handy remote fits in the sewn-in pockets on the front of our cabin. Just sit down, zip the cabin closed, grab your remote and set the time and temperature that’s ideal for you. Enjoy!

Comfort Collar

As you dream about owning your own portable sauna, comfort comes to mind. So, let’s start with the neck. Our Radiant Saunas come with soft, padded comfortable collars. The Rejuvenator has a fixed collar with a hook-n-loop closure. The deluxe Harmony model comes with 2 zip-out, double-lined neck collars. These handy collars are constructed of soft terry cloth cotton and can be hand or machine washed then zipped back in place. You’ll always have a spare with the Harmony model.

Dual Interior/Exterior Zipper

Remember climbing in a sleeping bag and struggling with the zipper. That will never happen with the Radiant Portable Sauna. Our models feature a heavy-duty dual zipper, so you can easily zip from the outside or while seated inside the cabin. The zipper runs the entire length of the cabin, under the floor all the way up to the neck collar. You’ll never need to worry about getting stuck inside or struggling with our zippers.

Canvas Seating

Since you will love your sauna so much and want to enjoy the health benefits as much as possible, we put extra thought into the seating. Your utmost comfort was our goal. Each chair is constructed of tubular steel for strength and durability. Then we added a soft, supportive canvas seat and back. The Rejuvenator’s blue canvas seat reminds you of that fold-up bag chair that you take everywhere for weekend tee-ball games and camping. The Harmony deluxe chair adds soft-padded armrests and extra cross supports, generously sized to support up to 220 pounds.

Sewn-in Pockets

The final touch that makes Radiant Portable saunas a must-have in your home, is the convenient pockets sewn right to the front of the cabin. What could be handier! The Rejuvenator has one large 6-in x 5-in pocket on the right side. You’ll be amazed at how much you can fit in it! The Harmony Deluxe has two pockets, one either side. They will come in so handy to hold your remote, your phone, and even your favorite book or tablet. We’ve thought of everything to make your sauna experience as enjoyable as possible.

Benefits of Portable Sauna Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator

Enhanced blood flow

Because of the direct exposure to warm in the sauna as well as steam bath, the blood vessels in the body open extra. Heart price likewise increases by a minimum of 30%, nearly doubling the amount of blood drained of the heart every minute.

The enhanced need on the cardio system makes the heart pump harder, much like that which you would certainly experience after a brisk walk. This enhanced heart rate plus the expansion of capillary results in boosted blood circulation, as well as blood flow is raised throughout the body. As a result, oxygen and nutrients are better delivered throughout all body organs.

Long-term consistent sauna bathing has also been revealed by some research studies to boost performance in endurance sporting activities, help decrease high blood pressure in people with high blood pressure, dramatically enhance exercise tolerance, and also boost the body’s oxygen uptake. Exactly what’s even more, better blood flow additionally wakens up even the tiny blood vessels that provide the skin– those typically not nurtured as much in modest daily task– contributing to that warm, radiant look you get after a sauna session.

Skin cleaning, hydration as well as rejuvenation

Seats is the body’s typical response to warm. It’s a crucial as well as required mechanism for the body to maintain its core temperature level when the outside setting is hotter compared to typical. In a sauna or steam room, where temperature is deliberately enhanced, your body’s pores open as well as on average, you sweat out approximately a pint of liquids for a regular 15-minute sauna session.

This cleanses your skin as dust and grease are eliminated. In steam bath where moisture levels in the air are particularly high, the skin is not just deeply washed, yet also abundantly hydrated. Moreover, dead skin cells are made softer and also simpler to dismiss, so you go out of that sauna with revitalized skin that’s supple as well as soft to the touch.


Once more owing to the body’s reaction to the warm in sauna and steam bath, toxic substances and excess salt are cleared out of the body via opened up pores as well as the circulation of sweat.

Although saunas cabins submerse the body in heats, the completely dry warmth and also reduced moisture allocation of saunas enable it to be set to greater temperature levels compared to the wet steam rooms. With temperatures typically surpassing 70 ˚C, completely dry saunas trigger the heart rate to raise notably as well as not only ensure much better distribution of nutrients to all components of the body, yet additionally help with an aggressive excretion of toxic substances from the body.

Although the kidneys are the ones mostly in charge of removing contaminants in the body, a good sweat is likewise one more way the body can get rid of toxic compounds, possible cancer-causing components, and hefty steels such as lead, nickel, mercury, sulfuric acid, as well as cadmium. With toxic substances successfully eliminated, the body is renewed and left healthier as well as extra younger.

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Calorie-burning and also weight reduction

The heats of dry saunas can burn around 300 to 400 calories each 20-minute sauna session. This is because the body’s metabolic degrees are kicked right into high equipment, and this raised metabolic rate implies higher power expenditure for the body. Exactly how does this all associate with weight loss? Well, faster metabolic rates and boosted energy expenditure call for the body to burn fat and carbohydrates so it could get the calories it needs for all the added job.

Along with that, better demand is additionally placed on the heart as it should function doubly tough to move even more blood to the outer blood vessels found under the skin. Once more, the power required for the heart to stay on top of the included need on the system is burnt from the body’s fat gets.

A number of researches have actually revealed that typically, a person burns up the same amount of calories as he or she would certainly doing a 3-mile run or an hour-long weightlifting of moderate strength.

Improved immune system feature

On top of that, saunas further enhance the work of the body immune system by raising the body’s leukocyte count. Leukocytes, also called white blood cells, play a crucial role in fighting infection and also disease. They are the body’s soldiers and pathogen-eaters, repeling microbes that might or else trigger disease. Saunas have actually even been noted to lower the incidence of cold among their regular customers.

A side from their advantageous effects on the cardio system, sauna bath as well as saunas are likewise known to enhance performance of the body’s defenses against conditions, jointly known as the body immune system. Throughout an illness procedure, the body’s all-natural reaction is fever; the raised body temperature is the body’s way of fighting the contagious microorganisms that have invaded it.

Saunas take advantage of this disease-fighting system by additionally developing an “synthetic” high temperature response in the body, eliminating potentially unsafe germs and viruses colonizing the body.

Boosted liver as well as kidney function

Second, the boosted blood flow produced by saunas as well as sauna bath likewise result to much better shipment of oxygen and nutrients to these two organs, improving their efficiency and also resistance against microorganisms and infections that may bring upon condition.

Enhanced kidney and liver performance is understood to be the result of 2 procedures that take place in sauna and also sauna bath sessions. Initially, because of the detoxing procedure that these sessions permit, the stress on the body’s liver as well as kidneys to do that job is minimized. Some doctors also suggest regular sauna sessions for individuals who have liver and kidney problems, in order to help reduce the efforts called for from these organs to remove body contaminants.

Improved respiratory system feature

Besides making mucous and phlegm simpler to cough out, the steam also helps soothe inflammation as well as swelling of the nasal flows, sinuses, and also throat. In addition, such improved respiratory functioning could also be mapped to the steam baths’ stress-reducing results, because breathing issues are usually an outcome of stress and anxiety also.

This benefit can be obtained a lot more from steam baths than saunas, as sauna bath involve high degrees of humidity and also moist heat that can function wonders to boost respiratory performance. Steam baths are specifically helpful for those struggling with respiratory troubles such as asthma, cough, persistent respiratory disease, packed sinuses, as well as various other breathing infections.

Moist warm is restorative for these situations. It thins mucous and also unclogs respiratory flows, assisting clients cough up phlegm that would’ve been as well thick to expectorate otherwise for the loosening homes of moist heat.

Muscle relaxation and also faster recovery from injury

Saunas and also sauna bath are, in a feeling, antispasmodic therapies. This is owing to that warmth triggers the muscle mass of the body to relax, and also alleviates muscular tissue pain experienced after exhausting physical activity. What’s more, the opening up of capillary caused by the warmed environments in a sauna or steam bath likewise quickens the recovery of injuries and joint problems such as sprains, bursitis, and strains, along with lower muscular tissue stiffness in instances of joint inflammation.

Discomfort relief

Other than accelerating the recovery process of the injuries discussed over, the warm in saunas as well as steam baths are likewise useful for pain relief in such injuries. Scientists have uncovered proof of saunas’ capacity for better lowering persistent pain when used in mix with other typical therapies. Sauna has actually been revealed to reduce chronic pain more effectively compared to therapies such as cognitive behavior therapy. Consequently, it has been suggested for the management of rheumatic discomfort, renovation of joint wheelchair, as well as reduction of pain in fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Tension relief

The heat in saunas as well as steam rooms advertise a feeling of relaxation as well as relief from anxiety and also stress and anxiety. Along with relaxing wound-up muscular tissues and easing discomfort after a stressful day at the office or extreme physical activity, saunas are likewise understood to lower the body’s adrenaline and also noradrenaline levels, stress hormones that trigger you to be tense and could inhibit you from full relaxation.

Alternatively, saunas have been located to increase the body’s beta endorphin degrees, lowering the unfavorable impacts of anxiety as well as advertising an overall sensation of health. Just what’s even more, regular sauna users have also reported an improved high quality of sleep that really makes them feel rested and also prepared for the day in advance after awakening.

* Important Cautions To think About with any FIR Sauna Room


Take a shower after your sauna or sauna bath to rinse sweat, shut your pores, and also cool your body down. Either warm or awesome water will certainly do, but warm water is not advised. After bathing, don’t obtain dressed at the same time. Instead, allow your body around 15 minutes of air drying so it could remain to cool appropriately. Once again, remember to rehydrate by drinking water or juices later on. Aside from liquid replacement, it’s also advised to change lost electrolytes through a salty snack.

Do not consume alcohols before and during saunas, as they have a diuretic effect and also may bring about dehydration. High levels of caffeine and diuretics (drugs that raise urination) also contribute to boosted liquid loss from the body, which might speed up an adverse result if integrated with the liquid loss already brought on by saunas. With regards to food intake before a session, a light meal is fine but a heavy meal is not advisable. Heavy meals right away prior to saunas shunt a good deal of blood to the digestive system– which isn’t really what you desire if you’re aiming for improved blood flow throughout your entire body.

  • Head out if you start really feeling ill, lightheaded, or lightheaded.
  • Avoid alcohol, way too much high levels of caffeine, diuretics, and heavy meals prior to a sauna session.

Because of the sauna’s effects on boosting heart price, it’s recommended that people who are expecting, have cardio or heart disease, and also are over the age of 60 (risky for heart issues) seek advice from a medical professional first before choosing a sauna or steam room.

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Your body has to adapt to the high temperatures in saunas so the warmth wouldn’t be uneasy, so it’s recommended that you start out with brief 5-minute sessions first rather than right away choosing the complete 20 minutes. As your body gets accustomed to normal saunas, you could slowly raise the moment you spend inside the saunas.

A substantial amount of liquid is lost via sweat throughout saunas, so see to it you are well-hydrated before, throughout, and also after the sessions. A glass of water ought to suffice prior to taking a sauna, as well as an additional glass after that. If you have actually already adjusted to the warmth as well as are going for a complete 20-minute sauna, drinking water midway via the session is also a good idea. Stopping working to keep well-hydrated can trigger queasiness, headaches and also fatigue, so make certain you do not ignore this care.

Bath down after the session as well as do not be in a thrill to dress up later on.

Since blood vessels broaden in the heat of the area, high blood pressure can drop and also might cause a sensation of impaired thinking in some people. If you locate yourself obtaining woozy or beginning to really feel weak anytime throughout the sauna or vapor shower, leave the area simultaneously.

If you are expecting, more than 60 years of ages, or have any kind of cardiovascular problem, consult with your physician initially.

Begin slow-moving and don’t go much longer compared to 20min each session.

Reviews of Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator

Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator Review 1: IT DOES WORK- some TIPS and INSTRUCTIONS

I received no money/discount etc for the purchase or use of this product. THIS REALLY DOES WORK and for $177- fully worth the money to me. Yes there are a few things that could be better with the design, so I included some silly tricks that really help trap heat and make me sweat.

It is a little disappointing to have to do them, but face it- you are spending NO MONEY for a sauna and it DOES WORK. Below is my experience with the unit, some TIPS that helped me, and some INSTRUCTIONS since other reviewers seemed to have some trouble. 🙂

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I felt a little silly purchasing this, because it seemed like a gimmick but it was getting good stars. When I opened the box I had my doubts. The product is light weight (so yes portable) and is basically a sturdy 1 man tent. It was easy to set up and use (even though the instructions are lacking). I had already read some reviews, so I let it warm up for 10 mins before I got in.

So I get in the unit, sat there about 10 mins feeling a little silly. The unit got warm, and I had some glisten sweat, but nothing was really happening. My hubby was teasing me about my purchase while I pouted about how I had been had and would return it. Then at about 15 mins in I started to trickle sweat. And I thought, “Ok so it does something. But I dunno this is worth the money”.

At 20 mins the sweat was running down my arms, and I was grinning like a fool while I got to HAHA to hubby I was right!

After that I was continuously having sweat RUN/POUR from my chest, arms, back, etc. I stayed in 40 mins total and the foot pad, chair, neck cuff were wet. I was covered in beads of sweat all over that still ran down while I got out! When I got out and hubs saw me, he immediately wanted to take a turn– he got the same results!

NOTE: Even though I had just used the unit, it still took about 15 mins for him to heat up enough to start to sweat but once he did he drenched the bottom – REALLY GROSS lol. But it works great!


  • The heating panels are on the sides and back only-NONE in the front.
  • There is a heating pad for your feet to help warm you up- it never gets so hot that you cant comfortably keep your feet on it.
  • The chair is a little narrow for your legs and can get uncomfy; Im thinking about getting a stool. I am 5 ft 7 and hubs is 6ft.
  • Your knees do tend to touch the front of the tent depending on how you sit or if you’re leaning back in the chair.
  • A lot of the heat can escape through the neck hole even with the cuff if you move around. I wouldn’t really put my hands out the front zippers as again the heat escapes pretty fast. The front of the unit isn’t as warm- but I figured out a trick to help with that (see below)


  • Drink at least 8 oz of water before using. I drink water after as well.
  • Wear a shower cap or sauna cap to trap your body heat in. HUGE difference
  • Wrap a bath towel on the outside of the unit and around your neck to cover the cuff, let it fall down over the arm zippers to hold in heat. It makes the whole unit warmer.
  • Once you figure out just where you want your chair to normally sit, mark the bottom with little pieces of duct tape. It is a pain to move your chair every time to get your head under the neck opening the way you want.
  • Put a bath towel on the floor to catch your sweat so you don’t have to clean it out like crazy every time. I also put a smaller towel on the chair.
  • I put the reflector panel (with the shiny metal side facing inwards) IN FRONT of me instead of on the floor (like the instructions say to do).
    The reflector panel can fit in between wooden front brace and the wall to hold it up. It really helps trap heat in and reflect it onto the front of you.
  • I sometimes wear neoprene bands just to get an extra sweat on, although this would likely block the infrared in those areas


Take the unit out of the box. Take the chair and the reflector mat out of the unit. Lay it on the floor with the back on the floor and the sides in the air. Zip the bottom up and the front up about mid way. Put your bath towel in the bottom. Place the foot warmer on top of the towel. Position your chair inside the unit. Put a smaller towel on your chair to catch sweat. Zip it all the way up and cover the top. Zip the arm holes too.

To use the controller: Push Power, Push Start, Push Heat Foot warmer. The “+” under temp goes only up to 150- I always have it at 150. The panels may get that hot? But I don’t think the air actually gets that heat. The “+” under the timer only changes the minutes in 5 minute intervals.

Let the unit heat up 10 mins or so. Drink at least 8 oz of water and put on your shower cap/sauna hat and any neoprene bands etc that you want to wear.

Once the unit is heated, up the timer to 30 mins again. (Make sure Power is still on and you MUST RE-PUSH Start button for heat and foot pad).

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Get your reflector mat in hand. (Have your bath towel draped around your neck if you want one to have available to put ontop of the unit to cover your neck hole). Get into the unit. On the top right there is a wooden bar, you raise it across the front and connect it into a holder on the top left. This keeps the front of the unit off of you. Put the reflector (shiny side facing in) in between the wooden rod and the outside wall. This helps trap heat in the unit and reflect the light back on you. Sit and wait…. sweat and relax!!

Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator Review 2: Just like advertised. Get one!

I was paying $20 per session at a local spa. I need to do the sauna 3-4 times a week for Lyme disease so it was getting pricey. I found this one on here and was like there is no way that thing will work. Well I was completely wrong!! This works exactly like the spa version as far as sweat goes and it 100% relieved my joint pain. Keep in mind the price it is great for what you pay. The chair is uncomfortable and I will probably get a stool but other than that this is a winner!!!

Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator Review 3: Love It!

I don’t usually write reviews, but I was apprehensive about purchasing this item and thought it might help others. All of the great reviews helped to put me over the edge with my purchase. I usually go to the sauna in the gym, but don’t always have time to go.

I thought I would get more use of it if it were in my home. I purchased it and received it today. It was so simple to unfold and set up. I let it preheat for about 10 minutes. I got in, zipped it up and started sweating within about 5 minutes. This is definitely a keeper. I stayed in for about 45 minutes. Had it up to 150 degrees the whole time. Dripping sweat. Left a big puddle in the floor of it. It is easy to clean up. I will definitely be using it several times a week. Great Buy!

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