PREMIUM 3 for 1 ECO Friendly Massage Foam Roller
PREMIUM 3 for 1 ECO Friendly Massage Foam Roller


  • ✓ SAVES TIME & MONEY | No more traveling to a masseuse and paying for a massage every time you need one. With your Holistic Athletics Chimera Foam Roller you get the massage you deserve whenever you want in the convenience of your own home.
  • ✓ BENEFITS & FEATURES | Your Holistic Athletics Chimera Foam Roller will loosen up your tight muscles, knots and kinks to improve your mobility and reduce soreness, increase your range-of-motion, decrease muscle and joint pain, increase your flexibility and circulation, enhance your balance and gait and will allow you to prevent and recover from injuries more efficiently. If you want to optimize your health then click on the yellow ‘Add To Cart’ button above!
  • YOUR HIGH QUALITY FOAM ROLLER INCLUDES | 1 hollow 13″ x 5.5″ EVA foam roller, 1 removable inner core foam roller 13″ x 4″, 1 massage ball and 1 travel bag! The perfect size to be your personal masseuse and traveling companion! If you want to prevent or rehabilitate from injuries, then look no further, because your Holistic Athletics Chimera Foam Roller is your solution!
  • FREE BONUSES | When you invest in your Holistic Athletics Chimera Foam Roller you will also receive 4 free bonuses! You receive a free travel bag so you can roll on-the-go. You also receive a free massage ball for an intense and localized massage. Plus you receive 2 different PDFs. Your first PDF guides you through the most popular foam roller exercises. Your second PDF provides you with simple exercises you can implement today to improve your posture. There is no better deal for you!
  • BEST QUALITY MATERIALS CHOSEN FOR LONGEVITY AND FUNCTION | Designed to withstand constant and repeated use without cracking, deforming or flaking. Your Holistic Athletics Chimera Foam Roller is specifically designed to withstand repeated use while maintaining shape and function. If you want a durable foam roller with a unique 3-D massage surface that allows for proper circulation of oxygen and blood, which aids the healing of tissue, then order your Holistic Athletics Chimera Foam Roller now!


Are you tired of poor quality foam rollers that become disfigured, crack, and don’t properly massage your sore muscles?


Now Introducing: THE HOLISTIC ATHLETICS CHIMERA FOAM ROLLER! Our high quality foam rollers are guaranteed to provide you with the deep tissue massage you deserve! With a personalized massage every time, you’re in total control!


1x Hollow EVA Foam Roller 13″ x 5.5″

1x Removable Solid EVA Foam Roller Core 13″ x 4″

1x Bonus Massage Ball For Localized + Intense Massage

1x Travel Bag

1x Foam Roller Exercise PDF Sent Via Email

1x Posture Exercise PDF Sent Via Email


✓ Prevents Injuries

✓ Reduces Soreness

✓ Speeds Recovery

✓ Improves Mobility

✓ Improves Range-Of-Motion

✓ Increases Flexibility + Circulation

✓ Enhances Balance + Gait

✓ Designed To Withstand Constant Use

✓ Emulates The Feeling Of A Massage Therapist’s Hands

✓ Aids Muscle Tissue Healing

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At this price our rollers are selling fast and won’t last!


Reviews of PREMIUM 3 for 1 ECO Friendly Massage Foam Roller

Review 1: High Quality Foam Roller Bundle at a great price!

I love this PREMIUM 3 for 1 ECO Friendly Massage Foam Roller bundle! The massage ball that comes along is such a huge plus, I was pleasantly surprised by it. I use it to massage my back (on the floor) and my feet.

The foam roller itself is fantastic. It has multiple surfaces that really help me work out the knots in my back after sitting at a computer all day. The inner core does wonders for those hard to reach areas and the travel bag is the icing on the cake, I’ve even started using it to carry some gym clothes.

I am happy that they care about the earth as well, this product is eco-friendly! This is one of the main reasons I decided to pull the trigger on this bundle.

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– GREAT BUNDLE DEAL!!!! You won’t find another like it on Amazon, I tried.
– Comes with TWO free ebooks/pdfs that are great for those beginning to use a foam roller (Make sure to check their site)
– High Quality material, no doubt in my mind this thing will last years.
– Travel bag is great for other uses


– I wish the ebook came printed along with the foam roller. Not a huge deal, I can just set my iPad next to me.

Review 2: Yes, A Foam Roller Can Eliminate Leg Soreness!

At first I thought, “OK another piece to sit around my exercise room” Boy was I wrong! My right leg was sore and just wouldn’t recover. I had done some harder training and it just wasn’t feeling right.

Once I started using this PREMIUM 3 for 1 ECO Friendly Massage Foam Roller each day in the morning before my workout AND each night before I went to bed, it worked out all the deep soreness and now that leg actually feels better than before.

Yes of course I’m using the PREMIUM 3 for 1 ECO Friendly Massage Foam Roller on both now as well as all the other areas of my body to restore circulation and that feeling of energy I need to keep training. Highly recommend this set.

Great value too, all in a nice package. Comes with a massage ball, large textured roller, smooth insert roller, and all of these goodies fit inside the “take it anywhere” travel bag. Bag has a convenient strap too!

I am glad I was given the opportunity to receive the PREMIUM 3 for 1 ECO Friendly Massage Foam Roller at a discounted price in exchange for my 100% honest and unbiased review!

Review 3: I love that this comes with two rollers

I love that the PREMIUM 3 for 1 ECO Friendly Massage Foam Roller comes with two rollers, the removable foam core and the shell with ridges both have great uses, and makes it easy when more than one person needs a roller at the same time.

Having started an intense boot camp class recently, this has worked wonders on my quads, hams, and IT band (especially the IT band!). The only downside is that the roller isn’t overly wide, but it can still accommodate both legs at the same time.

The added bonus of having a carrying bag for the roller is super handy for being able to quickly and easily roll out sore muscles at the gym or on the go. I haven’t used the ball yet, but can see it coming in super handy for sore back muscles.

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