Relaxing Yoga Meditation Om Peace Singing Bowl
Relaxing Yoga Meditation Om Peace Singing Bowl / Silk Cushion / Rosewood Mallet Set

  • Price Includes Singing Bowl / Silk Cushion and Rosewood Mallet
  • Great Sound and Plays Easily
  • Great Singing Bowl For Meditation and Yoga Practices
  • Approximately 4″ Diameter, 2.25″ Depth and 300 Grams
  • Fast Shipping

Gorgeous Yoga Meditation OM Peace Singing Bowl Set. This is an absolutely gorgeous bowl with Great relaxing Sound. Hand Etched Hindu OM (Peace) on the Face, Inside and Bottom of the bowl.

Rievews of ~ Tibetan SILVER Yoga OM Meditation SINGNG BOWL ~

Review 1: Great Purchase

The relaxing yoga meditation om peace singing bowl, silk cushion, and rosewood mallet set is perfect for anybody looking for an affordable singing bowl. Whether you want it for meditation or a decoration, this bowl will work well.

I am giving this product five stars. I have had this bowl for six months now, and I love it. It works very well. It is loud, and compact. The only fall back is the bowl vibrates too hard at higher frequencies and thus rattles against the mallet. The bowl is very decorative and has a nice look. The painting was done well, and has smooth crisp lines. The silk pad is also handy. If the bowl is held directly in your hand, it tends not to ring as loud and also slides away if placed directly on other surfaces.

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I would recommend this singing bowl to people who are looking for a small inexpensive bowl. I found that some of the other bowls can be very pricey, but this bowl falls within almost anyone’s budget. If you have any questions about which singing bowl to buy, this is the one for you. It’s loud, durable, and compact. It has the ability to produce enough noise to be heard outside of your home, and can be operated by a beginner.

Review 2: Great Deal For Spiritual Work

I personally love this item, its my first singing bowl but its great non-the-less. The bowl IS machined as one reviewer mentioned, not sure if hand crafted as far as design but the design or how its made does not matter to me.

What matters is does it perform well as a singing bowl? The answer is yes! It comes with a mallet nicely crafted and a small cushion. I have used this for meditation and other ritual workings, it will satisfy whatever need you have. The price is also good, so why not?

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Review 3: Rings nice and easy, has marks

This bowl is ok for the price. It is obviously machined as there are some turning marks on the inside and bottom, and the bowl I received also had a few pits in the metal which makes me think they are first rough-cast and then machined for finish. But the bowl sounds nice and rings easily.

It is painted inside and out. I used this bowl to make a door-bell-chime for my house and threw the stick and the pad away. I didn’t want the painted surface and it took acetone and steel wool to remove the paint from the bowl, but following with some dry #0000 steel wool and then some polishing compound with a buffer this bowl polished into a brilliant shine.

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