Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

  • Drastically improve your balance skill and body control, all while getting a workout. Even better than that? The 101 balance board is super fun to use! | Designed & Made in the USA 
  • Bombproof 11-ply hardwood construction with high quality finish and clean design. Soft-Trak gripped top deck is comfortable with or without shoes.
  • Smooth rolling lightweight and ultra tough roller reduces vibration and sound.
  • Full freedom of movement, no tracks or grooves. Roller stops on the base keep you in control.


The Revolution 101 is not only a great balance board to get started with, it will still keep challenging for years to come. Improves your balance? Check. Burns calories? Check. Really fun and keeps your skills fresh? Double check. Whether you are looking for something to improve your board riding, sports skills, or fitness, the 101 won’t let you down.

The 101 is a 2-peice roller style balance board and offers much more movement, and more challenge than a round wobble board or single piece board.




The 101 is a fun and challenging way to improve your balance and body control for skateboarding, snowboarding, skim-boarding, surfing, wake-boarding, stand up paddle boarding, longboarding and more. Simulate any boarding activity wherever you are, any time. Good weather not required.


Greatly strengthen core muscle groups (stomach & waist) as well as legs (thighs, hamstrings, hip, butt) and overall stability. You can also incorporate the 101 into your routine by combining it with other exercises like weight training or calisthenics. Make your workout more fun and dynamic.


A great way to improve your balance and stability for athletics like Hockey, Golf, Baseball, Tennis, Martial Arts, Dance, Gymnastics and many more. Faster balance recovery can help you a get a step up on your opponents, and training with the 101 can give you just that.



The Dura-Soft grip on the top of the 101 make it the most comfortable balance board to use. Great for using with, or without shoes.


The 101 features heavy-duty made in the USA construction that is durable enough to use on outside, but still very friendly for indoor use. We recommend beginners start by learning to use the board on carpet.


Roller stops on the base of the 101 balance trainer keep you from rolling too far one way or the other. Advanced users can remove these stops for more freedom.


Not only is the 101 a great board for kids (because of it’s compact size) it is also usable and a lot of fun for the entire family. We regularly get feedback about family’s and roommates challenging each other to living-room balance contests. Game on.

Reviews of Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer Review 1: A fun balance board

I have been pleased with my new Revolution Balance Board. I purchased it as a tool to help me re-learn the elementary balance skills that I lost over time to aging and peripheral neuropathy.

Exercising and wobble boards are becoming boring to me. So, I decided to try something that would be exciting, risky, and inspire me to aspire.

It has only been a few days, but the Revolution 101 has exceed my expectations. Even though I started training a few months ago, my sense of balance is poor, I have to start with the very basics to use this board.

But, with the help of some YouTube basic balancing exercises and balance board training material (from a competing brand), I am having a blast.

My board is a quality product, nicely finished, and looks appealing. It was shipped and delivered promptly and ahead of schedule.

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Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer Review 2: next level balance board

I’ve used other balance boards, like the Bosu and Yes 4 All’s wooden board. I purchased this board because I was looking for a greater challenge. This board is definitely more challenging than the other boards I’ve tried.

I’m pretty advanced on the other boards and even use them while typing all day and doing various one-legged yoga poses and weight lifting moves. On this board, however, I’m a beginner again! I definitely recommend starting on either thick carpet or grass.

I thought I would be able to master it in a week and start using it at my standing desk, but I think that would only result in me taking out the cubes next to me! If you’re looking for a greater challenge, then this is definitely the board and roller for you.

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Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer Review 3: Great item with many benefits

I purchased this Item on recommendation of my family doctor. I have a knee injury and have a lot of ancillary problems. Tight hamstrings, tight glutes, tightened lower back.

I do not want a knee replacement as I am less than 50 yrs old. So after seeing Physical therapists (worked but expensive and hard to schedule regularly – I still am working daily) and trying to swim and bike (time expense) my doctor recommended that I work on balance boards with no impact to knee.

I bought this item with the Urban fit balance board. Each morning I do my recommended stretches and then use the boards for only 5 min (now at least) and they really seem to be effective. I am used to putting all wt on uninjured knee which throws off my body mechanics.

I find that I am self correcting my body mechanics as my balance increases. Best of all I can feel my core getting stronger. I am not sure how that works but I do feel my core getting stronger which after a long day of work really helps with the lessened lower back issues.

I am real happy with this product and recommend it. I really hope it works for you if you purchase this item

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