RitFit PC-410 Squat Rack

RitFit PC-410 Squat Rack: The Affordable Powerhouse for Home Gyms

About this item

  • What’s in package: RitFit PC-410 Power Cage * 1 , RitFit Adjustable Weight Bench * 1 .
  • Basic Version: RitFit PC-410 Power Cage is 1000 lb rated featuring 2×2” steel uprights. The total footprint of the rack is 44″ W x 52″ L and it is 85″ tall. We have continuous improvement in product development accordingly customer’s feedback. This upgraded steel makes for a heavier-duty and more stable rack, both in appearance and in reality.
  • 9 Extra Accessories for Free: 2 safety bars, 2 J-cups with rubber lined, 4 weight holder pegs (550lbs weight plate capacity each one), 1 pull up bar.
  • A Better Value Overall. The cage has 12 variable height positions, each 2 inches apart. RitFit power cage allows you to not only do squat and bench press, but dead-lifts, rows, pull-ups, chin-ups, and more.
  • RitFit Warranty. The Basic Warranty lasts for 36 months for Main steel frames. The accessories are covered only for 12 months. Full details are given in RitFit Power Cage Warranty.

    Are you searching for a power rack that won’t break the bank but offers features similar to those from top-tier companies like Rogue, Rep, Athena, and Aries? Look no further than the RitFit PC-410. This unique squat rack is taking the home gym community by storm, and here’s a closer look at what it brings to the table.

    1. Value on a Budget

    The RitFit PC-410 stands out from the crowd as it couples a functional trainer with a standard power rack, a combination usually found in much higher-priced systems. For a mere $700 retail price (sometimes even less with available discounts), it delivers an impressive set of features, making it an unparalleled choice for budget-conscious fitness enthusiasts.

    2. Design & Build

    While its name may be straightforward, the RitFit PC-410 boasts a robust build, with 2×2 uprights and an estimated steel gauge of 14. With a weight capacity of up to a thousand pounds, it’s built to withstand serious workouts, though we recommend being cautious if you’re anywhere near squatting that weight.

    3. Space-Efficient

    A significant benefit of the RitFit is its dimensions. Standing at 85 inches tall with an inside depth of 29 inches, it’s suitable for both basements and garage gyms. However, its multi-grip pull-up bar, which doesn’t flip, requires additional height clearance for effective pull-ups.

    4. Smooth Functional Trainer

    What truly makes the RitFit PC-410 shine is its plate-loaded functional trainer. Unlike many pricier models, this system uses Olympic plate sleeves, allowing you to utilize your existing weight plates. Despite being budget-friendly, the cable system feels remarkably smooth, and the functional trainer’s pulleys, though not the highest-end, offer a decent swivel action.

    5. Accessories

    The J-cups on the RitFit are commendably solid, wrapped in UHMW plastic to protect your barbell. It also features a multi-grip pull-up bar, though some might find it a tad thin for their liking. As for safety spotters, they’re serviceable but could benefit from a sturdier design.

    6. Assembly & User Feedback

    Users have mostly praised the RitFit PC-410 for its value and functionality. Some minor nitpicks include the thin multi-grip pull-up bar and the width of the cage for functional training. However, for its price, these are small trade-offs for the versatility and functionality it offers.

    First Impressions

    Upon unboxing (note: it arrived in multiple packages), I was immediately impressed by the cage’s robust frame. It’s not every day you come across a budget power cage with a whopping 1000lb weight capacity, made with 2” X 2” upright steel frames.

    Features & Benefits

    1. Upgraded Steel: Based on continuous customer feedback, RitFit has upgraded the steel used in the PC-410, making it not only appear sturdy but truly be rock-solid.
    2. 9 Free Accessories: From safety bars, J-cups with rubber lining, to weight holder pegs, this cage is decked out with everything a fitness aficionado could ask for.
    3. Versatility: With 12 variable height positions, I was spoilt for choice. From squats, dead-lifts, to chin-ups, the possibilities seemed endless.
    4. Comprehensive Home Gym Package: Beyond the power cage, the package is a treasure trove. An adjustable weight bench, an Olympic Barbell with free collars, Olympic Plates—the list goes on.

    Personal Experience

    Assembling the power cage was a breeze (with a little help, of course). The footprint fit snugly in my garage without eating up all the space. The highlight, however, was the workout sessions. I felt confident pushing my limits, knowing the sturdy safety bars had my back (literally). Moreover, the versatility allowed me to seamlessly switch between exercises—squats, bench press, chin-ups—and the addition of accessories like the Landmine was a pleasant cherry on top.


    Having used other power cages in the past, I can confidently say that the RitFit PC-410 stands head and shoulders above them, especially considering the price point. The stability, combined with its multifunctionality and the thoughtful addition of extra accessories, truly sets it apart.

    Potential Concerns Addressed

    • Space: With dimensions of 85.5″D x 43″W x 52″H, some might be wary of the space it takes. However, given its versatility, it can replace multiple other gym equipment pieces, thus saving space.
    • Warranty: RitFit offers a robust 36-month warranty on the main steel frames and a 12-month warranty on the accessories—speaks volumes about their confidence in the product.

    In Conclusion

    The RitFit PC-410 offers an enticing package for those who desire a functional trainer combined with a squat rack but don’t want to splurge on higher-end models. While it has its quirks, its value proposition is hard to beat. Whether you’re setting up a new home gym or upgrading your current setup, the RitFit PC-410 should be on your radar.

    Have you tried the RitFit PC-410 Squat Rack yet? Share your experiences or questions in the comments below. And if this review has piqued your interest, give it a shot—you won’t regret it. If you found my insights helpful, don’t hesitate to share this review with fellow fitness lovers! 🏋️‍♂️

    Note: Always consider your needs and do your research before making a purchase. Prices and availability may vary.

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