Simply Fit Board

Simply Fit Board – The Abs Legs Core Workout Balance Board with A Twist, As Seen on TV

  • Unique Twisting Motion And Balance Board Pivoting Action Helps Engage & Tone Entire Body
  • Helps To Strengthen Abs, Legs, And More!
  • Lightweight, Portable, And Stores Away Easily!
  • Unit measures 26″L x 11″W x 3/4″D; weighs 3 lbs; supports up to 400 lbs

Simply Fit Board!

The Workout Board with a Twist!

The Simply Fit Board Exercise Board is the fun, easy and effective way to get fit in minutes a day. The basic twisting motion and other exercises help to strengthen and tone your abs, legs and more!

  • Helps Strengthen And Tone Your Abs, Legs, And More!
  • Great For All Body Types!
  • Lightweight And Portable!
  • Supports Up To 400 lbs

User Guide & Workout DVD.

  • Simply Fit Board Exercises
  • Workout Guide
  • Food Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: On what type of flooring can my board be used?

A: For best results use on carpets. We highly recommend using a small, tight woven rug with rubber backing on hardwood floors or other hard surface flooring to protect the board and your floors.

The Simply Fit Mat is a Great Addition to your Workout!

Reviews of Simply Fit Board

Simply Fit Board Review 1: Good workout! Make sure to put something under it because the color of the board rubs off.

Common sense told me that I would need to put something under this so that it didn’t rub a hole in my carpet. I have an old bath rug that I stick under it when I use it. What I didn’t expect to see, is that the color of the board rubs off. My board is blue and so is the rug where the board spins on it. Just to clarify, I am not heavy. I am a 130 lb, 5’8″, woman. I attached a couple of pictures.

On to the board itself. When I first started using it, I really didn’t think it was doing much, honestly, I was planning on returning it. I started watching some youtube workout videos where this was being used, and then I started to get it. I think that I was just not balancing right on it and wasn’t using enough effort doing it. I also was only using it for spinning.

There are many, many things, that this board can be used for while working out other than spinning. Once I found the videos, and started using them to workout with, I really started to not only feel it working, but have seen results from it. I have only been using it a month. For my workouts, I use the board and 2 five pound weights and that is it. Works great!

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Simply Fit Board Review 2: Fun, Easy, Effective, Affordable, Portable

We love this board! It came with a DVD that gives instructions on how to use the board properly for an effective workout. It is great for balance and for someone who may get board with exercise or doesn’t like to exercise…it is easy to use, doesn’t break the bank, we recommend buying a mat to go underneath it to protect your floor. We bought the mat they offer and spent about $60 for both. I had a Thigh Master long ago, this by far does not even compare as it is WAY better and more effective.

Using hand weights helps significantly. Be sure to watch any videos you find about it first as they are helpful in your decision. I just needed something I could use at home, didn’t take up a bunch of space and was easy yet effective to use when used properly. As we all know, a healthy diet along with exercise is effective. You can eat donuts and drink sodas and use this board, but you will not see much if any results. Both go hand in hand 🙂 Healthy diet and movement!

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Simply Fit Board Review 3: Great Tool for Indoor Cardio Workout!

I was looking for something to help me with working out at home during the dead of winter. Given that I live in an apartment, I needed something that wouldn’t cause me to make too much noise while getting my blood pumping. Simply Fit was the perfect solution! It’s dead quiet and you can really work up a sweat! Im an avid zumba enthusiast and what I’ve been doing is putting on a Zumba playlist and dancing away for 35-45 minutes every few days. It’s been a great way to get back into working out while staying at home!

I haven’t had a chance to watch the DVD (my laptop does not have a DVD player), so my only suggestion is that they have the workouts in a digital file I can download, but my approach to using the board has very successful. Defiantly worth a try if your looking for a cardio workout while still toning arms and abs!

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