Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

  • Home rowing machine with compact footprint–23.5 x 46 inches
  • Adjustable gas-shock resistance
  • Monitor shows time, stroke count, and calories burned
  • Sturdy, steel frame construction
  • Folds for easy storage

There’s a Rower for You

If you’re looking for a low-impact, total-body workout, look no further. Rowing does not only build your cardiovascular endurance; it sculpts and strengthens your quads, hamstrings, glutes, back, shoulders and arms. Because rowing can benefit everyone, Stamina produces an extensive line of rowing machines. From affordable, spacing-saving rowers to commercial-quality machines, you’ll be able to find the rower that matches your needs and budget.

Body Trac Glider

Designed for convenience, the space-saving, hydraulic resistance Body Trac Glider will fit into any living space, schedule and budget.

Stamina Body Trac Glider

Rowing is widely acknowledged to be one of the best all around fitness activities. All major muscle groups including legs, back, arms, abdominals and buttocks are used extensively while rowing. Want a piece of that action? Then get this killer Body Trac Glider by Stamina¨. The Body Trac Glider offers a great full range of motion action due to its rowing arms. You can easily change the level of your workout by adjusting the shock resistance. The Body Trac Glider also includes a multi-function monitor and steel frame construction and folds easily for storage.

Reviews of

Review 1: A great value. Hard to beat for the money.

Overall, I really like the rower. Years ago, I had a Precor rower that was much more expensive and really was more limited than the Stamina rower. But, like many reviewers here at Amazon, I also had an issue with my feet falling off the pedals. I liked the solution of one reviewer, Johnny-X, who drilled holes in the pedals at the base and put a U-bolt through to keep your heels from slipping off. But, I also wanted to be able to use the rower in my stocking feet, so the U-bolt was not an option.

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As I was at Lowe’s looking for a sturdy, but flexible material to attach to the pedals, I found some Vinyl siding samples in the lumber section. I grabbed a few and saw that they’d fit the pedals well. I attached them with rivets, but you could use small screws and nuts. The photos are in the gallery. My only other modification was to remove the cheesy graphics which really made the unit look better, in my opinion. Overall, I’d strongly recommend this rower.

Review 2: Love it, super great work out for your money!!!

Bought it, love it. Took me about 30 minutes to put together, I agree with the others about foot slippage but that is no big deal we are installing some curved pvc peices but I an putting black vinyl and foam on them first so they look like they are supposed to be there. It gives me a nice all over work out plus I put a clamp under the seat on the rail so the seat would only glide back to my leg length.

For the money I am very pleased. It takes a little coordination in the beginning but I am a pretty smart girl and love love love it. I researched for days and read hundreds of reviews on as ll kinds of equipment before I bought this one.

Review 3: Good machine WHEN it works.

The good:

this rower replicates an actual rowing experience pretty well, which I like because I rowed in my college days. It has a minimal foot print and works well even after 10 years (I didn’t row for some of those years).

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Neutral: I use it at a medium setting, I use it more as a heart pumping exerciser than a strength building exerciser. Given it has only one piston, and the pivoting mechanisms are a bit fragile, I don’t think it’s meant for really strong people or people who enjoy working with high resistance. I read one review where the person broke the main pivoting bolt, and some reviews where plastic bushing shavings appeared after work-outs.

The bad:

There are two problems with this machine, both of which you can work-around.

The lesser problem is the foot straps, only one pair of shoes I own works well with the straps such that my feet stay in the foot rests. The company that makes this machine apparently has another different pair of foot rests/straps, which probably allow you to exercise with another pair of shoes that work.

The biggest problem is the pivoting mechanism under the machine which has PLASTIC bushings. Those bushings WILL wear out, either fast when you’re strong and work with high resistance, or over time. The company should have used metal bushings, but that would have increased the price by a few dollars and would make the product last too long. You can order new bushings, and when they arrive you’ll find out they are the wrong ones and they don’t fit and you can’t put the machine back together.

This is the end of the machine for the average person. If you have access to a grinder, you can grind down the bushing 1/32 of an inch and then you can put the pivoting mechanism back together. The company refuses to acknowledge they sent me the wrong bushings, twice, and refuses to admit the new bushings don’t work. The picture, if you can see it, has the old bushing on the right, the new bushing on the left, obviously not the same bushings.

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great machine for people in reasonable shape WHEN it works. Foot rests require you to find shoes that work. Pivoting bushings wear out and you need a grinder to make new bushings work. Not a good machine for strong people. Product support is helpful at first but bails at the first sign of trouble.


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