Titan T-3 Heavy Duty Power Rack

Titan T-3 Series HD Power Rack

  • T-3 Series uses 2″x3″ steel tubes – Capacity: Over 1,000 lbs – HD Steel J-Hooks
  • First pull-up bar: 1 1/4″ – Second pull-up bar: 2″ – West-side Hole Pattern
  • Weight: 230 lb – Height: 90″ – Height of pull up bar: 84″
  • Material: Steel – Inside Width: 42″ – Inside Depth: 30″ – Width: 46″ – Length: 36″
  • We need your phone number for the trucking company to schedule delivery. Without it there will be delays!

The Titan T-3 Series Heavy Duty Power Rack is perfect for any professional or at home gym. Built using heavy 11ga (3.25mm) steel, this rack will not give way or back down. T-3 Power Racks use 2″x3″ steel tubes. You will notice right away how every piece is heavy and solid. Its perfect for dips, bench press, curls, pull ups, and much much more.

The pre-drilled holes follow the “West Side” hold pattern allowing you to move the bar up or down in just 1″ increments when using a bench. The weight tree attachments and J-hooks are included and are easily installed. The 5/8″ hardware provides maximum security even when the rack is completely maxed out. The bolt-together construction allows you to easily transport and fit the rack in to any room or basement!

  • Capacity: Over 1,000 lbs
  • HD Steel J-Hooks
  • T-3 Series uses 2″x3″ steel tubes
  • First pull up bar: 1 1/4″
  • Second pull up bar: 2″
  • West-side Hole Pattern
  • Weight: 230 lb
  • Height: 90″
  • Inside Width: 42″
  • Inside Depth: 30″
  • Height of pull up bar: 84″
  • Width: 46″
  • Length: 36″
  • Material: Steel

Reviews of Titan T-3 Series HD Power Rack

Review 1: Inexpensive but not cheap

I received my Titan HD Power Rack today only three days after ordering it. Shipping was FAST. To say I’m impressed is an understatement. No, it’s not a Rogue, but I didn’t pay for a Rogue rack either. I paid about half of what the R-3 would have cost me and I think I got a rack that is at least 95% as good.

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I was a bit hesitant to pull the trigger on this because I had seen a comparison review on YouTube between this and the R-3. The Titan didn’t fare well in a couple of key areas.

1. The Titan J-hooks were lined with flimsy silicone pads
2. The Titan pin/pipe safeties had a washer welded inside the pipe for some inexplicable reason. This made the safeties a real pain to use.
3. There were burrs left where the holes were drilled
4. Perhaps worst of all the holes were not evenly spaced at 2”. This made assembly difficult and meant that using some Rogue accessories would be problematic.

I’m happy to report that Titan apparently listens and all of these issues have been resolved. Assembly, including unpacking, took me about an hour working by myself. There were zero issues with holes not lining up. I was generally impressed with the sturdiness of the rack and there were a few small things that I really appreciated. For example, every one of the bolts had the washers, lock washer and nut on the bolt. No need to rummage around looking for washers or nuts and no need worrying about whether they had shorted you.

In one aspect I think the Titan is actually superior to the R-3. The Rogue rack has a single piece for the top which has two pull-up bars. The Titan has two separate pull-up bars and the uprights are drilled so that each pull-up bar can be set at a different height. This is a terrific feature for me and allowed me to set the smaller bar lower for my wife to use while the bigger bar is at the top for me.

There is one thing that would make this rack much better. The cross members (including the pull-up bars) should have much beefier tabs for bolting them to the rack. The ones they come with are adequate but not excellent. I think that adding a thicker gauge steel to those components would not add much to the cost but it would make the rack better. As it is, I think this rack is more than sturdy enough for me. I’m currently squatting just north of 400 lbs and hope to get that up to around 550. At my age I don’t expect to ever hit 600 or more, but if I do I think this rack will still be up to the task.

The other small issue is the finish. It’s obvious that Titan doesn’t use a high quality paint or powder coat finish but this is a weight rack not a car. The finish doesn’t bother me but if you are comparing the Titan to the Rogue rack, there is no comparison when it comes to the finish.
I absolutely recommend this rack to anyone looking for a quality power rack. This is a surprisingly inexpensive rack for what you get.

Review 2: Best Value ‘West Side’ rack

This rack is a best value for a rack with ‘westside’ hole spacing. I mounted it on 3 pieces of particle board and it is solid! I have 45s on the storage arms that provide extra stability. I changed out the j-cup linings for some custom cut UHMW pieces and some 20lbs tape from the hardware store to hold the pieces in place.

For the money, I really could not expect anymore from this rack. if the J-cups would come upgraded already, that would have been a nice touch. The feet only have one mounting hole, but more can be added if needed. I chose not to. The ‘westside’ spacing will make dead pin bench pressing and spotting on my regular bench more precise. The steel is 11 gauge, which is a nice commercial grade steel. I flashed a flash light on the inside and saw some light rusting. If I did not flash a light in, I wouldn’t have noticed. I keep my equipment in a garage, so I’m not concerned about it.

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If someone is comparing this to the Rogue R3, I would definitely save the money and go with the Titan. You can take that extra money and spend it on Rogue accessories not available from Titan. If money is no issue, you can do a lot better than either rack. Functionally, it is not going to make a lot of difference. I’m using my rack as a tool, not as a show piece and it fulfills its function.

Review 3: Great product!

This is a great power rack. Plus at a fraction of the cost of Rogue. Just a note when putting together, leave loose at top and square up bottom and anchor to floor. Then go back and tighten bolts on top. You need to anchor, makes it really sturdy. I really love it. I put a long piece of tape in uprights and marked each hole with a sharpie to make hole line up easier. If the factory did that already it would be perfect. Tape works though. I have put a ton of weight on it, so far, 750 lbs. works great. Thanks Titan!


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