TNT Body Wraps for Flabby Arms, Slimmer Thighs, and Stubborn Cellulite

TNT Body Wraps for Arms and Slimmer Thighs


  • UPPER ARM & THIGH SLIMMER KIT: Get rid of flabby arms and stubborn inner thigh fat using these specially designed anti cellulite compression wraps for weight loss – Two Adjustable Sizes to choose from for an extra tight fit
  • ANTI-SLIP GRID TECHNOLOGY: Using the same innovative technology pioneered by the TNT Waist Trimmer belt, the TNT Arm & Thigh Slimmer Kit is engineered with a special non-slip grid interior surface to prevent slipping, bunching, and moving of any kind!
  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED INTERIOR TO REPEL SWEAT & MOISTURE: Made with 100% latex free neoprene, the TNT 4 Piece Slimmer Kit is designed to deliver a smooth and comfortable fit while preventing sweat & bacteria build up.
  • CUSTOM ENGINEERED TO RETAIN BODY HEAT WHILE REMOVING EXCESS WATER WEIGHT:. Every kit is produced with superior craftsmanship and individually inspected for the smallest imperfections using the most strict quality control standards in the industry.
  • LIFETIME 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Life-time Replacement Warranty along with a 100% No Questions Asked Money Back guarantee – If you don’t love it, you don’t pay for it – Simple as that!

It’s amazing how much you’ll sweat with the Upper Arm & Thigh Slimmer Kit from TNT Pro Series!

This is the metabolism-boosting trick for slimmer arms and skinnier thighs you’ve been searching for!  Get rid of flabby arms and stubborn inner thigh fat using these specially designed anti-cellulite compression wraps.

Use them during your workout or while doing chores around the house to work up an intense sweat, and watch as your arms and thighs shrink before your very eyes!

Ignite Your Fat Burning Metabolism With the TNT Pro Series Upper Arm & Thigh Slimmer Kit!

The interior of the Arm & Thigh Slimmers use a special heat generating Neoprene rubber, which is best known for its ability to keep the body warm. This helps trap body heat which in turn increases core body temperature which will leads to burning more calories in less time!

🔥 Fits great under workout clothes and usually can’t even tell you have it on!
🔥 Very comfortable to wear while working out, tight fit so they stay in place
🔥 Specially designed interior to prevent sweat and bacteria from absorbing
🔥 Three sizes for customized fit, two colors style preferences to choose

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a calorie-burning metabolism that runs as fast as a Ferrari?

The TNT Pro Series Arm & Thigh Slimmer Kit can turn your body into your own personal hot sauna!

🔥 Comfortably retain body heat while removing excess water weight
🔥 Ignite your fat burning metabolism, burn more calories in less time
🔥 Developed with a special heat generating neoprene rubber
🔥 Ultra tough construction with reinforced stitching for long term performance

You’re going to love them!

They Really Help You Sweat!

It’s amazing how much you’ll sweat with the TNT Pro Series Arm & Thigh Slimmer Kit.

Feel the sweat going down your arms & legs within minutes of wearing during exercise.

After you use them just once, you won’t want to do another cardio session without them!

Customized To Your Unique Shape

Three Sizes to Choose from with fully adjustable Velcro closure for a truly custom fit.

The specially designed grid found on the inside of the belt prevents it from slipping and sliding and rolling up on you while working out or doing daily tasks.

Comfortable, Tight Fit

Designed with a special non-slip interior grid surface to prevent slipping, bunching, and moving of any kind.

Stays in place during exercise for optimal mobility and performance. Doesn’t slip at all during high intensity workouts.

Reviews of TNT Body Wraps for Arms and Slimmer Thighs

Review 1: Good arm and thigh slimmers

I was initially worried about purchasing wraps but decided to go ahead and give them a try for my upper arms, thighs, and waist. I also purchased the Sweet Sweat stick to use underneath the trimmers which is supposed to increase the level of sweating and thereby make them more effective.

After wearing them for my first workout, I was very impressed. As soon as the workout began, I could feel the area underneath the trimmers becoming warmer more quickly than other areas and very soon, I could tell that I was very sweaty underneath them. The good thing is that with the thigh trimmers, they held in the sweat and did not make my workout pants look sweaty. With the arm trimmers, you could see some sweat dripping down my arms, but that is not bad when you are working out.

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When I took off the trimmers, there were pools of sweat underneath them, so I feel that they really worked and will continue to use them for my workouts. I am glad that I purchase them and have already recommended them to others to buy.

Review 2: For the person who doesn’t perspire a lot when working out.

I saw results on my arm the very first time I used them. The wrap for the thighs are large enough to fit around my waistline so I alternate wearing them on my waist and thighs. I love working out with the body wraps. I don’t like working out now without them. Even if I just go for a walk I where the waist and thighs slimmers. Absolutely a great invention for those who don’t seem to perspire a lot when working out. (that is me). And better than the Gold’s Gym zip up waist slimmer.

Review 3: Great product!!

These wraps really work well!! I ordered the large and they fit very nicely. My arms are currently 14 inches in circumference and these fit perfectly. I have noticed that they tremendously increase the amount of sweat during my work out which is exactly what I was after. These stay in place and do not slide. I have slept in the thigh wraps and they were comfortable and stayed in place.

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