• Includes one 9 x 6 x 4 inch soft-touch yoga block in Eco-friendly EVA foam
  • Includes one 1.5-inch x 8-foot cotton yoga strap with chromed steel D-rings
  • Yoga block is closed cell so it won’t absorb moisture and is easy to maintain
  • Using your own yoga strap and yoga block set means better hygiene for you
  • Better value than buying yoga blocks and yoga straps separately

YEnergize your practice with YogaRat’s Yoga Block & Yoga Strap Combo Set! Your new yoga block is constructed from closed cell, nontoxic EVA foam. Closed cell means it won’t absorb any moisture from your sweat. You can rinse it off with soap and warm water and dry it off with a towel – or let it air dry.

Your new yoga block will be sturdy, lightweight and comfortable. With your new yoga block comes your new YogaRat yoga strap. 8′ long, it is made of durable 100% cotton, with heavy duty chromed rings. It is machine washable and air dryable.

Having your own yoga block and yoga strap is essential to your personal hygiene during practice, as you will always know they will be clean and who has handled them. Take to the studio along with your yoga mat and yoga towel. Rest assured, we build your yoga gear to last.


Yoga blocks and yoga straps go together like pancakes and syrup, french fries and gravy, yoga and sweat. YogaRat has you covered with your new Yoga Block and Yoga Strap Set!  We set out to make the best quality yoga gear we can offer to our customers at the best possible price, and our yoga blocks and yoga straps are no exception. In many attractive color combinations, one is waiting for you to practice with.

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Your Order Comes With One YogaRat Foam Yoga Block

YogaRat Yoga Blocks are constructed from non-toxic EVA foam material:

  • Dimensions: 9″ Long x 6″ Tall x 4″ Thick
  • Closed Cell EVA Foam Construction
  • Lightweight but Sturdy
  • Wash with Warm Water and Soap

Closed cell foam does not absorb moisture, so you can rinse perspiration or smudges off it easily in the sink, with some warm water and a little soap. Dry it with a towel, or just let it sit for a while.

It Also Comes With One 100% Cotton Yoga Strap

YogaRat Yoga Straps are made to last:

  • Durable 100% Cotton
  • Extra Long 8′ x 1.5″
  • Sturdy Chrome Rings
  • Machine Washable
  • Hang to Dry

No need to worry about getting a flimsy strap with thin, easily bendable rings. Your new yoga strap will stand the test of yoga – and time.

Our Blocks Are Sturdy

Our Yoga Blocks Have Durable Closed Cell Foam Construction

And Comfortable

Lightweight, Soft To The Touch, Wipes Clean With Warm Water

Our Straps Are Durable

Extra Thick 100% Cotton And Strong Chromed Rings

And Long At 8′

Plenty Of Length To Work Through Your Poses


Review 1: Awesome YOGA BLOCK & YOGA STRAP COMBO PACK, would recommend!

I purchased the teal/aqua color combo. Color was as described and products look awesome.

This yoga block is not as a firm as a cork block but it serves me well for most purposes. It is maybe a little too soft to perch on when I’m getting into crow pose but it’s great for sitting on/raising hips, resting my head on when it won’t reach the mat, and supporting my limbs in various poses.

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Strap is actually pleasantly comfortable and very long. I’m 5’9 with a long torso and limbs and I had plenty of extra length to work with.

The Yogarat logo is subtle and aesthetically pleasing, as opposed to other blocks that have huge brands printed on them that look like they will wear off with use.

Overall I’m very happy with this set and feel that I got great quality for what I paid for. Would definitely suggest to a friend.

My only suggestion to the seller would be more careful packaging. The block I received looks as if it was either dented by the corners of the plastic encasing for the strap or in another way while in transit. The dent itself is minor and doesn’t affect the function of the block, but I expected to receive the product in new, undamaged condition.

Review 2: love the strap

This year my goal is to learn yoga and work it into my main workout routine. I purchased the YOGA BLOCK & YOGA STRAP COMBO PACK to help when doing forward bends and also side bends. The material is firm and does not crush at all. I also use the strap that comes with it and it is so helpful to get a better stretch. There is a learning curb to yoga and the tools used to improve the positions and this set helps achieve the necessary movements.

Review 3: Great pair, great price!

I ordered this YOGA BLOCK & YOGA STRAP COMBO PACK for use at home and for a new Yoga class I just signed up for. Couldn’t be more pleased! Both the strap and the block met or exceeded my expectations, providing support and stability to deepen my poses. It shipped quickly and was exactly what I needed to assist with my daily Yoga practice. Thank you, Yoga Rat!

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