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Yoga for Weight Loss (Deluxe 3 DVD set with over 30 routines)

This collection includes three unique yoga programs: YOGA FOR WEIGHT LOSS, POWER YOGA FOR EVERY BODY, and FLOW YOGA: STRENGTH AND FLEXIBILITY. With over 35 routines to choose from, these exercises are designed to encourage a healthy method of reshaping the body, and offer the practitioner a truly healing experience.

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This amazing collection of yoga DVDs is specifically designed to help you loose weight, get toned and increase energy. With over 35 routines this comprehensive collection will help both beginning and more advanced students progress. Transform your body & mind with this expert instruction.

Disc 1

Flow Yoga – Strength & Flexibility

Get into shape & rejuvenate with Bodywisdom Media’s Flow Yoga – Strength & Flexibility. This expertly designed total-body program delivers unparalleled quality & value with 8 targeted and effective flow yoga routines. These fun and engaging workouts will challenge & transform your entire body, including your core, legs, hips & arms. Experience yoga in a whole new way that increases your strength, flexibility & energy levels while reducing stress.

Includes 8 expert instructional routines:

– Warm-up (10 minutes)

– General Flow (20 Minutes)

– Core Strength (45 Minutes)

– Legs (40 Minutes)

– Arms (40 Minutes)

– Hips (45 Minutes)

– Back (35 Minutes)

– Cool Down (18 Minutes)

Filmed near stunningly beautiful glacier national park.

Disc 2

Yoga for Weight Loss – Beginners & Beyond

This revolutionary, interactive DVD allows you to choose from 12 easy-to-follow customized routines ranging from 15-60 minutes. Get toned & burn calories while toning and stretching your entire body. These practices will leave you feeling invigorated, more energetic and de-stressed.

Routine sections include:

Getting Started

As You Progress

Yoga with Weights & More

Veteran instructor Maggie Rhoades gently guides you through these proven and effective routines. With so much variety, this DVD is perfect for both the beginner and seasoned student alike. You will feel younger, more fit and in shape with these targeted and effective routines.

This stunning and beautiful DVD was shot at one of the most majestic, tranquil beaches in the world, Half-Moon Bay, Antigua!

Disc 3

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Power Yoga for Every Body

Editor s Choice – Yoga Journal Get into shape, relieve stress, become stronger and more flexible & increase energy! With over 20 routines, no other DVD offers so much to help you learn and progress in the healing art of yoga. Simply select the routine you need on any given day and this amazing DVD will adapt to meet your exact needs. Explore the amazing world of yoga with the most comprehensive and extensive DVD available. Practices range from 20 to 120 minutes.

Power Yoga for Every Body makes the beauty and power of flow yoga accessible to everyone. This comprehensive system of yoga can get into shape and increase flexibility while relieving stress and tension. For both the beginner and advanced practitioner, Power Yoga for Every Body is a safe and effective way to explore this powerful form of yoga. Renowned yoga instructor Barbara Benagh explores the asanas through her renowned Slow Flow method of vinyasa (poses that flow together) while emphasizing alignment and awareness of breath.

Routines include:

– AM and PM practices

– Increased flexibility

– Strength & Balance building practices

– Relaxation

– Stress Relief

– Special interview with the instructor

– and many more!

Reviews of Yoga for Weight Loss (Deluxe 3 DVD set with over 30 routines)


Review 1: Working Out Well

I have not had this set a long time as of now, but so far it is exactly what I wanted in terms of yoga getting me into shape. It has a nice variety of styles and approaches in the three videos, from some basic and beginner things to start you out, to using weights and bands on one (I am not there yet in adding these alot) and different style of flowing yoga, a slower one which really works on stretching and strengthing and a faster flow on another video. I like it.

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Review 2: Like The Options

I had not really worked out using yoga before and was happy that the videos took that into account in this set with alot of material to work with that was easy and set up to instruct beginners,

Probably around 1/3 or so were things that I was able to work with right away. Then there is still alot more to work with later on. Have done/watched some of the more than beginner workouts, and this will be something I can use These three DVDs have everything you need from, beginner level to very advanced level, so there is a good amount to work with. The workouts get longer and more challenging, and also include things on some videos using weights and toning bands on one of the DVDs. Very nice.

Review 3: Not easy and just what I wanted

I disagree that this is not for beginners. It is difficult for a beginner at first but you gain strength right away and it becomes challenging, in a good way. It is exactly what I was looking for. These DVD’s are great bc you can select the length of the routine and you can add warm-up and cool downs. Plus it doesn’t have a long intro that doesn’t allow you to fast forward like most. Never have I seen so much variety in a set of DVD’s. I’m very pleased and can’t wait to try all of the routines.

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