yes4all vinyl kettlebell
Vinyl Kettbell by yes4all
Weight Available: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 lbs


  • Imported
  • HIGH-QUALITY CAST IRON WITH VINYL COATED FINISH: Durable cast iron encased with color-coded vinyl to prevent corrosion, increase durability, reduce noise, protect flooring & enhance appearance
  • WIDE, SMOOTH HANDLE: Smooth, high-quality slightly textured handle provides a comfortable & secure grip for high reps, makes chalk unnecessary for both men & women
  • FLAT BOTTOM FOR STABILITY: Enable upright storage, ideal for renegade rows, handstands, mounted pistol squats & other exercises requiring a kettlebell with a flat bottom
  • IDEAL FOR ANY AGE OR GENDER: The wide range of weights is ideal for anyone wanting to improve fitness. Used for swings, deadlifts, squats, get-ups & snatches to work out many muscle groups and body parts including biceps, shoulders, legs, & more
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY – 60 DAY RETURN: Our PVC Kettlebells stand up to 1 YEAR warranty or if you think it’s not for you, contact us and receive your money back within 60 days of purchase


Kettlebell training develops strength, power, endurance and balance as it allows for swing movements and release moves with added safety and added grip, wrist, arm and core strengthening. The unique shape of the kettlebell provides the “unstable force” for handling – key for the effectiveness of the kettlebell exercisesWorking out with kettlebells will sculpt and tone the entire body because lifting and controlling a kettlebell forces the entire body, and specifically the core, to contract as a group, building both strength and stability at the same time.

They are a great option for getting a whole body workout in a short time. Yes4All cast iron kettlebell has black paint and a custom fit design for extra protection. It also features textured, solid steel handles for a comfortable grip and coated with vinyl to protect floor & reduce impact also to protect kettlebells from elements. The handle measures 1.25 inches in diameter. For indoor or outdoor use.

  • Material: cast iron encased in vinyl to reduce noice & protect your floor
  • Textured wide handle for better grip
  • In-door use only
  • Weight: Select weight from 5 to 45 lbs


• Ease the lower back pain
• Total body cardio workout, burn fat and effective toning
• Works great for your stabilizing muscles – for active recovery
• Build your strength, stability and power
• Improve movement, agility and speed

Shiny Vinyl Coating
Encased nice shiny vinyl coating for an appealing look and floor -damage prevent.

Why Solid Steel Handle?
No vinyl coating handle can cause too much unnecessary stickiness that can disturb your practice. The vinyl kettlebells are manufactured with SOLID STEEL HANDLE to give you the best experience while practicing. It features smooth surface that won’t hurt or irritate your hands.

Vinyl Kettlebells with Flat Bottom
Our kettlebells features flat bottom which helps to do renegade rows and other exercises requiring a kettlebell with a flat bottom.

For any fitness levels: Ideal tool for both individual and group training. Available in different sets for your preference

Legal Disclaimer

There’re some inherent risks involved in using any product purchased from this listing including but not limited to serious physical injury. Products we sell may be intended for experienced adults over 18 years of age. We will not be held liable under any circumstance for incidental or consequential loss, damage or injury due directly or indirectly to the use of this product including any malfunction from negligence or defect.

The seller makes no claims as to the suitability of this product for any specific purpose or use. Buyer understands that the use of the product can cause possible injury or death to themselves or others. The Buyer holds our company, its agents, & affiliates harmless from any liability arising out of or relating to the use or ownership of this product. Buyer fully accepts responsibility & releases the seller for any and all personal injuries, fatal injuries, costs & other damages incurred as a result of the Buyer or anyone else’s operation of this item

Seller Warranty Description
– 60-day satisfaction warranty – 1-year limited warranty

Reviews of Vinyl Kettbell by yes4all

Review 1: Now that’s a kettlebell

This piece of equipment feels like a million bucks. It’s nicer than any kettlebell I’ve used at any gym. It’s durable and feels quality-made. I bought it for my home gym and I’ve lugged it outdoors. It’s a great buy and a solid investment.

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Review 2: Great 5 lb kettlebell

Excellent kettle-bell, well made, sturdy, and comfortable in the hand. Started a kettle-bell routine a few months back so I could strengthen my arms and hands for an upcoming Spartan race. I purchased a 5 lb, 10 lb, and 15 lb kettle-bell and the price was nice, much cheaper than most stores. Exactly what I was looking for. No complaints here.

Review 3: great lightweight KB

I needed a lightweight Kb to get started. I have one at work, one at home, and lots at the gym. I am doing a basic workout including swings, and seeing great results (I’m 67, and sitting a lot).
I might outgrow this at some point, but good for now.

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