Gripad Workout Grips, Black
Gripad Workout Grips

  • Made of 100% neoprene
  • Available in four colors: Black, Red, Blue and Pink.
  • Eliminate blisters and calluses
  • One size fits your hands
  • Minimal hand coverage with maximum protection

Thanks to GRIPAD® lifting gloves you no longer have to deal with your hands breaking sweat as you try to maintain a firm grip while working out!

Are you tired of calluses and blisters? Do you suffer from smelly, sweaty hands? Do your weight lifting gloves stain your hands? Can’t find gym gloves that fit your hands?

Introducing the new patented GRIPAD® lifting gloves! Say goodbye to hot, sweaty Workout Glove and hello to callus free hands to match your sculpted body! GRIPAD® lifting gloves provide minimal coverage of your hands while maximizing protection! The cushioning weight lifting gloves are secured to the palm of the hands with finger bands that stretch to fit most.

Made of neoprene, GRIPAD® lifting gloves provide a firm and comfortable grip while preventing calluses, heat, and odor usually associated with regular workout gloves.

Available in four colors: Black, Red, Blue and *Pink. *A portion of sales of the pink gripads are donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Reviews of Gripad Workout Grips

Review 1: Solid option for those not interested in wearing gloves

I own a few different pads for lifting, this being my 5th variety. Every variety has some good features and some head scratchers. I buy these primarily as a symptom of my training environment, my lacking in climate control garage. When I train through the winter the bar is whatever the ambient air temp happens to be. Because of that, it is uncomfortable to grab a metal bar that is, say, -12 degrees. This is where the pads come in as they offer some insulation. I don’t really care about the “grip” itself, so long as it isn’t actually slick (I own one leather pair that do more harm than good).

PRO: grip is well padded and provides sufficient insulation against cold bars. The grip is also nice and steady, allowing my hands to stay as placed. The finger loop system does stay secure and I found it to be comfortable to wear as well as easy to put on and take off.

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CON: I actually found the coverage footprint of this pad a little odd. If you look as the first finger loop you will see that the pad is narrow here. Functionally this really is only a con if you plan to use the pads during pressing movements as the pad itself allows for skin to bar contact through a portion if the base of the palm. I wouldn’t classify this as dangerous, but more that it just wasn’t real comfortable to feed the seam pressing between a bar and my hand. I may get used to this over time, but I own a couple pads that don’t suffer this odd design flaw and actually provide whole hand coverage.

For the money, I think this is a sound product even if it doesn’t meet my quirky needs. I still gave it four stars because though I’m content with my purchase thus far, I think that without a redesign by the company I will switch back to NewGrips once these die out.

Review 2: Great alternative to traditional gloves for working out

These are a great alternative to gloves for working out (weight lifting). I’m on my second pair and will buy again once they wear through.

Some things to note:

– They make lifting barbells and dumbbells more comfortable
– Neoprene helps ensure a nice tight grip – no more slips on my deadlift
– They wear rather quickly and in my case one side wore quicker than the other (this happened with two pairs)
– Less risk of sweat as they do not cover the entire hand
– Didn’t experience any calluses while using these
– Neoprene tends to flake off after they rip

I would still recommend these despite some of the issues with durability.

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Review 3: Perfect Grip

Hands down my all time favorite glove for my fitness classes. This is the second pair I’ve purchased. My first pair lasted over a year. Three mornings a week, I participate in a cross-fit hybrid class, and these gloves are easy to take off and put on as needed. Many of the folks in my class struggle with traditional gloves and find it difficult to take off and then the gloves are in a ball and they cannot get them back on quickly. I also use for weightlifting. I really like the breatheability, and they grip well.

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