Acc U Rate® 430/DL Premium White Pulse Oximeter
Acc U Rate® 430/ DL Premium White Pulse Oximeter with black silicon cover, lanyard, pouch and batteries

  • The upgraded Acc U Rate® 430/ DL Premium White Pulse Oximeter can measures your SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation level), pulse rate and blood flow within seconds *CE & FDA approved”
  • Results display on a dual color OLED and rotatable display, allowing you to view your measurements in any directions.
  • Improved LED and sensor allows SpO2 and pulse rate measurement even at low blood perfusion.
  • Easy and convenient one button operation.
  • Low power indicator. Will auto shut-off after 8 seconds of non-use.

After the culmination of more than a thousand feedbacks, we are proud to announce the launch of the Acc U Rate® 430/ DL Premium White Pulse Oximeter fingertip pulse oximeter. Both the LED and sensor has been improved dramatically and can measures SpO2 (oxygen saturation) and PR (pulse rate) with extreme precision even at low blood perfusion. Just put your finger into the finger chamber and it will measure your SpO2 and PR within seconds.

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The SM-310 (upgraded Acc U Rate® 430/ DL Premium White Pulse Oximeter) retains the popular plethysmograph so that you can measure your SpO2 and PR with confidence.

How does the plethysmograph work?
Each wave (see above) corresponds to a heart beat and the wave amplitude corresponds to the amount of blood flowing through the blood vessels. If the wave amplitude is low, this means that your blood perfusion is too low for a reliable read. You should retake your measurement and make sure that your finger is positioned right under the LED lights.

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The SM-310 also retain the dual color OLED rotatable display, allowing you to view your results in any directions.
Suitable for sports enthusiasts/aviators or anyone who is interested in measuring their SpO2 and PR. WARNING! This is not a medical device!

Acc U Rate® is a registered trademark of and exclusively distributed by Med Shop and Beyond. We will actively and aggressively pursue any parties who infringe on our intellectual property rights to the maximum extent allowed by the law. Beware of Imitation, Buy Original.

The Acc U Rate SM-310 (upgraded Acc U Rate® 430/ DL Premium White Pulse Oximeter) is one of Acc U Rates latest version of oximeters that checks both your heart rate (pulse) and your blood Oxygen levels.

Prior to getting this device for testing and review, I didn’t really know what an oximeter was or what it did. I had seen similiar devices in hospitals and the doctor’s offices but never really knew what they did or were for. (I was more concerned with the big shiny needles that the nurses had handy.) I did a little research and realized that oxygen saturation in the blood is very important and that an oximeter is just as important at determining potential problems with your blood’s circulatory system.

As others have said in their reviews, the device is easy to use. Just simply stick in your finger, press the power button and about 5 to 10 seconds or so later, it gives your heart rate and oxygen saturation levels.

I tried it on different fingers, mine and others in the household and even for kicks tried it on my wife’s big toe. The reading were consistent every time. There was a couple times when the device seemed to have an issue reading my finger as if it had malfunctioned. Was it just a gliche, I don’t know or a product of the condition of the shipping package, I am not sure. (I will discuss that in a moment.) But it did seem to function properly when I took the finger out and let it power off and then tried again. I do plan to test this at my next doctor’s appointment with the one they use, just to see how they compare…but it does seem to be accurate.

It seems to be a professionally designed device, I was actually impressed with the quality of the display that you can adjust by pushing the power button, thereby changing the orientation of the screen. The color readout is clear to read with differing colors for the numbers and the columns that describe what it measures. Not being familiar with the normal cost of the devices that doctors and hospitals use, I cannot attest to the cost of this versus those, but after researching the prices of various model and manufacturers, they range in price greatly (from 20 bucks to hundreds), so 40 dollars for a high quality and accurate oximeter seems fairly reasonable. It comes with a lanyard (actually 2 were in my box), a silicon cover, batteries and a carrying case.

It is a good device but I do have a few small issues that keep it from being 5 stars.

First, the device arrived in a padded envelope, which for most small items wouldn’t be a problem, but the box that the device came in was busted open (actually split down the side) and the device and all the stuff that came with it was scattered all inside the envelope package. Although my device seem to function ok (there were a couple gliches where it didn’t read the first time). I don’t know if that box damage was related to the issues, but a little tape on the box would have prevented that and could have prevented any potential damage.

Secondly, although this device is not too difficult to figure out how to use, it would have been nice if the instructions would have provided some type of chart to show you the normal range of your pulse and Oxygen levels for your age and sex. It included all the technical jargon that basically means nothing to the average consumer, so it would have been nice to see that as part of the instructions. I researched what a normal oxygen range should be or I wouldn’t have had any idea. (Normal range for a healthy person is 94 to 99 percent by the way. )

And finally, not a knock really on this device, but more of a wish for future versions, is that it would have been nice if the device was app/Bluetooth compatible so that the readings could be recorded to an app to keep daily track of your levels. Or at the very least, a memory that tracks your levels over a period of a week or a month or so.

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Overall, Acc U Rate® 430/ DL Premium White Pulse Oximeter is a good device for what it does and worthy of 4 stars.

(As a disclaimer, I was provided this device for testing and review in return for a fair evaluation.)

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