Acc U Rate (R) Handheld Continuous Pulse Monitor/ Pulse Oximeter
Acc U Rate (R) Handheld Continuous Pulse Monitor/ Pulse Oximeter

  • High-performance patient monitoring system that measures your blood oxygen saturation.
  • Routine Check Mode and Continuous Monitoring Mode
  • Lightweight, completely portable and engineered for durability
  • fast and accurate readings, a bright, easy-to-read LED screen clearly displays your blood oxygen results, while a quantitative pulse strength bar depicts actual signal strength for a true indication of pulse strength and perfusion status
  • 24 hours data storage. It can store the measured pulse rate data and SpO2 data accurately, transfer the data to the computer via a USB cable, display the data and print reports (with the included software)

Authorized by FDA and CE, powered by SPO2 data management software, Acc U Rate (R) Handheld Continuous Pulse Oximeter is suitable for family or personal health or sleep monitoring, oxygen bar, physical care for athletes and sports enthusiasts. It is also an ideal oxygen monitor for the pilots who are flying at high altitudes in uncompressed cabins. This versatile product is suitable for both continuous monitoring and spot check. Featuring a large OLED display which allows you to read in the dark and during severe weather conditions, the Acc U Rate (R) Handheld Pulse Oximeter provides fast, real-time and accurate readings including SpO2, Pulse Rate, with a bar graph indicating pulse intensity and pulse waveform. This item is small, lightweight and easy-to-carry.

The pulse monitor features alarms (auditory and visual) if the finger is out of position, if the voltage is low, if it measures a reading beyond set limits and even when the probe is disconnected. Several display modes and adjustable screen brightness levels allow patients and doctors to see the readings more comfortably and conveniently.

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Powered by 2 AA dry batteries or rechargeable batteries, the pulse oximeter has the ability to store 24 hours worth of data including both measured pulse rate value and SpO2 value. Readings can be uploaded to your computer easily using the free software and data line that is included with the device.

I wanted an Oximeter that would record overnight and didn’t cost an arm and a leg and this fills the bill. The trade off in this lower priced unit is that you may have some trial and error at first when fishing for and reading the files it creates as the documentation while there, wasn’t written especially well for the English speaking/reading market. I made it through and figured it out, but some less tech savvy may have issues. Plan on this eating batteries if used frequently. I finally popped in some higher cost lithium batteries and expect they’ll do better, however the cost in the end may be greater than using cheaper alkaline’s? My usage is weekly.

This item was perfect for my application. I have used it to test all of my family members for possible sleep apnea. Yes as reviews have stated there are some language translation issues. However it works intuitively just like a cable tv remote menu. The software disk is smalller than a typical dvd but it still fits on the spindle of a computer cd/dvd reader. The reports are very good particularly the oximetry summary.




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