Ader Gym Chalk
Ader Gym Chalk

  • Highest quality gym chalk for removing moisture from hands
  • Great for body builders, power lifters, kettlebell users, and rock climbers
  • 1 lb box
  • Box contains 8 individual 2 OZ blocks.


GC1 Features:

-Ader Gym Chalk.

-Material: 100% Magnesium carbonate.

-Keeps hands dry for a secure grip.

-Box contains eight 2 oz. blocks.

-Product weight: 1 lb.

Reviews of Ader Gym Chalk

Review 1: 10 years of using this stuff

I’ve been using it for years. Without getting to the point of why you need chalk, the quality and quantity is terrific for this particular brand. I bust the big block up into some more manageable pieces and put it in a coffee can that I lug around with me in the gym. People wonder what’s in my coffee can, and then they see me deadlift more than their car weighs, and then they cry.

Review 2: Simply put, it’s great chalk.

I was thinking, how do you make chalk sound good? It’s chalk. The gym I go to doesn’t mind if we use Ader Gym Chalk so we made a box and all the power lifters chip in every few months for another box.

This stuff last long, it’s great to keep your grip on dead lifts, chalking forearms so the bar wont slip for Zercher squats, of course if you have sweaty hands it helps keep your hands where they should be on the bench press. The blocks will retain their shape well or if you prefer powder they’re very easy to break up.

Reviews 3: Better grip, protects your hands from ripped calluses.

I love this Ader Gym Chalk. I use it mostly for barbell deadlifts, sometimes for olympic lifts, or for weighted pull-ups and chin-ups. I am sure it would also be great for gymnastics, calisthenics, or any kind of weightlifting. It will protect your hands and keep you from getting bigger calluses. It will also help prevent your calluses from tearing and bleeding.

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I can deadlift more weight because it gives me a better no-slip grip. I keep it in a little plastic ziplock bag, and use just the tiniest amount on my hand and rub it in. I sneak it into my university’s student recreation center and use it there. Don’t let anybody see you using it if your gym prohibits it. I use it all the time and nobody has complained or caught me yet. One box (8 bricks) will last you for years. I have given away a few bricks to my friends.

Ader Fitness Gym Chalk Stand with Chalk

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