Gym Chalk: 2 ounce blocks (pack of 2)

Gym Chalk: 2 ounce blocks (pack of 2)


  • Pure High Grade Natural Gym Chalk
  • Magnesium Carbonate
  • 2 oz each, sold in 2 packs
  • Great for climbing, gymnastics and weight training

Chalk may crumble during shipping but this does not affect its usability since most athletes use chalk in powdered loose form.

Reviews of Gym Chalk: 2 ounce blocks (pack of 2)

Review 1: What did I ever do before chalk?

My oh my, what a difference chalk makes. Dads should sit their boys down at ‘that age’, and explain to them the benefits of chalk while lifting. No, it isn’t messy like you’d think. No there isn’t a powder in the air when you use it, unless you are a fanatic clapper.

Yes, you will suddenly have zero slippage of your grip. Yes, you will suddenly be able to alternate grip the barbell and lift triple your body weight, with barely any discomfort. And yes, you will fall in love with this product like I did, and also wish your dad would have sat you down and explained the benefits of chalk.

Review 2:  Perfect for Crossfit

The Good: This is as basic as it comes; blocks of chalk for when you are doing bar work. The bars last a long time and break easily into smaller bits for easy handling.

I put them in a Tupperware container and they sit near my squat rack, ready to go if I need it. Unlike some other chalk I’ve used, this chalk does not crumble into useless pieces. It stays together in blocks (unless you break it yourself) and coats my hands evenly.

The Bad: I honestly couldn’t say anything bad about this product. Chalk is chalk and this does what it says it will do.

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Review 3: Solid gym chalk

This gym chalk is exactly what I wanted it to be. It stays in one piece, doesn’t crumble or make a mess, but comes off onto the hands easily. It doesn’t leave lasting marks on the barbells, and keeps my hands dry and my grip strong even when I’m tired. Since starting to use this chalk, I haven’t had any problems with cuts or blisters on my hands, and in fact barely have more calluses than I would if I didn’t lift weights.

In addition to preventing injuries, it has allowed me to more fully realize my grip strength. Before using chalk my deadlift was limited by my ability to hold on to the bar. With chalk I am able to use a double-overhand grip on my work set again, and my hands have gotten stronger as a result.

Chalk should be a part of any weight lifter’s arsenal, and this chalk is effective, a good price, and does everything I wanted it to. I highly recommend it.

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