GSC Gym Chalk - 1lb
GSC Gym Chalk – 1lb

 For gymnastics or weight lifting. Conveniently wrapped in 2 oz. blocks, eight blocks per 1 lb. package.

The GSC gym chalk can be used for many purposes such as gymnastics or weight lifting. They are wrapped in 2-Ounce blocks for your convenience and each lb. package contains eight blocks.


Get A Grip!

Athletes know how important it is to have fresh, dry hands when performing and working out. This is especially true for gymnasts, weight lifters, pitchers, field athletes, even rock climbers. That’s why they rely on BSN Gym Chalk to help keep their hands perspiration free.

The average human body has up to 3 million sweat glands, with the highest concentration in the palms of the hands. With that many sweat glands it’s no wonder the average person sweats about a quart of perspiration per day. Crank up the heat and the level of exertion and some people’s sweat level keeps on rising. Someone who aggressively works out perspires about a quart to almost half a gallon per hour. This is where BSN Gym Chalk comes into play.

BSN Gym Chalk is produced from magnesium carbonate, a white solid which occurs in nature as a mineral. Its inherent structure acts as a drying agent, as it absorbs sweat.

  • Drying Agent
  • Multiple Sports
  • Convenient Packaging
  • (8) 2 oz.Individual Blocks
  • Competitively Priced
  • Easy to Use

Sweat Free Zone

The sweat-free zone is especially helpful for gymnasts who depend on dry hands while training and performing on the rings, pommel horse, and bars. Some gymnasts chalk up their feet and even their legs to maintain friction for a better grip.

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Great Value And Convenience

BSN Gym Chalk is competitively priced and conveniently packaged, making it a great addition to workout equipment. It is individually wrapped in eight (8) 2 ounce blocks. The individual packages alleviate messy loose chalk. The convenient wrapping also allows athletes to use it in specifically targeted areas. It’s efficient because it wastes less, making it last longer.

Reviews of GSC Gym Chalk – 1lb

Review 1: This is MAGIC.

This is the first chalk I’ve ever used, so I don’t know how it compares to others, but the first day I used this it was MAGIC. I’ve been struggling to hit a new personal record in my deadlift for weeks, even while using straps, but once I threw away the straps and just used this chalk, that PR was so effortlessly reached. My hands also were perfectly fine. They didn’t get calloused or red and irritated. I instantly fell in love with this stuff.

This box comes with 8 giant blocks of chalk, which is basically enough to last me the rest of my life.

I’ve read on other websites that it is important to try to maintain your chalk, as in keep it protected from heat or humidity, or else it will soak up the humidity and lose its effectiveness. After being in different gym environments, one that is cool and dry and one that is extremely hot and humid, I can definitely see the usefulness of this advice on keeping the chalk well maintained. I just put the block of chalk in a gallon-sized ziplock bag and make sure I squeeze out all the air and tightly seal it when I’m done for the day. So far so good.

Review 2: Best chalk for the price

I highly recommend this for anyone out there looking for some cheaply priced, high quality chalk for weightlifting purposes.

Recently, I had purchased one of those “dustless” sock/bags with chalk in it that claimed to not make any mess whatsoever, but that definitely wasn’t the case. Not that I have a problem with dust created by chalk, I just assumed I could bypass it. Well, that didn’t pan out so I am back to using this stuff which makes just about the same amount of mess if you’re careful, costs a fraction of the price and in my honest opinion, better quality chalk.

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When my sock ran out of chalk, I went to using my straps but those can get uncomfortable and after not having any chalk for like 4 months, my first use of this brick (which there are like 10 bricks in the box!!) was just incredible.

Review 3: No excuses not to lift…for a long, long time…

Received this chalk yesterday. Decided to buy this over the Eco-ball because not only is the eco rarely in stock, but had read reviews about the eco compound not coming off the hands so easily. Anyway, this chalk is good. Improves grip immediately and with the very least amount of chalk applied. I will try it out for deadlifts which was the main reason I got it. I didn’t want to mask my grip with straps or gloves. I am sure this will work just fine. Did bent rows yesterday and through all the sets, did not have to re-apply.

One thing though, this removes all excuses for lifting, for a long time. You get a lot of it. And I used what amounted to about 3/4 of an inch of product. Maybe going in halfsies with a friend might be good for some.

Again, great product at a sick value.

Update: Used this for 1st time for Deads, and this chalk is ridiculous. Once you lift the weight, the bar just “digs” into your hand, no slip at all. And the best part, it reduces the chances of calluses and bleeding from calluses just because the bar does not slip. At least not for now. Can’t believe I’ve lifted this long without using this.


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