Aurorae Yoga Mats – Ultra Thick, Extra Long 

  • 1/4″ Thick, 72″ Long, 24″ Wide with Rising Moon Focal point Icon to help your Focus with Illuminating Colors
  • Our mats are Durable, Lightweight, Odorless and Easy to Care for/wash
  • Mats have been tested and Safe/Non Toxic. No Phthalates, Phenols, PAHS, Latex, Silicone or Rubber
  • Aurorae all-purpose yoga mats are for men, women and kids. At 72″x24″ and 1/4″ inch, it’s great for Pilates or aerobics, outdoor activities like camping or fishing
  • We are a Small Family Business that works in the spirit of Yoga.Your Satisfaction is our Goal. 2 Year Guarantee. Check our latest Yoga Mat development: Aurorae “ULTRA” Super Sized Extra Long 78″; Extra Wide 26″ and 1/4″ Thick for comfort and Safety. Non Slip Rosin and Carry Strap included.

“Aurorae” Yoga Mat 72″ x 24″ x 1/4″ with Focal Point Icon.

* Our Unique Focal Point Icon helps you focus on your poses as well as maximize the calming and stress relief Yoga encourages.

* It’s available in Great Illuminating colors that Define your Inner Self.

* The 1/4″ thickness provides you with our specially designed memory foam that’s thick enough to protect your knees and joints, while still allowing you to grip the floor. This Mat will mold to your hands and feet then quickly recover with time and use.

* Aurorae is one of the most durable and easy to care for Yoga Mats with Incredible Value

* This Mat has been SGS approved. The world’s largest testing, inspection and Verification Company for certification and your safety.

CUSTOMER SERVICE We at Aurorae are here to serve you as best as possible! We value 5 star service so if for any reason you are unsatisfied please contact me directly through Amazon before writing your review and I am committed to do whatever possible to resolve it.

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* Wash your mat down with a soft brush and a non oil based soap or detergent, then rinse off. Repeat if necessary.

* Hang dry outside in sun if possible. DO NOT PUT IN DRYER.

* Wash your hands with soap and water before class to reduce any natural oils in your hands.

* Do not use creams or oils on your hands or feet before your practice.

* Always keep a towel (available by Aurorae) near you to wipe away any perspiration.

* If necessary, use an Aurorae Yoga Slip Free Rosin Bag to absorb any perspiration and increase gripping power.

* To keep your mat fresh and clean spray Aurorae Yoga Mat Wash directly onto the mat. Let it soak then wipe off with towel. This will disinfect, restore and keep mat free from bacteria.

Remember “It’s Your Yoga”
“Your Island of Peace and Tranquility”

  • 1/4″ Thick, 72″ Long, 24″ Wide with Rising Moon Focal point Icon to help your Focus with Illuminating Colors
  • Eco Safe, Free from Phthalates, Silicone, Latex and Biodegradable. Patented PER material, Oeko-Tex tested and approved.
  • Mat dimensions 72″ Long x 24″ Wide and 6 mm Thick to absorb impact on joints, No Odor, Durable and Long Lasting
  • Durable, Long Lasting and Easy Care
  • The 1/4″ thickness provides the perfect surface to protect your knees and joints while still allowing you to safely grip the floor for balance poses. Thicker mats are difficult to hold balance poses and could create an unstable surface.

Reviews of Aurorae Yoga Mats

Review 1: review from a longtime owner

I purchased this in November 2013 (according my history here), and I’m still using it: no problems, no wear and tear. I have hip problems, among other things, that mean a hardwood floor is pretty uncomfortable on its own. This mat is plenty thick and cushioned, and I don’t ever get up due to discomfort. I’ve used it on both wood floors and carpet, and it worked equally well on both. I’m very pleased with how it doesn’t slide. Between that and the cushioning, I feel very stable.

I lost the strap long ago, but it turned out not to be a problem; I really didn’t even need one. It rolls up easily and can be carried around. It’s spent quite a bit of time in my car’s backseat, rolled up, ready and waiting– minus a dedicated strap.

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The mat doesn’t look its age in the least. It’s probably a little more pliable now than it once was, but that’s about it. I should probably say, though, that my practice is extremely low-impact (lots of restorative poses and yin). Others may have a different experience. However, it’s been through four moves at this point, and I’ve got a lot of things that haven’t held up as well through all that . . .

Review 2: A Newbie

Qualifiers: I am over 60, 5’6, 124lbs, with bone/joint problems. I am a newbie to Yoga/Pilates.

Purpose: The mat is used for back to back (one hour each) yoga and mat Pilates classes to increase balance and strength.

Result: The instructor was very impressed at the difference in my ability to do the poses between the ‘gym’ mats and this mat. I was able to ‘grip’ hands/feet on the mat. She had recommended another mat that was 2 to 4 times the price. The tips n tricks, rosin bag, and mat, are Truly a Terrific way to my journey to peace and wellness….and the pink color helps too:)

Read the other 5 star reviews for additional reasons why this product is a no-brainer purchase… unless you are into more expensive bells and whistles, which, bottom line, serve the same purpose: hold poses/not to slip/no pressure point pain.

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Advice: The people who make the product care about you.
For those of you who are not familiar with mats, follow the ‘break in’ washing directions. I did not, and found myself slipping the first time.

Bottom Line: Research, Read Reviews. You will discover what I did. Price. Quality. Customer Service.

Review 3: Solid Mat with Great Extra Length

Update: I have washed this mat twice more, with a natural soap that does not contain harsh chemicals. I have also dried in the dryer because it just takes so long in my humid climate otherwise. But it’s still a bit slippery. I use the rosin and it helps a lot. I’ve decided to start using diatamaceous earth, baby powder, etc.I am sure it won’t hurt the mat. Which is why I am keeping it. It’s a tough, comfortable mat and I love the extra length which just gives a lot of freedom when your’e moving from one pose to the other. I never run out of mat. It’s very durable, will last for years. If there is a thick mat that is less slippery, I’d love to know about it, but not having found one, this one is just fine. I was also impressed with the customer service. Not that I spoke with them, but they contacted me weeks after the purchase to see how it was. They seem very responsive to questions as well.

To be clear, I’ll be using this for yoga – mostly Ashtanga or Iyengar. I’ve had this mat a few days, have washed and dried it, which does get rid of the oiliness. Minimal slippage in down dog, though not as sticky as I would like. Still, it’s comfortable and I am encouraged by the improvement in it after washing, so I’ll keep it. As those with much greater expertise have written, all mats will have some slippage due to what they are made of. I will wash it again after a little use to see if I can’t get it squeaky-free of oils and slip. Right now, when I plant my hands and feet, they are not going to go anywhere.

I have not yet tried the rosin bag which was included, however, I have confidence in this mfr because of the detailed instructions, including their admission that this mat will be slippery before it is washed because of how it’s manufactured, and because it improved so much after I washed it. I therefore believe them when they assert that the rosin will help.

3,000+ positive reviews certainly also makes me anticipate good success with this mat for the long haul.

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