The Yoga Bible by Christina Brown
The Yoga Bible by Christina Brown

Featuring over 150 yogic postures from the main schools of yoga, including Iyengar and Astanga Vinyasa, this guide provides a comprehensive illustrated step-by-step book to achieving the postures and advice on altering them where necessary with easier postures highlighted for beginners. The book also includes more advanced positions for experienced yogists, which will inspired them in developing their practice.

In addition to postures, the book includes notes on various types of yoga practices as well as a summary of well-known traditional schools of yoga and how they vary. Also inside is advice from the author on breathing techniques and the benefits of yoga in healing, pregnancy, de-stressing and meditation.

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Christina Brown qualified as a yoga instructor at the Sivananda Ashram in southern India in 1995. She has also trained in Iyengar Yoga at the Sydney Yoga Centre and in Deradun, India and in yoga therapy at the Yoga Therapy Centre in London. She currently teaches yoga in Sydney, Australia and holds a degree in complementary medicine from the Natural Care College in Sydney. She lives in Sydney, Australia.

Reviews of The Yoga Bible by Christina Brown

Review 1: just fantastic

I will mirror close to everyone else who has reviewed this product in saying that if it was spiral-bound it would go from being a great book to a near-perfect book. But the occasionally difficult-to-manage perfect binding is not a major deficit to a very well conceived and organized book. Not only are the asanas arranged according to general bodily position (sitting, standing, etc), but they also are arranged in a sequence that flow, so the following is one that would realistically be something that would follow the preceding. So you can intuitively hash out where the position you want is without having to return again and again to the index. At least that’s my experience.

Each asana is also labeled with lead ins, variations, and other helpful information, and many of the more complex ones have the sequence to enter it. Every single thing in the book is accompanied by good, full color, unambiguous photographs to compare against. If I lost it I would buy another copy. I think that’s about the best praise I can give a book like this.

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Review 2: Love That I Can Travel with It Easily

As someone who is just starting her yoga practice, I wanted a book I could carry with me while I travel and refer to often. I found that in The Yoga Bible by Christina Brown. This small manual packs a mighty punch by explaining the different limbs of yoga as well as 150 poses. I was especially interested in the Sun Salutations because they seem like something I can do easily despite having a back injury.

The book has full color photographs that accompany the text making it easy to visualize a pose before trying it out. The bible can easily be carried in a handbag or gym bag. I have mine in with my yoga mat so I can review it often. I’m a big fan of small books and love the meditation guide I have that is a similar size. I feel like this is a good resource for anyone wanting to learn yoga poses or brush up on their yoga postures after a hiatus.

Review 3: Happy yogi

I’ve been a yogi for a little over 3 years now, and I started off watching videos, finding pictures, and figuring it out for myself. If I had this 3 years ago, my learning would have gone so much easier! I bought this as a gift, but not without looking through it first. It’s jam-packed with pictures of postures and poses and how to get in them step-by-steps. It’s small and will fit easily and discreetly in a bag. It is a paper book, though so you will need to be careful with the binding as to not break it. It is also definitely a book for beginners. It does not offer variations to poses, but things of that sort are very easy to find online to even figure out for yourself. Just be careful and slow with your body.

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Very please with the purchase over all, and I’ll definitely share it with other friends looking into yoga as a practice.

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