cast iron kettlebell by troy 10 lbs

Body Solid 10lb. Kettlebell

Troy Barbell’s new Kettlebell series (Body Solid 10lb. Kettlebell) helps bring the most important thing to your workout routine, variation. Kettlebell workouts are internationally recognized as an excellent variation from traditional dumbbell work.

Variation in your workout routine exposes muscle fibers to new stimuli, in which they have no choice, but to adapt with increased strength and endurance.-(1) 10 lb. Black Cast Iron KettlebellLeaves Warehouse in 3-5 Business DaysShips via UPS GroundAverage Delivery Time: 8-10 Business Days

Reviews of Body Solid 10lb. Kettlebell

Review 1: Love it!

Be careful about buying a cheap kettlebell, you do not want the weight to separate from the handle and go flying through your tv or hit a family member. I would get a good quality kettlebell made from iron like this one.

The cheap ones made from cement are dangerous, there are plenty of photos online of the handle breaking off on the cheap ones and causing a lot of damage.

This one is a GOOD one.

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Review 2: Don’t call the cows with this bell. Pump that iron!

Hard to mess up a cast/steel weight. I was surprised how heavy this package was – right around 10 pounds! Weird.

Review 3: got the 10 lb and it works exactly like i need it

is your standard kettle bell – got the 10 lb and it works exactly like i need it.

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