gripads Accessories GRIPAD Lifting Gloves – Black


Gripad® Lifting Gloves are a better than ever embellishment for weightlifting and general wellness practices which gives better insurance and solace to your hands. It uses imaginative materials and licensed design, conveying better execution than the ordinary workout gloves.

On account of Gripad® Lifting Gloves, you generally won’t need to manage your hands breaking sweat as you attempt to keep up a firm grasp while working out!

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Is it true that you are sick of calluses and rankles? Do you experience the ill effects of foul, sweaty hands? Do your Weight Lifting Gloves stain your hands? Can’t discover Gym Gloves that fit your hands? – Introducing the new patented Gripad® Lifting Gloves!- Say farewell to hot, sweaty Workout Gloves and hi to callus free hands to match your chiseled physique!

Gripad® Lifting Gloves give minimal coverage of your hands while providing great protection! The padded Weight Lifting Gloves are secured to the palm of the hands with finger groups that extend to fit most. Made of neoprene, Gripad® Lifting Gloves give a firm and agreeable grasp while averting calluses, body heat, and smell normally connected with normal Workout Gloves.


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