BodyCraft HFTBodycraft HFT Home Functional Trainer


  • Compact: only 56″w X 40″d x 82″h. Constructed with a combination of heavy plate steel and Heavy 11 gauge 2″ x 4″ and 1-3/4″ x 3-1/4″ oval steel tubing coated with a Platinum Gray and Textured Black finish that is electromagnetically applied in powder form to evenly coat all surfaces, then baked on at high temperatures for a tough, long lasting finish.
  • Accessories: Attached Exercise Book, Long Bar, Short Bar, Tricep Rope, Assisted Pull-Up/Push-Up Strap, Ankle Strap, 2 Chains, two Single Handles and built in Multi-Grip Chin-up Bar are all included.
  • Dual Independent Adjustable Cable Column Pulleys: Feature 31 Height Positions (with Laser etched Index) that can Rotate 180 Degrees allowing you to train from every Angle and any Height.
  • Cables and Pulleys: The most flexible nylon coated, 7 X 19 strand aircraft cable rated at over 2000 lbs. tensile strength that ride on 3.5″ diameter, fiberglass impregnated nylon pulleys with precision sealed ball bearings.
  • Weight Stack: Dual 150lb Stacks (can be upgraded to 200lbs each). The weight stack to user weight ratio is 2:1. Each 150 lb. weight stack provides up to a total of 75 lbs. resistance in 5lb increments. This ratio allows for extremely smooth action, lower increment weight increases, and greater cable range of motion.

Whether the motion is for Strength Training, Sport Specific, or maybe it’s a motion you perform at work or during leisure activities, the BODYCRAFT HFT allows you to train the way you move. You define the path of motion, strengthening every part of your body, improving your core, balance and coordination.

Reviews of Bodycraft HFT Home Functional Trainer

Review 1: High quality home gym

I used to only use functional trainers at gyms as they are extremely versatile. This unit is as smooth as the high end gym functional trainers. Actually it is smoother than a lot of them. You can tell it is for home use, as the steel rods etc are a little bit thinner than the gym units, but for a home gym it is as good as it gets. I got the 150lbs stacks which is enough for most exercises.

If you do squats or rowing, you will reach the limit pretty quickly, but if you use it for the upper body or stabilizer muscles, you will not need more than that. The pull up bar is also pretty nice and had a good shape to it. Installation took me 2.5 hrs (alone). Instructions are almost clear, one or two minor mistakes in the manual, but you figure that out when you read it.

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I ordered a couple of attachments (tri press and biceps s/z bar) – pretty much all you ever need.

Pro: Very small foot print, smooth, good quality, (*i bought some more attachments)
Con: non so far – if you can bench 300 lbs you will need the 200lbs stacks, but otherwise, you are good with the 150 lbs stacks

Review 2: high quality product

This thing is so good. I have been nothing but impressed with this thing. Quality construction, relatively easy build, and infinite workout combinations. We have been using it at home for a year now and couldn’t be happier. Very solid. You can even use the long strap connected to both sides to help you do pullups. Great American product.

Review 3: Great Machine

Very solid and smooth machine. It is as smooth as any cable machine I have ever used in any big gym. You will not be disappointed. In the past I have made the mistake of buying gym equipment from sporting goods stores like Dicks and have always been disappointed with how smooth or sturdy it is. This machine is not one of those.

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