TRX Tactical Gym

TRX Tactical Gym – Tough and Light Suspension Training

  • RISK FREE! ONE YEAR 100% PURCHASE SATISFACTION. Includes TRX Tactical Trainer & TRX Suspension Anchor.
  • TRX Tactical Xtender & TRX Tactical Door Anchor. TRX Ripstop Nylon Running Bag.
  • Three real-time boot camp-style digital workouts. Includes free access code to TRX Force Super App (easy download in the AppStore or Google Play).
  • Can be used in any kind of weather, temperature or environmental conditions.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1 year limited.

TRX Tactical Gym

The Ultra-Rugged, Durable Suspension Trainer

Born in the Navy SEALs, refined by 10 years of experience.

  • TRX Tactical Gym is the most rugged Suspension Trainer offered by TRX.
  • For the tactical athlete who needs thorough and efficient workout routines.
  • Train anywhere with multiple anchoring options.
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • 100% One-year Satisfaction Guarantee.
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What’s Included:

1) TRX Tactical Gym – Our toughest, lightest Suspension Trainer.

2) TRX Suspension Anchor – Set up your TRX Suspension Trainer anywhere.

3) TRX Door Anchor – Set up your Suspension Trainer on any sturdy door.

4) TRX Xtender – Anchor your straps on high or oversized anchor points.

5) TRX FORCE Super App: Includes the 12-week Tactical conditioning program.

6) TRX Tactical Mesh Bag – Take your workout routine with you anywhere.

The TRX® Tactical Gym Suspension Trainer is the toughest, most rugged suspension trainer that offers an all-in-one, total-body workout system that can keep you ready for any mission life rolls your way. For the tactical athlete who needs a thorough and efficient fitness regime that keeps them prepared and in shape.

Developed from cutting edge science and direct feedback from the field. Train in any environment or condition. Includes our TRX Force Super App – the most comprehensive 12-week conditioning program with benchmark testing that builds strength, endurance and power.

Reviews of TRX Tactical Gym

Review 1: Great Product

This is a great product and well worth the money, if you use it. I purchased the home version of the TRX and loved it. I wanted to upgrade and I like the more subdued coloring of the TRX Force Kit so I bought it. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much more you really get for the higher cost.
-The TRX itself is heavier duty than the original
-The new style handles are easier to hold with sweaty hands
-It comes with DVDs as well as workout wall posters
-It includes the extension strap for mounting to higher points
-The guidebook is very high quality and durable
-The compact size makes it very easy to transport

The one con (and it’s a small one) is the running/storage bag it comes with. The bag is large but very thin and doesn’t seem like it will hold up very well. I carry mine in a gym bag so it’s not a big deal for me.

Note: In spite of how the straps look in the photo, they are still attached together and can’t be used separately like the Jungle Gym XT.

Review 2: Portable, Expensive and Effective

Yes, the TRX is expensive and there are probably effective suspension trainers at lower costs. But, I’m reviewing the Tactical Trainer which is an awesome piece of equipment. I do a lot of traveling, this packs easily, takes little space and is appropriate for use on doors at most hotel.

The workouts are quite efficient and effective, moving through exercises in a circuit fashion I get a full body workout, with some level of cardio and flexibility in 20 minutes. The core is activated constantly.

The kit comes with videos and a manual which are top-notch.

I also use the TRX outside with the included accessory which is quite fun on good weather days.

So, if the gold standard of suspension trainers is your goal, this is it.

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Review 3: Great product with a few drawbacks

The TRX Force Tactical is rugged and well-made. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is looking to increase core strength and muscle endurance. As others have mentioned, this system will not help you build muscle mass the way traditional weights will or provide the same benefits of cardio training. The enclosed workout routine only covers 4 days and will no doubt provide great results on its own but also allows for individuals to add in some extra cardio or strength training on the “off” days if they so choose. The exercises can also be done in any combination if you are the type who prefers to build his or her own routine.

The TRX Force app is a nice bonus. It brings everything into one place and while the flow could be a little smoother, it is definitely better than lugging all of the printed documentation along if you are on the road. The mesh bag is nice as well and can easily be tossed in a suitcase to keep all of your TRX equipment organized.

A few caveats of the system that I wish were made clearer in the online documentation:

1. The system requires a minimum working area of 6′ x 8′. The space I use my TRX in is about 8′ x 10′ and I sometimes need to shorten my straps from the recommended length to avoid running into walls. This is most likely due to my size (about 6’3″ with long arms) but may be something to note. Shortening the straps does not seem to impact the effectiveness of the moves but did add to the learning curve.

2. I am not sure about other folks but I would have sent this product back if my primary mounting location had been a doorway. There are a lot of exercises that require being directly below the mount point and this is simply impossible when using the door mount. The TRX can still be used to get a quick workout in at a hotel or similar location but if I were using this on the road often, I would probably try to find a suitable mounting point in the hotel gym (a pull-up bar is perfect).


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