Chalk one 2oz Bar Weight Lifting Powerlifting Gymnastics Chalk
Chalk one 2oz Bar Weight Lifting Powerlifting Gymnastics Chalk

  • Dries Hands, Absorbs Sweat and Oil

Weight Lifting Chalk. Comes with 1 (one) 2oz block of Mueller or APT chalk.

Get the hold you need without uncomfortable friction thanks to the Mueller gymnastic/ weightlifting chalk. Also suitable for climbing, it helps keep your hands dry after applying a liberal amount before your next workout.

Reviews of Chalk one 2oz Bar Weight Lifting Powerlifting Gymnastics Chalk

Review 1: Great Buy, Great product

This chalk is one of the best I have seen, it doesn’t crumble as quickly as I have seen other chalk do and its long lasting. Will definitely be purchasing this box again.

100% A+ Gloves are gone, improved grip strength and amount able to lift is here.

Review 2: Good stuff

Meh – it’s chalk. Great stuff. Does what it’s supposed to do.

let’s be clear this is plain gym chalk so there is not much to be excited about. That being said this stuff is great if your gym doesnt have chalk. Does not crumble too bad if you keep it in a chalk bag. Definitely glad I purchased it as a sweaty guy. Would recommend.

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Review 3: Lifting chalk

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to gym chalk. I like this one bc it’s right in the middle as far as weight. It’s not the really light dusty stuff that barely sticks but it also doesn’t cake on your hands. It’s pretty easy to apply exactly the amount you want. I also like the brick form over loose chalk, so that was a plus for me as well.

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