Crown Gear - Torque Ergonomic Grip Pads
Crown Gear – Torque Ergonomic Grip Pads Workout Weight Lifting Training Hand Protective Grip Pad

Sick and Tired of the Excruciating Calluses, Blisters and Chaffing , and Don’t Feel Like Wearing Gloves. We Have the Answer for You:

Crown Gear Torque Grip Pads provides the strongest, moistness free, and most slip-proof grasp.

Torque Grip Pads can help you attain better workouts by attaining a stronger hold. Grip Pad’s Neoprene material, customarily used to make wetsuits, gives the strongest, moistness free, and most slip-proof grasp.

Crown Gear Torque Grip Pads will help enhance your hold

The Neoprene padding the hands whisks sweat away and the Neoprene holding the gear gives fabulous traction. Also, when you have a solid hold, you’re less inclined to endure bodily damage and more prone to lift heavier weight without the excruciating and painful calluses, rankles, and teasing.

  • Eliminate Blisters and Calluses
  • One Size fits All
  • Provide Stronger Grip & No Color Staining
  • Minimal hand Coverage with Maximum Protection


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This product deserve a 5 star
I been wearing gloves for 2 years and my hand get very sweaty when wearing glove for a long period of time.
This grip pad allowed me to lift without glove and discomfort.
This product enhance my grip on metal surface also an extra cushion to better my grip comfort.
This pad is tough and does not tear when lifting heavy weight.
The only negative thing about this product that I can think of is all the red logos that is printed in the pad fall off the first day when used.

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I received this product for free but despite that kindness I give my candid thoughts below.

* Really do their job well. Easy to mold around the dumbbell handle and highly protective.

* Good for an extra 4-5 reps per set; rather than worrying about the sensation of the dumbbell grips ripping my skin apart you can concentrate on the flames shooting up your arms.

* They are relatively thin; these will last a few months I’m sure but with continued use they’re going to start flaking out. I’ll update if my opinion changes on this after a few months of use but I could see someone who really hits the weights hard going through a set every couple weeks.

In summary, a great product that increases the efficiency of your workout immensely. You might just plan on having a few sets around. Perhaps if the manufacturer sold them in sets of 10-12?

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