the Dead Wedge for deadlifts

The Dead Wedge – Deadlift Jack Alternative for Training at Home

  • Superior solution to the Deadlift Jack. Here’s why 1000’s of happy gym owners, and lifters love the Dead Wedge (1). All the versatility of a typical barbell jack and more, in your gym bag – at a fraction of the price!
  • Works where a Deadlift Jacks fail – Deficit Deadlifts, Block Deadlifts, Trap Bar Deadlifts, etc. – all in a compact design that doesn’t take up unnecessary room in your gym, or gym bag.
  • Perfect width keeps the Dead Wedge directly under just a single olympic plate. This means it never interferers with, or gets hung up beneath the other plates being loaded or unloaded!
  • Specifically designed to keep plates from rolling while loading/unloading; hands off. Does not require you to balance the bar while fetching another plate. The increase in safety reduces accidents, so you can change weights even while the barbell is high up on blocks.
  • Tested to work with all common plate designs including bumper plates, hexagon, etc. Works in excess of over 900 pounds. To use, simply roll the inner plate onto the Dead Wedge, un clamp collar, change weights, lock collars on, roll off and go! *One (1) Dead Wedge included. One is all you need!* If somehow you don’t absolutely love it, please make use of our 100% MONEY BACK NO-HASSLE GUARANTEE.

Loved by thousands; from gym owners and elite athletes, to average gym rats. The DEAD WEDGE fits in your gym bag and saves you the precious energy needed to smash Personal Records. DEAD WEDGE is simple, superior to other solutions, and built to last a lifetime.


STEP #1: Roll inner plate up the ramp until it locks into the loading groove.

STEP #2: Load or Unload to choose desired weight.

STEP #3: Gripping the plates, firmly roll the plates out of the loading groove back down the ramp and onto the floor.

Here’s what makes the DEAD WEDGE the superior solution while remaining so simple:

ONE: All the benefits of a deadlift jack, and much more. The DEAD WEDGE works on a larger array of exercises, and any barbell you can think of. While a barbell jack only works with straight barbells, on the floor, the DEAD WEDGE can work with specialty barbells like trap bars, and works perfectly on deficit deadlifts, block deadlifts, and more.The DEAD WEDGE is also LIGHT weight, PORTABLE, and doesn’t take up room in your home gym, or gym bag.

TWO: Far EASIER, QUICKER, and SAFER than rolling the barbell over any other objects like plates, blocks of wood, etc. We made sure to make the DEAD WEDGE the perfect size to keep it from interfering with loading the next plate. Unlike how odd objects get in the way; creating a hassle and constant readjusting.

The DEAD WEDGE uses a loading groove that locks the plates firmly into place. This allows you to get up and change the plates throughout your workout without worrying about the bar falling off and rolling away, making it far easier to load and unload plates with both hands. This also allows you to comfortably use it on raised platforms like block deadlifts.

*Dead Wedge is a trademark of LIFT, LLC. *Sold as a single unit

Reviews of The Dead Wedge

The Dead Wedge Review 1: If you’re looking for a more convenient, inexpensive way to load up a weight bar with plates for deadlift, this is your product.

When deadlifting, changing the 45# plates while the barbell is on the floor is inconvenient. To get around this, I purchased a mini deadlift jack to elevate each side of the barbell off the ground, allowing quick and easy plate changes. I was totally happy with the jack when I stumbled upon the Dead Wedge.

I was intrigued by this simple little rubber gadget, and decided to order it. Since my DL jack was over triple the price of the Dead Wedge, I figured it was worth a shot; in the event I preferred the wedge, I could re-sell the jack, and (hopefully) have a more inexpensive and functional alternative. It didn’t take me long to sell my mini jack, because the Dead Wedge accomplishes basically the same thing, but it’s is much more economical, and takes up a fraction of the space.

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You simply load the first 45# plate onto the bar on each side, and then roll the plate onto the sloped Dead Wedge when adding the next 45. The product is shaped perfectly. It doesn’t feel like your pulling the bar up Mt. Everest each time you roll the plate onto it. It gets it off the ground just enough to make plate changes fast and easy. My favorite products are simple, but well executed ideas. I put the Dead Wedge solidly in that category. I wouldn’t want to be without it.

The Dead Wedge Review 2: Does the job at a cheap price

I really enjoy the use I have gotten from the Dead Wedge. For awhile, I’ve just been using a 2.5 or 5 lb plate to load the barbell. However, anyone who has done this knows that as the weight gets heavier, the more difficult it is for the weight to roll on to the plate let alone stay on.

With this Dead Wedge, I’ve never had that problem. You just have to roll it on the Dead Wedge and the plates slide on with ease and stay. Also, with the Dead Wedge being so lightweight and small, it makes it really transportable. I just keep it in my gym bag and it doesn’t take a any extra room at all.

Overall, I really enjoy the Dead Wedge. I might even buy another one so I can double load the bar quicker 😀

Pro tip: Just remember to place the Dead Wedge under the first weight plate. If you keep it towards the end or in between plates it may make it difficult to remove/load plates.

The Dead Wedge Review 3: Load and Unload the Bar Made Easy

Prior to purchasing “The Deadlift Wedge” I own an iron deadlift jack :-/ Man oh man….If you’ve ever seen or currently have one of those heavy deadlift jacks then you understand my frustration of dreading to carry that big piece of equipment to and from the gym on deadlift days (grr….)!

When I saw the deadlift wedge I almost immediately became over joyed with “Amazon so Rocks Excitement” (you all know what I’m talking about, that feeling when you see something on Amazon that you probably would not have discovered in Wal-mart) pun intended. The deadlift wedge is a handheld heavy-duty rubber tool that will fit into your gym bag (NO more hulling iron). Eureka!

How it works: the following explanation assumes you have weights on the barbell for deadlifting

STEP 1 — Place the deadlift wedge on the floor
STEP 2 — Roll the very 1st plate (not the last one) on top of the wedge (make sure it’s centered)
STEP 3 — Add additional plates (typically works best for 35lb or higher plates)
STEP 4 — To remove plates, repeat Steps 1 thru 2

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My fitness team and I couldn’t wait to use it and I am telling you we were all so thrilled at the ease and convenience from using this wedge. I only purchased 1 (one) out of curiosity. Now that I’ve seen it in action, I am ordering another so that we can Load and Unload barbell “simultaneously”. TRUST ME if you are serious about deadlifting then you want to give this wedge a try. No more dreading to remove the weights from the bar especially on go “heavy” days.

One of my fitness teammates loaded and unloaded 600lbs with ease and no back pain onto the bar using this wedge!


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