Deadlift Deadener™ 500 (Pair)

  • Protect Your Floor
  • Increase Life of Gym Kit
  • Reduce Impact Noise
  • Improve Deadlift Technique
  • As used by the best deadlifters

The Deadlift Deadener® gym tiles are a rubber arch bridge designed to help cushion the load of a deadlift and form a reverse arc around the weight plates, increasing the impact surface area by over 35 times. The Deadlift Deadener® design greatly reduces the likelihood of damage to bars, weights and the gym floor and is a must for any gym!

As a byproduct, they are also great for teaching and practicing proficiency of a straight line technique, as any movement (hip shift, leaning forward, etc.) is highlighted on the return of the bar to the pads. Sold as a pair for use under weight plates. Not sure whether the Deadlift Deadener® 500 is up to the job? Think again! Check out videos online of Deadlift World Record Holder Eddie “The Beast” Hall using them.

Increase Life of Gym Kit

Massively increasing the impact surface area of the weight plate, greatly reduces stress on the weight plates and bar, increasing their life on the gym floor.

Protect Your Floor

The reduced impact is also spread over a much wider surface area of the ground, further helping to protect the cement base floor beneath.

Reduce Impact Noise

The unique solid rubber arch design serves to cushion the load, reducing the impact force even further and subsequently reducing noise.

Why is the DEADLIFT DEADENER™ better than gym flooring?

Dense rubber gym flooring is expensive across a freeweight area, so the DEADLIFT DEADENER™ is a far cheaper option. Also, the DEADLIFT DEADENER™ design allows it to absorb greater impact and distribute the force across a much greater surface area of the weight plates, so it also reduces stress on the gym equipment as well (not just the cement base floor beneath!).

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