Deltech Power Rack
Deltech Power Rack

  • Heavy Gage Steel Tubing
  • Weight Catches are Designed With Hooks on the Inside and Outside of the Rack
  • Chin-Up Bar
  • Weights and Bar not included


This easy to use Power Rack offers everything you need for an all-around workout. Do exercises safely by adjusting the spotter arms to the proper . By adding an exercise bench, you can do many more exercises such as bench press and military press.

Reviews of Deltech Power Rack

Review 1: Good for the money

Just assembled this yesterday. Very sturdy construction, looks good. I think it will be useful for years to come.

Some issues: as someone mentioned earlier, the plastic fittings at the top of the bar catches/hooks don’t fit over the uprights. I had to remove the top fittings from every catch in order to get them in to slide all the way down. One of them was already pulverized, as if someone had try to slide them over the uprights and pushed so hard that it cracked. Nothing else in the box looked repackaged, so I’m not sure how this happened. They have no effect on the performance of the catches, so if you want to save some headache, pop the top ones out.

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Secondly, two of the pieces were mislabled left and right…this cost me about a half an hour putting this monster together, as I realized things were not in the right place, and had to remove about 8 bolts so that the pull up bar was in right position.

Be sure to lay everything out and make sure it is in the right position before you start bolting everything down. Look closely at the way the unit looks in the picture here and in the instructions so you don’t have to redo anything…flanges on the right side of bars, etc. You’ll need 2 3/4″ wrenches, and preferably one of them should be a socket. I did it by myself in about 2 and 1/2 hours….with a second person and no screw ups it’s probably an hour. The only difficult part to do by myself was the chin up bar assembly…a lot of balancing going on.

I also don’t love the push/pull pins on the catches…seems like a good idea but they can be a bit of a pain to get to pop in..J hooks are simpler and easier.

Sounds like a lot of negatives, but this thing is built like a beast and looks like a health club machine, not utilitarian at all. It’s rated for 700lbs and I think that is probably conservative. So for a few minor headaches, you get a much sturdier machine then some other companies are selling for the same price. Thsi is not 14 gauge steel, it’s heavier.

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Review 2: Good Item

I have had this power rack since 2009 and have used the crap out of it. It is made of good quality and worth the money. I am a heavy guy 6’2″ and 260lbs and use it for pull-up’s and it has held pretty good. the bar bends a little because I am so heavy but so far it has worked very well. I have gotten my moneys worth so far and its been 2 years. Overall I am very pleased with this product and could have not asked for more.

Review 3: Must buy

I’ve had this rack for a few months now and I’ve used it plenty. Works amazing because it’s sturdy wide and just built to perform. The one problem I had though was that the feet that go in the bottom pipes were dented in during shipping and I tried heating it up to be able to slip it on and I ended up breaking the foot so my rack just sitting on the concrete but it still works perfectly. The usual paint wearing occurred but that’s to be expected with a painted squat rack. Altogether a perfect edition to your home gym or public gym

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