Super Power Rack
Super Power Rack

Q: What is the distance between the posts on the open end of the assembly, as well as for the two closed ends? The picture looks rectangular.

A: it is rectangular…. 44.25″ between open end and 26″ sides

A: The inside measurements are 44.5″ wide, 26″ deep.

A:The inside distance from the left upright to the inside of the right upright is 44.5″. The inside distance from front to rear upright is 25.75″. I hope this helps and feel free to email additional questions. Thank you!



Q: will this unit tip over when doing pull-ups??

A: I’m 230 Lbs and it won’t tip over.

A:No, it’s very stable. I do assisted pull ups with a band at 280 lbs and it doesn’t even wabble. Hope this helps.

A:The Super Power Rack is built with quality materials. I have not experienced any tilt but I think it would depend on one’s body weight. For reference I weight 150.

A: i have never heard fell of but if you do have the rear bottom crossbeam has 2 post s that you can put weights for counterbalance

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A:No, it is pretty sturdy. It won’t tip at all.

A:I have done pull ups and have not tipped over. This of course is going to be predicated by proper assembly. One side has the cross bar bolt holes set further back. I’m sure if you assembled it backwards and tried to pull up on it then yes it would be more unstable.

Q:what is the overall height of this Super Power Rack

A:82.5 inches. The Super Power Rack is a great piece of equipment. I have benched over 600 in it, reverse band deadlifted 700 and squatted in the 5’s.

A:82.75″ at the highest points which are at the corners.



Q:Are there any safety posters/information on form when using the rack?


Q:Does this include the pullup bar?

A:Yes, it’s part of the structure

A:Yes it does. I love this power rack for the price.

A:Yes. The black bar on the open end will serve as a pull-up and chin up bar. If you are 200 + lbs you may need to counter balance your weight by hanging some plates on the opposite end.

Q:does the main safety bar have end ends on it to keep the bar on

A:the safety bars hace a c-bracket that wraps around the uprights to keep them in place just turn them a quarter turn to move

Q:does this cage come with the j hooks and safety bars shown in the picture?

A:It didn’t come with the ones in the picture though it did come with comparable equipment. The drop safety bars are solid steel and end with a circular end cap that is pretty big. The J hooks, well they aren’t J’s, but are the same as the drop bars in that they are ended with a large circular steel piece.


A:yes they come with both

Q:What gauge steel is used to make the rack?

A:No clue, but I am regularly benching and squatting over 600 in this rack.

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A:14 gauge tube

Q:Do you ship overseas to FPO?

A:Sorry but this item is too large to ship to FPO.

Q:What is the rack’s capacity?

A:Capacity is 1,000 pounds according to New York Barbell. I’m sure it is at least that since this thing is built like a big jack stand. If you were using 1,000 pounds the main concern would be tipping it over rather than breaking it. I put some plate holders on the front uprights and load them extra weights. With a few weights on there the rack behaves like it is bolted to the floor.

A:I’ve put 700 in it many times

It is supposed to be 1000. Benching I have dumped 700 and its intact. It rocks but won’t bend or break.

A:I’m not sure of the official rating but I do know it handles 300 pounds which I’ve used and has no problems.

Q:How high is the pullup bar on this one?

A:The pull up bar 80 inches from the floor to the top of the bar on this particular model.

A:About 7 feet

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Q:Can I order it in black through amazon?

A:we are out of black untill middle of next month then you could

Reviews of Super Power Rack

Review 1: Small footprint and great accessories

I was torn between ordering this or a $2500 top of the line rack with similar accessories.


Price. A similar rack I was looking at was $2500 with all the accessories

Small footprint. With the adjustable plate holder I no longer needed a plate tree to hold my weights. This also adds extra stabilization to the rack

Accessories. The extra J hooks and safety bars are reasonably priced. The plate holder attachment works great. I no longer need my plate tree. I also plan on getting the dip attachment so I can get rid of my dip station too. I also couldn’t find any similarly priced racks that have resistance band attachments. Check their website for even more accessories.

Customer service. I had a small problem with the extra set of J hooks I ordered and they sent me a replacement via FedEx overnight delivery.


Packaging. The rack could use better packaging or my postman was just having a bad day. The boxes the rack came in was pretty banged up by the time I received it. This did result in some slight scratches but are not very noticeable. I’m going to be banging it up anyway.

Weight. The rack is not as heavy as some other more expensive racks This problem can be easily solved by placing weights on the built in plate holders or using the plate holder attachment.

Review 2: great beginners rack

I really labored over the decision of buying this rack. I needed one and was not sure about whether or not to buy a more expensive one. I am a strength coach and needed something that could help me build my biz and not break the bank. I also wanted something that could hold up to the pounding that novice lifters would give it. It holds 450lbs really nicely. That’s about all that I’ve put on it to date. I’m confident that it would hold another 100lbs or so pretty easy.

It has a nice solid feel. It doesn’t move when I do weighted pull-ups. For me, this is always a good test(I way 230lbs and attach 45lbs to my belt). If you think that you are going to put 600 lbs on your rack on a regular basis I would suggest upgrading to something a little more commercial. But if you need a solid, beginners cage, don’t hesitate to buy this. You can’t beat it for the money. And when you outgrow it, it will be a happy day when you upgrade to something better and sell it used for at least half of what you paid for it. It was delivered in only a couple days after purchase and I’ve used it everyday for two months and am very happy that I bought it.

One quick note: This cage is light and feels more solid when you put weight on the bottom.

Review 3: Great rack for home gym use!

Price great. Assembly easy! Two wrenches is all you need. Everything came and no parts were missing. Once assembled very sturdy. J-hooks and horizontal pins attach with a very solid simple design. The plate holders are okay if the unit is not up next to a wall. I have a stand alone plate holder so it was no problem. Overall great rack for the price. I have been using it for one week now so I can’t vouch for the longevity yet, but I don’t anticipate any durability problems after my use so far and my inspection of the unit during assembly. I project it holds up very well.

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