Cap Barbell Ultimate Power Cage with Performance Pack
Cap Barbell Ultimate Power Cage with Performance Pack


  • Due to the size/weight of this product and customer feedback, this item now ships on a pallet
  • Full size power cage with performance stations, Assembled specs (D x W x H) 74-Inch x60-Inch x90-Inch
  • All steel construction
  • Use as a weightlifting cage, functional trainer or both
  • Utility bench, heavy bag, weights and other accessories pictured are not included
  • NEW: Starting in September 2015, this item will arrive via scheduled delivery service


Fitness Cage

From one of the pioneers in strength training products, CAP Barbell introduces its latest strength innovation the FM-CB8008 Ultimate Power Cage with Performance Pack. Inspired by traditional free weight training and fused with today’s fitness trends of body weight and performance training, the FM-CB8008 is an all-inclusive choice for those who desire the safety and functionality of a power cage while incorporating additional features that also allow the unit to be used as an all around fitness training tool. The CAP FM-CB8008 is packed full of features and functional additions that provide users with countless amounts of exercise options. As a standalone, CAP’s FM-CB8008 Ultimate Power Cage carries all of the features of a standard weight training power cage.


Some of those features include:

  • Rubber-lined adjustable safety spotters with 26 marked adjustment options
  • Rubber-lined adjustable bar catches with 24 marked adjustment options
  • Adjustable items include ABS glide inserts to prevent binding and oversized easy grip pop pins
  • All structure uprights are double gusseted to reinforce stability and durability
  • Wide “Sumo” design provides more interior workout space
  • 2 x Olympic weight plate storage posts
  • 2 x Vertical Olympic weight bar storage receivers
  • Steel construction comprised of 12- and 14- steel gauge thickness
  • 3-step powder coat finish for exceptional durability
Performance Pack

In addition to the above, each of CAP’s FM-CB8008 comes loaded with our Performance Pack which includes 8 additional fitness training stations and 2 convenience items.

Also included with each FM-CB8008 Ultimate Power Cage:

  • 8-position multi-grip pull-up/chin-up station
  • 6 assist band posts (high)
  • 6 resist band posts (low)
  • Heavy bag hanger (bag not included)
  • Ball target / Stat board
  • Adjustable storage shelf
  • Adjustable dip / knee raise station
  • Adjustable plyo jump platform
  • 2 loop anchors (perfect for suspension, resistance band, or rope training)
  • Moveable/Removable water bottle holder
Maximum weight recommendations

300 lb on safety and bar catches. 300 lb user capacity on the chin up station, plyo platform, band posts, vkr and anchor loops. 70 lb bag on heavy bag arm. 150 lb of weights on each weight storage post.


Weight Train Comfortably and Safely

CAP’s FM-CB8008 Ultimate Power Cage is loaded with a number of comfort and safety features that are typically found on commercial gym equipment. These features include: rubber lined adjustable safety rails and bar catches that are equipped with ABS glide inserts (prevents binding) and oversized pop pin adjustment knobs for a secure grip. For users seeking a comfortable workout space, the FM-CB8008’s unique “Sumo” design offers more space within the cage than conventional square counter parts. Keep your workout area clear and safe of loose weight plates and bars with the included 2 Olympic weight plate storage posts and 2 vertical storage receivers for Olympic bars. The FM-CB8008 is built to last with 12- and 14-gauge steel, double gusseted (top and bottom) structural uprights and all pieces are treated with a 3-step powder-coating process for a durable and eye pleasing finish.

Get Explosive

Trained athletes and fitness instructors recognize that in order to achieve maximum results they must incorporate explosive movements and core exercises into their workout programs. The FM-CB8008’s Performance Pack (included) provides essential training tools to assist with these invaluable exercises. One of these accessories is an adjustable Plyometric Jump Platform to will aid users in building explosive strength. This platform is constructed of 3 mm thick diamond plate steel for uncompromised support and stability. It also can be removed and stored when not in use. For core building the FM-CB8008 has a 20” x 28” ball target. This feature can also double as a stat wall or use it to write down one’s daily workout.

Anchors Away

The FM-CB8008 comes equipped with 2 Anchor Hoops (1 high and 1 low) and 12 Band Posts (6 high = assist and 6 low = resist). These built in anchor points open up another level of exercise opportunities! For example: anchor training bands to the Band Posts and add extra variable assistance/resistance during your weight training workouts or use them with resistance tubes to create functional workout options. The Anchor Hoops come in handy for: training rope exercises, suspension training, resistance tube circuits, and more. These simple additions to the FM-CB8008 allow users to keep their workouts full of new ways to incorporate other exercise options into their workout.

Boost Cardio and Stamina

Save space and money. No need for an expensive cardio piece or separate boxing stand. As part of the included Performance Pack the FM-CB8008 users will find an incorporated heavy bag hanger at the rear of the unit. Use this hanger to support heavy bags of up to 70 lb (hanging hardware not included) and get busy boosting cardio endurance and overall stamina. Boxing is a tried and true cardio developer coupled with improvements in strength and hand-eye coordination.

Use Your Body as the Weight

Today’s exercise and training programs utilize a variety of exercises to help users achieve the results that they desire. Bodyweight exercises have always been and continue to be a staple in many training regiments. In keeping with this demand and tradition, the FM-CB8008 comes complete with bodyweight training stations. Up high, users will find an 8-position multi-grip chin/pull up bar to challenge beginners and enthusiasts alike with a varying array of hand placements. Users will also find a adjustable Dip, Leg Raise, and Push Up attachment another solid tool for their bodyweight training needs. Here’s a tip: add training bands to add assistance or resistance to pull/chin up’s or to dips, raises, or pushups.

Attention to Detail

Sometimes it is not only the tools that make a functional piece of exercise equipment, but it is also the convenience that it offers. Each FM-CB8008 includes a number of following convenience items. One new feature is the Adjustable Storage Tray that can be stowed when not in use. This tray is ideal for holding mobile devices, MP3 players, towels, keys, or fitness accessories such as kettlebells or medicine balls. A new feature to the home strength market is a moveable/removable refreshment bottle holder. Users can keep their water, protein shake, or energy drinks within arm’s reach.


Reviews of Cap Barbell Ultimate Power Cage with Performance Pack

Review 1: Easy to assembly (~3 hours by myself) and well constructed

Easy to assembly (~3 hours by myself) and well constructed. There is plenty of room within the cage to work with and the band posts/jump platform/dip bar are a plus. Only negative that bugs me is that the space in between the beams for the heavy bag/dip bar after assembly are too narrow and close to the interior work space, thus impeding my bench to position correctly to do decline/incline/shoulder presses.

The weight plate posts are a joke I can’t see them holding up 150lb each as claimed but tested out and have held up 100lb but there is notable stress on the post. I don’t use the posts as I have a separate plate tree. Although Amazon has this item listed as being delivered in a pallet, it was not but the third-party delivery carrier delivered both boxes without any damages. Overall a good buy, a little pricey for a rack.

Review 2: Nice addition with some caveats and considerations

Fortunately ours arrived in good order and without missing parts despite not shipping via pallet. The instructions to assemble this left a lot to be desired starting with the microscopic font and ending with nothing more than a low-out diagram that is all but impossible to see clearly. After a few wrong steps, this did get put together…plan on about 3 to 4 hours depending on how many things you have to undo.

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So, first things first. This arrives in two very large, very bulky and heavy boxes. If you live in a hard to access place, plan accordingly! Next, the instructions (for what they are worth) are at the very bottom of the 2nd box so don’t panic like I initially did. After you have strewn all the pieces everywhere and found the instructions it’s time to get to work. Take the provided wrench tools supplied in the box, toss them out and get real tools because you will need it. Don’t even think about using the ones supplied in the box as it would be a nightmare. Don’t over-tighten anything until the very end…you will just need to undo it again. Some of the tooling is a bit off which doesn’t sound like a big deal until you find it all but impossible to align. These do work but barely.

About the overall quality – it’s decent. Not the best but decent. There were a few questionable welds but nothing major. Also, there were one or two dings and small dents but again, minor. In my case, all the parts and pieces arrived in good order. No duplicates, no missing parts and no major problems. Don’t drop anything…and if you do…be sure to find it. There are zero spare parts in this set.

Functionality – Again, this is a pretty interesting design. We have a home gym set up in the garage and use a small Marcy Power Rack and bench (Impex Marcy Platinum Power Rack (116-Pounds) which is not perfect but has a surprisingly small footprint. This takes up all the space that one does not. This power cage does not have a bench although it could be used with one, this also functions more like a cross training center with a bag mount on the reverse, step up plate, pull-up/lat pull etc… Some of the design features are counter-intuitive – the shelf is a nice idea but actual execution gets in the way everywhere. Ditto for the plate which serves little purpose but makes the step less of a pyo workout and more of a step function.

Stability/Sturdiness – I’d give this about average. With a 70lb bag mounted it’s a bit wobbly without adding weights or other stabilizers to the framework. Someone who really plans to put a bag through the paces will need more stability. The supports and bracing for weights use a pin mechanism which is convenient but I’d prefer dual system with reinforcement. Some of the general features are downright weak like the step up platform.

Space Requirements – You will need about 10 x 10 space to really get the full use of this machine front, sides and back. It can be managed in a smaller space but will feel cramped.

Bottom line – A nice addition to a home gym despite a few quirks. Versatile and easily customized, enhances safety..

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Review 3: Added new moves to our routine already.

This cage came in two large boxes on a pallet. Have the driver put it where you want to put it together or you will need help carrying it or once open you could carry it piece by piece.

My package had all required pieces, the large nuts are in with the clips you use during the last steps so be sure to get them out, they are for the large plates holding the frame together. I had one bolt that would not go into the bag hanger, not a big deal as there are four other bolts holding that on. I had two rusting pieces, just surface rust, probably from moisture sitting in the box.

It has a few scratches, less than expected considering it came in a card board box. Took me about four hours to put it together, one person can do most the work, you will need a helper to place all the top rails unless you try to lay it on its side. I grabbed a helper and had all the pieces and bolts ready to go, got them started and let the helper leave then went around and tightened them all. Be sure you poles are facing the correct way, numbering system faces in.

It is heavy once together, it needs head space to do pull ups. Suggests 3 feet of space all the way around. Does not come with weights, bands, or bag. We already own these things so put it to work right away. Need to move dip bars and jump platform to use bar. The supports screw in with pin knobs, I wish you could visually confirm they are in the holes. This cage takes up a lot of floor space. On smooth cement it can move around a bit with exercises like hitting the bag, adding weights to the plate holders helps pin it to the floor, we plan to add a rubber mat under it at a later date.

The pull up bar has many hand positions with is nice, we are coming from regular single bar pull ups that had limited positioning. The bar placement takes some getting use to, our other machine has open area for the back, this keeps you pressed up against the metal back plate of the cage. Or old one has a Lat pull down, I would trade that for the hanger for the heavy bag. I like the band posts, this is new for us, none of our other equipment has this feature. We like the jump platform, easy to adjust to many heights and solid. Same with the dip bars, many adjustable heights. 300lbs Max for weight, according to packing. My husband was surprised at the low amount. The plate holders can’t hold all his weights either.

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So far we like it, can’t see getting rid of any of our other equipment yet it adds to what we already had. You might want to go see one in a store as it takes up a lot of floor space and you need head room to do the pull ups.

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