Evolv Roundtangular Chalkbag



The evolve Roundtangular is made from ballistic nylon.

About the Product

  • Ballistic Nylon
  • 5″ long x 4″ wide x 6.5″ deep


Q:If 4″ is diameter of opening at top, what is 5″ measurement? Is 6.5″ from top of rim to bottom of the bag? Is rim reinforced with a ring? Thx~

A:The top of the bag is shaped like an oval. The 4″x 5″ is referring to the size of the opening on the bag (the top).

It is 6.5 from the top of the rim to the bottom of the bag and the rim is reinforced with a ring.
I hope this helps.

A:It does have a reinforced rim, so the interior of the bag is five inches, but the opening is only 4.

A:Sorry, the chalk bag is up at Michigan Tech with my son it was a Christmas gift, I don’t know the dimensions. It seems it was reinforced.


Q:Is this bag designed to allow the belt to be removed? I don’t want to use a belt. I prefer to clip the bag to the gear loop on my harness.

A:Yes. I have this model and it comes with a removable belt that you can take on and off via the loop on the bag. You should be able to clip it no problem.


A:Yes, the belt can be removed

Q:My son is 5’10”, slender – his hands aren’t “large” like a basketball player, but they’re not “small” or stubby. Experienced climber. Will this fit?

A:Yea, he should really have no problem. It’s a great bag.

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A:I bought it for my son for Christmas, he is about 5’8, 140 pounds but has pretty big hands and feet for his frame. He is away at college, but haven’t heard any complaints from him.

A:Absolutely. I am the same build and they fit just perfectly.

A:Yes, I am 5’10” myself and have basketball player hands. No problem at all.

Q:I have extra large (glove size) hands. Will the opening of the bag be big enough?

A:It should be, it’s a very well made bag and opening is 4 inches wide, measure your hand across it’s widest part to make sure. You shouldn’t need to put your entire hand in..just scoop a bit out with your fingers and spread on hands to use. Hope this helps!

A:Don’t know think it will be big enough if your hands are large.

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A:They should. But, that being said, it might be on the tighter side. I wear Large sized gloves and it works for me. I make sure the draw string is fully open. If you really want to fit your whole hand inside so you can “dip and manipulate” something like a chalk sock, I might say look into a bigger one.

I’ll admit I bought it because it was orange(my favorite color), but I was surprised how well it works. The inside has a felt-like material that does a good job at keeping the chalk in. The strap is extra long, so after you adjust it, I suggest cutting the excess and burning the end. The drawstring is great for when you are done for the day so chalk stays inside.
I am happy.

I feel like a lot of chalk bags are made for men’s hands and my hands get lost in them. I like the size of this one; it seems to fit my smaller hands better. The interior lining is black, stretchy material that doesn’t get in the way. My last chalk bag had fuzzy stuff inside that was both hot and retained a ton of loose chalk. This is nice and cool, the opening stays all the way open, and there’s no trouble finding the chalk ball within. It has the normal drawstring closure, and comes with an adjustable nylon belt (easy to remove.) Every time I use it, I’m glad I made the switch.

I love this bag. It is the perfect shape, wide opening to allow for easy dips but the “roundtangular” design helps keep the bag closer to the body so it seems less bulky. Good durable outer material, keeps its shape very well. Inside material is nice and smooth, it keeps chalk in nicely without holding too much chalk in the fabric like some of the fleece/fuzzy insides of other bags. It just a good, sturdy, durable, well designed bag. Does the job nicely and looks way cool! Zero downside in my opinion

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Well made. Nice size. It is fairly small so if you have larger than average hands this may not be the bag for you. Compared to a round chalk bag, the “roundtangular” (oval) shape allows the bag to stay close to the body and also is the appropriate shape for a hand. When closed the chalk bag holds the chalk well.

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