prAna Men's Chalk Bag with Belt
prAna Men’s Chalk Bag with Belt

The prAna Chalk Bag with Belt comes with double belt loops that will keep your chalkbag stable during climbs. A drawcord closure for the bag and quick-release buckle for the belt make gearing up quick and simple. A fleece chalk compartment and elastic brush holder complete the feature set.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Made in US
  • Chalk bag belt included
  • Adjustable draw cord closure
  • Fleece lining


Reviews of prAna Men’s Chalk Bag with Belt

Review 1: Great product for our needs

We brought this bag for two people who do indoor bouldering together. It holds a good amount of chalk, we can easily do 15-20 sessions of an hour plus for two people without having to even think about refilling the bag. It works both as a belt and something that you carry in your.

Since its two of us, we carry it around and like it. We did try the belt once and it was comfortable and did not slide around while climbing. The top closes pretty well when you are done which is great. We close it and throw it in our car trunk after climbing and have yet to find any chalk in our trunk after several months of use.

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Review 2: Perfect Chalk Bag

I shopped and shopped and shopped (continue “and shopped” 30 times) for a quality chalk bag that was very basic in design. Read tons of reviews, and finally settled on this one. I’m pleased to say I couldn’t be happier. The black and grey design was exactly what I was looking for. I’m typically climbing with black/grey/white clothing, with grey and black shoes, so it doesn’t stand out like an eye sore.

I’m a guy, I don’t really care about being fashionable, I just don’t know what stand out like a sore thumb. Aesthetics aside, it really is a quality bag. Strong stitching, the draw string pulls the opening shut tightly (no leaks), and its just the right size that I don’t feel something slapping around every time I make a somewhat dynamic movement.

I don’t bother using the belt that comes with it, I use a non-locking carabiner instead…. so much easier when top roping…. and I don’t keep it strapped to me when bouldering. People have complained about the belt, but I see it as a cheap solution until you can get a carabiner for it.

Overall, couldn’t be happier.

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Review 3: I use it every climb but not with the waist strap.

I really enjoy this bag for my climbing endeavors and really like the look of it. This bag is lightweight and the material is very solid (I am NOT afraid of it coming apart at the threads). It is rather small, which I personally like because carrying a giant bag of chalk up the wall seems bothersome.

I do want to point out the the waist clip it comes with feels out of place and kind of cheap. It is a basic nylon strap with a plastic clip (which is nice if you are bouldering and do not want to wear a harness) but I would recommend just buying a good carabiner to clip it to your harness.


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