Chalk Bag with Waist Belt and Zippered Pocket
Chalk Bag with Waist Belt and Zippered Pocket


  • Zippered pocket on the front, to keep your money, ID, ring with you while climbing
  • Tight closure through drawstring to prevent chalk from spilling when not in use
  • Includes adjustable waist belt
  • Brush holder
  • Soft fleece interior lining

High quality, durable and functional chalk bag from Two Ogres. Front zippered pocket is ideal to keep your money, ID, cards, etc. with you at all times while climbing. Tight closure prevents chalk from spilling. Has a brush holder on the side. The bag is 6 inches tall.

Back in 2011, when we designed our first chalk bag with a Zippered Pocket, it was an innovation. We wanted you to keep your mind not on your belongings, but on your climbing route, knowing your ID, ring, key are safe with you at all times. Nowadays seeing more and more brands include pockets in their designs, it seems to be contagious, or as they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Redesigned Basique v2 chalk bag provides our best ever closing mechanism, lighter weight and more style. This high quality, durable and functional chalk bag from two Ogres is 6 inches tall. Made with durable materials to withstand every day contact with rough surfaces. Designed as a rock climbing chalk bag, can also be used as a weight lifting or gymnastics chalk bag.

100% warranty covers all manufacturer defects in materials and workmanship for a period of (1) year from the original date of purchase. Designed in California and manufactured overseas.

**Be aware of copycats! two Ogres has been designing chalk bags with signature pockets and linings since 2011. All our designs are original. You may see replicates of our designs under different brand names. When making a buying decision, keep in mind that we invest heavily in designing, ensuring quality and testing of our products. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Reviews of Chalk Bag with Waist Belt and Zippered Pocket

Review 1:  The felt inside feels good after a long day of climbing as the fingers …

This is one nifty bag! It holds my chalk and the tape in the outside zip. The felt inside feels good after a long day of climbing as the fingers are already screaming out in agony.

Love the colour and love the overall feel of it. Also, it is quite soft in the sense that if I fall on it and it is fastened to my waist and positioned near my tailbone, it feels like a soft plushy toy getting squished, so I didn’t feel any risk of injury in that sense!

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Review 2: Nice enough for me

I’m a complete novice, so I don’t know what features one generally expects from a chalk-bag, but mine holds chalk well, has a very pleasant faux-fur lining, a drawstring that cinches the top all the way closed to prevent the escape of chalk, which is good.

The fabric is thick and durable.

There is an adjustable-length strip of webbing with plastic fastener that could conceivably be a waistband for a waif or canine, but it’s fullest length can’t be more than 30″, if that.

As I don’t really climb, and haven’t had a need to wear it on my body, this hasn’t negatively impacted me. It is imminently removable and a more appropriate fastener or carabiner could be utilized instead.

Also, I am quite fond of the color.

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Review 3: Simple bag with a generous opening for bigger hands

I’ve used this chalk bag for a little over two years now and it has satisfied my needs for indoor climbing. It has a brush loop and a small zippered pocket. The pocket is just big enough to fit an I.D. in it or a small roll of athletic tape. I have another chalk bag that I’ve used a couple times, but I went back to this bag rather quickly.

The reason being is that I have big hands and this bag has a wider diameter than my other bag, as well as a wider diameter than other climber’s bags at my gym that I’ve seen. This makes it easier for me to get my whole hand into the bag and around my chalk ball, so I’m spending less time trying to force my hand into the bag to chalk up than with my other bag.

With that said, this bag isn’t as deep as my other bag and it doesn’t have a barrier or flap to keep loose chalk from spilling out, so it’s easier to snow on your belay partner or spill on the ground. Also, you have to be careful to cinch the bag closed otherwise you’ll have loose chalk spill into your climbing bag when you’re done with a session.


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