Gabor Fitness Heavy Duty Weightlifting Wrist Wraps and Straps Combo Package
Gabor Fitness Heavy Duty Weightlifting Wrist Wraps and Straps Combo Package, Black/Yellow

  • Wrist Wraps & Lifting Straps Combo Bundle from Gabor Fitness – Premium Weightlifting Accessories guaranteed to boost your fitness regime
  • Unisex, One size fits all, Lifting Straps are 100% Machine Washable
  • Made exclusively from high quality cotton, elastane, and neoprene materials only
  • Rugged and Heavy Duty, 18″ Wrist Wraps and 24″ Lifting Straps for the most intense workouts
  • Unparalleled Gabor Fitness LIFE-TIME warranty against breaking and/or ripping

Gabor Fitness Offers Premium Accessories for Weightlifting Workouts- Weight Lifting Straps made of durable heavy duty Cotton (Dimensions: 1.5″ X 24″) – Wrist Wraps made of durable Cotton with Elastic Support (3″ x 18″) – Straps with Neoprene padding for added comfort – One size fits all (Both women and men).

Another winner from Gabor Fitness! I love their products and their commitment to quality. Got these today and already started to use them. I bought these in black and white and I think they make a terrific set. Gabor Fitness Heavy Duty Weightlifting Wrist Wraps

Here are a few highlights:
*Great quality straps~sturdy and well made
*18″ wrist wraps and 24″ lifting straps
*The wrist wraps can be used for circut training as well as heavy lifting
*Just enough padding that it supports your wrists.
*Easy to adjust tightness with the velcro straps
*Lifting straps help you have a sturdier grip on the dumbbells
*Definitely can be used by men or women
*Lifetime warranty against breaking/ripping!

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This wrist wrap/lifting strap set is a must have for the gym. These provide the needed support that you would need to keep your wrist in correct alignment. The lifting straps also have a padded bar that gives you more comfort than the average lifting strap. Stiching on both is superb…these will last a long time! 5 stars all the way!
I received this product at a discounted rate for my unbiased review.

This set of knees wraps and wrist wraps are a perfect fit for my type of training. I like to do medium to heavy lifting for my upper body but I like to work my legs hard and heavy. My knees have been getting a little sore as I am getting older. The trainer at the gym told me to try wrapping my knees to help support them better and it will help with the soreness.

I tested several different brands and types of wraps before making my purchase. They are top quality for sure. The materials are strong and the stitching is clean and tight keeping everything in place. The material has a nice feel to it (does not itch my skin or cause any rashes) and gives me confidence that it will not break during heavy lifting. They are pretty stretchy allowing me to wrap my knees nice and tight. I also like the lines, that run along the wrap, it gives me a guide when wrapping my knees for how much to over lap the wrap. I purchased this product for a reduced price to make an honest and unbiased review.

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I have not used lifting traps in the past but I am sure glad I got these in the bundle, Gabor Fitness Heavy Duty Weightlifting Wrist Wraps. I have had issues in the past with my hands getting sweaty which makes it harder to hold a tight grip on the bar. Since using these lifting straps my hands and wrist hurt less and I have been able to up my weight. The lifting wraps are 24″ and fit around my wrist easily. The back side of the wrap has a nice piece of hard foam that sits against my wrist which keeps the wrap from digging into my wrist when things get heavy. There is 11″ of wrap left, once I have around my wrist, to wrap around the bar. This lets me wrap around the bar a couple times so it is nice and strong and gives me plenty of support and confidence.

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