Harbinger Classic Cotton Padded Lifting Straps
Harbinger Classic Cotton Padded Lifting Straps


5 mm
Lifting Strap
  • 5mm foam padding protects the hands during lifting
  • Increases traction and lifting safety while cushioning and protecting

Classic Padded Lifting Strap 21″ long and 1 1/2″ wide, this strap maximizes gripping strength

Lifting Heavy, Lift Big with Harbinger Padded Lifting Straps. Constructed with NeotekTM Padding, cushioning for the wrists is provided, alleviating tension when lifting weights. Designed in an extra length and width in comparison to traditional lifting straps, a stronger purchase on the bar is granted, with the increased width giving a greater contact on grip surface. Finished with heavy duty stitching for enhanced durability, the life on the gloves in increased.

Harbinger Classic Cotton Padded Lifting Straps Review 1

Exactly as the title says. There’s nothing wrong with these, they’re comfortable, but I have tiny wrists and what that means for people like you and me is that the bar won’t pull as close to your hand as you would like it to as you pull the strap through the loop, but it’s really not a problem. The grip you have with these is phenomenal either way, so you should have no problems lifting.

Harbinger Classic Cotton Padded Lifting Straps Review 2

This was the third set of straps I tried out, and I am very pleased with this product. When they arrive, they are very stiff and need to be broken in. After approximately 6 uses, I found the strap is nice and flexible and manageable when grabbing the bar or dumbbell.

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These are also very comfortable to use, and there is a small amount of padding to soften the weight on your wrists. I was nervous when I read other reviews about how they dug into the skin, but I haven’t found that to be the case at all, unless it was during the first couple of uses when the straps are pretty stiff. Once they are broken in, you’ll find them to be a great tool for your gym bag.

The pricing was perfect too, comparable to a lot of the cheaper products but a better overall product.

Harbinger Classic Cotton Padded Lifting Straps Review 3

The wraps are a bit thicker than expected, and you do have some issues with the ends (where the nylon stitching has been seared off with rough edges) can dig in to your skin a bit, but they’re fine for the price. What i found was that i had to try this on a few different ways to get comfortable, and i figure that some of the negative reviews are because they’re not using it the right way.

Despite how you may have been using them in the past, it may be worthwhile to check out videos on youtube and see visually if you’re (or have been) using them correctly (especially on how you’re wrapping them). And there are TWO ways you can strap these on. Of course you should always use them where the strap loop is at the palm of your hands (never on top of your hands), but from here, you can either have the looped strap come out toward your thumbs, or away from your thumbs, depending on how you have it looped and how you put them on. Having it away from your thumbs will put more pressure on the back of your thumbs, since the weight pulls the strap that way. For some, this is fine, but i found that for these straps, this may be what is causing the discomfort, as pressure and the rough edges dig in to your skin. Try it the other way (strap going WITH the direction of where your thumb is pointing), where the weight is more on the center/outside of your hands, taking the pressure away from the back of the thumb. You may find it to be more comfortable, and as well, easier to wrap the strap around the bar. Hope that helps.

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