Inspire Fitness Ft2 Fully Loaded

Inspire Fitness Ft2 Fully Loaded Functional Smith Station

  • Fully Loaded Option: includes SCS Bench, leg extension attachment, and leg kit (required for leg extension attachment).
  • Bearing System: Precision steel ball bearing system provides a smooth, maintenance free action.
  • Weight Stacks: Two 150lb. commercial weight stacks with center drilled holes and magnetic weight pin for safety.
  • Dual Independent Weight Stacks: The dual weight stacks allow you to work each side of the body independently for a more balanced workout
  • Dimensions: 61″ wide x 58″ deep without bench; 61″ wide x 89″ deep with bench; minimum height 83″; maximum height 88″…..NOT INCLUDED BUT OPTIONS AVAILABLE ARE: 200lb weight stack upgrade, preacher curl attachment, abdominal bar. (SHIPS IN A BOX, ASSEMBLY REQUIRED)

The Inspire Functional Trainer 2 is truly the complete functional trainer you are looking for, be it for the home or the corporate gym the FT2 will not disappoint. The FT2 has the included Smith attachment which utilizes the weight stacks and eliminates the need for any additional free weights. Also included is the SCS-WB bench with the FT2 conversion kit which enables you to connect the low pulleys to the bench to perform your seated leg extension and laying leg curl.

Reviews of Inspire Fitness Ft2 Fully Loaded Functional Smith Station

Review 1: Really fantastic product. Have had mine for 1 Year

Really fantastic product. have had mine for about a month, really a pleasure to use and extremely versatile. Fully works and operates as does everything as advertised. Everything is of very good quality, works well, is a pleasure to use… I really couldnt be happier with the purchase.

Its not quite the quality of pieces you use n the gym (which no doubt cost a LOT more) but then again its versatile enough to *be* a whole gym. After 1 year of using this about 5x a week (so call it 250 workouts)…

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  1. no problems at all.
  2. has really made a difference for me to have this at home- i am working out far more regularly and see a lot of results.
  3. SO many ways you can use this– it comes with a pretty good laminated book fo about 50 exercises but really there are even more variations.. you can inexpensively buy additional attachments (the one I use the most is a short straight rotating bar attachment, as well as inspire’s lat bar that clips to the 2 top pulleys… I also grabbed a nice abs attachment.. each of those were in the $20-$40 range so no biggie and it even further extends what you can do with the set.
My only slightly negative comment

i did buy the leg extension kit that goes on the bench. Its a clever approach to let you do leg extensions and leg curls with the same weight stack. It works *ok*… the angle and overall feel of using the machine that way is not as good as other exercises.. its totally usable…but while the rest of the machine is a pleasure to use.. i usually just go to the gym on “leg day”.

Review 2: Great addition to the home gym

I have only had this unit for about a week and am very impressed so far. I have found this to be a solid machine, and does not rock when doing pull-up (and I am 260 lbs) the pulleys are smooth and whisper quiet.

The safety that the smith machine provides is an added bonus, although it doesn’t make up for the natural movement of free weights with regard to working the core.

This can be overcome by using the pulleys for squats, and for bench press we will occasionally use a ball instead of the bench to force additional work on the core muscles.

My best advise would be to shop around as pricing varies a great deal.

Review 3: Great for Home gym

Love the idea of home gym and get away from wasting time driving to the 24fitness and have to wait for your turn ! Took me around 4-5 hours putting this all together by myself , Instructions are very clear especially they separate screws on every steps of the way.

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You pretty much can work on any parts of your body on this machine so for the price I believed well worth it. I love the fact you no longer need to get up and replace the weights plate for bench press.

I did purchased additional 20-Inch rotating straight bar ,V shaped press down bar, Contraband Black Label 3025 3inch Double Ring Pro Ankle Cuff ,Power Systems Premium Revolving Low Pulley Bar ,2 of Champion Barbell Single Chrome Handle Cable Attachment which give me additional workout.

This is a well built machine from all angle I highly recommend to anyone looking for a home gym and save time with your family instead of waiting for your turn at 24fitness like me.

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